Are you…

  • A respected member of your team—the go to person?
  • A dedicated medical professional with clinical and institutional experience?
  • A thought leader within your facility, profession and community?
  • An influencer and advocate for the best patient/member care?
  • Someone who likes to share insight and educate others?
  • Someone who would like to be compensated for work they are already doing?

Earn Extra Money By Sharing Your Expertise

Evena’s Affiliate Program allows you to be paid a commission when someone buys an Evena Smart Imaging device as a result of your recommendation. In order to track which purchases occur under your name, we will provide you with a unique link to share with associates and colleagues. This link contains a referral code assigned only to you.

Sign up at to become an Evena Affiliate.

Once registered, you will be able to log in to the Affiliate dashboard. Here, you will gain access to tools and training and be able to watch your referrals, sales, and new income grow.

Program Highlights

  • Everyone can join, you don’t need a personal website
  • $500 commission on each device purchased through your personal link
  • Ability to track your activities through our dashboard
  • Access to data and collateral
  • Training videos to assist you with getting started
  • A dedicated team to help you maximize your results

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