Evena reveals the future of vascular viewing

Eyes-On® Glasses 3.0

Medical smartglasses, wearable wherever

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Evena Owl® 2.0

Mobile vein finder

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Evena DeepVu ®

Point-of-care ultrasound

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Presenting the new vision in vascular viewing: multispectral imaging for precise IV placement and record storage. The cutting-edge heads-up display of the Eyes-On Glasses allows practitioners to see anything that can be presented electronically, on our medical smart glasses, in a device designed by clinicians for clinicians. The tablet-based Owl, the other multispectral vein finder from Evena, provides easy attachment to a cart or wall at bedside, with an articulating arm that enables accurate positioning over the patient IV site. Both devices match the needs of clinicians with the very latest in patient-care medical technology.

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One thing we know about the past is that no one lives there any more. Today, the era of guessing about the internal workings of the body is over. Evena’s patented technology replaces the traditional system of vein finders — hands-on, unguided needle insertion by feel – with a modern-day guidance system that matches multispectral viewing with ultrasound to show veins precisely where they are in a crisp, clear, storable and sharable image. That’s easier for the clinician, and better for the patient.

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  • Brings patient care into modern times
  • Reduces painful misplaced vein puncture
  • Marries high tech with better results
  • Fashionable and functional
  • Saves and shares records
  • Represents the very latest in vascular viewing
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