About Us

At Evenamed, our mission is to empower you with evidence-based insights on supplements, health, and weight loss. We believe that informed decisions lead to healthier lives, and we’re dedicated to being your trustworthy source for reliable information.

Our Editorial Process

Our editorial process is designed to provide readers with a source they can confidently turn to for evidence-based, trustworthy information on supplements, health, and weight loss. By combining thorough research, rigorous fact-checking, and expert reviews, we strive to be a reliable and informed companion on your health and wellness journey.

  1. Research & Analysis:
    • Our editorial process begins with thorough research and analysis. Our team of experienced writers delves into the latest scientific literature, studies, and reputable health sources to gather accurate and up-to-date information on supplements, health, and weight loss.
    • We prioritize evidence-based content, ensuring that every piece is supported by credible research and scientific findings. This step forms the foundation of our commitment to delivering trustworthy advice.

  1. Fact-Checked:
    • Rigorous fact-checking is a non-negotiable part of our editorial process. Each article undergoes a meticulous review where our team verifies every claim and statement using science-backed research. We cross-reference information from peer-reviewed journals, academic institutions, and reputable health organizations to ensure accuracy.
    • Our dedication to factual integrity is reflected in our commitment to providing readers with reliable, evidence-based insights that they can trust for informed decision-making.

  1. Thorough Review:
    • To further enhance the reliability of our content, each article undergoes a comprehensive review by qualified physicians and health and fitness professionals. These experts bring their expertise to evaluate the accuracy and appropriateness of the information presented.
    • The review process ensures that our content aligns with the highest standards of medical and health expertise. We seek input from professionals who specialize in relevant fields, ensuring that our readers receive guidance that prioritizes their well-being.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the faces behind the articles. Our team comprises experienced health professionals and fitness enthusiasts. Each member brings a unique perspective, ensuring that our content caters to a broad audience with diverse health interests and goals.

Alexandra Kovacsova – Senior Health & Fitness Editor

Alexandra Kovacsova

Alexandra Kovacsova is an accomplished health and fitness professional with a BSc in Strength and Conditioning. Possessing certifications in sports massage, personal training, and sports nutrition, Alexandra has over 9 years of experience impacting the lives of over 500 clients.

As a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue belt British Champion, she brings a holistic approach to her work, focusing on the root cause of injuries and performance optimization. Alexandra’s online coaching platform, Mindlybody, offers courses for athletes and gym enthusiasts. Featured on reputable sites and a Udemy creator, Alexandra’s passion for fitness transcends borders, having explored 30 countries. Connect with Alexandra on LinkedIn.

Dr. Irene Paragas – Senior Health & Fitness Editor

Dr. Irene Paragas

Irene Paragas, RND, MD, is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian and a medical professional with a passion for helping individuals achieve their health goals. With a background in medicine and nutrition, Irene brings a unique blend of expertise to her work.

Irene has experience as a nutrition and accountability coach, where she conducted comprehensive nutrition assessments, developed customized meal plans, and monitored client progress. She also has experience as a Nutrition Specialist, where she provided accurate nutrition information and conducted analysis of food products and recipes.

Irene holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Far Eastern University – Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation, and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of the Philippines Los Baños.  Connect with Irene on LinkedIn.

Terry Meadows – Editor & Writer

Terry is a nutritionist and personal trainer who has a genuine passion for helping people to live healthy and high-energy lifestyles. He has plenty of experience with helping people gain muscle, lose weight and get fitter.

He is a big believer in natural methods and writes a lot of our supplement reviews. He wants to make sure that if you are going to be putting supplements into your body that they are only a healthy aid to a lifestyle filled with good food choices and lots of movement.

Terry lives in San Diego and loves to go surfing in his downtime. He believes that movement is key to a long and healthy life and that sometimes its better to get out of the gym and into the fresh air.

Terry is our chief editor and makes sure that all the great content that gets posted on the site is accurate and to the highest standard. If you notice any mistakes at all please be sure to reach out to him at contact @ evanamed.com.

William Crawford – Author & Editor

William is the founder of the website TestosteroneLand.com. In December 2021, EvenaMed acquired Testosterone Land and all of its content. You can find the content from the site across evenamed.com.

We are grateful that William agreed to stay on at EvenaMed as an author. His content contributions continue to be invaluable for our audience. He mostly writes about testosterone optimization and mens health.

Here he shares his story and background:

I first started experimenting with testosterone optimization a few years back because I was feeling low on energy and struggling with motivation to get to the gym. I also noticed that despite eating well I was struggling to lose fat – even though I was trying to.

After researching online, I discovered that this might be due to falling T levels.

I am not really into artificial treatment and so didn’t really want to go to the doctor to get patches and gels. I wanted something natural.

I decided to start experimenting with natural testosterone alternatives such as diet, exercise and supplements.

My content exists to document my experiments and research for others. It gets changed periodically, so be sure to come back and keep on top of it.

A bit more about me:

Right now I live in Brooklyn with my wife. But I’m originally from New Zealand. My wife and I love to travel –we are trying to explore the US as much as we can while we are here. We also love getting outside into nature for a good hike, running and working out together.

Michael Jessimy – Author

Michael Jessimy is a qualified Pharmacist with over 10 years experience dealing with a range of both prescription and alternative remedies.

He is also an amateur heavyweight bodybuilder and loves spending his spare time hitting the gym.

He strives to help others build the best body possible through fitness, health and nutrition consultation and has several published books under his name.