About Us

Welcome to EvenaMed, we aim to help you get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.  

We provide information and advice on using natural supplements safely, working out to achieve your fitness goals, and nutrition and health tips that will improve your overall well-being.

Our Team

We are a team of health and fitness experts & enthusiasts who have a real passion for fitness, nutrition and healthy living. Below you can find out more about the members of our team:

Terry Meadows – Editor & Writer

Terry is a nutritionist and personal trainer who has a genuine passion for helping people to live healthy and high energy lifestyles. He has plenty of experience with helping people gain muscle, lose weight and get fitter.

He is a big believer in natural methods and writes a lot of our supplement reviews. He wants to make sure that if you are going to be putting supplements into your body that they are only a healthy aid to a lifestyle filled with good food choices and lots of movement.

Terry lives in San Diego and loves to go surfing in his down time. He believes that movement is key to a long and healthy life and that sometimes its better to get out of the gym and into the fresh air.

Terry is our chief editor and makes sure that all the great content that gets posted on the site is accurate and to the highest standard. If you notice any mistakes at all please be sure to reach out to him at contact @ evanamed.com.