Alpha King Immortal Review

If you are looking to purchase a testosterone supplement, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options out there. Some of them are good, others not quite so much.

In this review, we want to focus on one of the more heavily advertised products. It is also one that people talk a lot about. Alpha King Immortal.

By the end of this page, we hope you will have an idea as to whether Alpha King Immortal is the right supplement for you.

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What Is Alpha King Immortal?

At its heart, Alpha King Immortal is a testosterone booster. You take this supplement, and your testosterone levels will shoot up. 

Alpha King Immortal doesn’t just boost your testosterone levels, though. It also claims that it can boost your HGH levels and lower your estrogen levels.

Alpha King Immortal is also an almost 100% natural supplement. There are very few synthetic ingredients in it. Alpha King Immortal should be slightly safer than 100% synthetic testosterone boosters.

Alpha King Immortal Benefits

Let’s start by talking about the supposed benefits of Alpha King Immortal. These are benefits that other people have reported when they have taken the supplement, as well as the benefits that Alpha King Immortal claims you will be able to enjoy.

I want to point out that there is no guarantee that you will enjoy all of these benefits when you take Alpha King Immortal. As with all supplements, Alpha King Immortal may impact your system differently. This is the nature of almost all natural supplements. Some people may see more positive benefits than others.

 Boost To Sexual Libido

A boost to your testosterone levels could leave you craving sex a little bit more. This is because testosterone boosters, like Alpha King Immortal, boost your libido.

Alpha King Immortal may benefit your sex life in other ways too. For example, testosterone boosters are known to help with the following:

  • Erections (particularly if you suffer from erectile dysfunction)
  • Orgasms
  • Stamina

 Increased Strength

One of the main benefits of boosting testosterone levels is that you will see a massive boost in your strength. If you regularly lift weights, you may find that taking Alpha King Immortal will kick your strength levels up a bit. It is undoubtedly going to make your strength training a whole lot easier. 

 More Energy

When you are working out, you need energy. It helps you to work out for longer, and you may even be able to push yourself a little bit harder.

One of the benefits of testosterone boosters, like Alpha King Immortal, is a boost in energy levels.

These benefits will even have an impact on your day-to-day life too. Overall, many people that use Alpha King Immortal will notice improvements in their energy. You may find it a little bit easier to get through your day.

Better Memory

A couple of the ingredients in Alpha King Immortal will have an impact on your brain chemistry. Some people that have taken this supplement note that their memory gets a little bit better. 

Of course, this probably isn’t the main reason you would want to take the supplement, but a little extra perk is always nice. 

More Focus

This is another area where your brain chemistry is going to be impacted. Take Alpha King Immortal, and you may find it easier to focus. This can pair well with the boosted energy when you are at work.

Decreased Body Fat 

Testosterone is fantastic for losing weight. Estrogen is awful for losing weight. So, the Alpha King Immortal boost to your testosterone levels and a reduction in your estrogen levels have the potential to work well when it comes to shedding those extra pounds.

This is not a weight loss supplement, but it will help with weight loss, particularly if you are building muscle mass simultaneously, which leads me neatly to the next point. You can read our Force Factor Alpha King Review to find out more

Increased Muscle Mass

The boost to your testosterone and HGH levels will help your muscles to grow quicker. So, this supplement is going to be great for those that want a bit of assistance in their strength training. 

Boosted Bone Health

A few of the ingredients inside Alpha King Immortal have the chance to boost your bone health. Your bones are going to get stronger. Again, fantastic when you are working out.

Reduction in Anxiety and Stress 

Finally, we have one more brain health benefit. Many who take Alpha King Immortal note that anxiety and stress levels drop. 

So, if you haven’t been having the easiest time with your mental health, then you may see a boost from Alpha King Immortal. 

Although, once again, this is more of a side benefit than a reason why you should be buying Alpha King Immortal. 

Alpha King Immortal Ingredients Formula

There are a lot of ingredients in Alpha King Immortal. Part of this is that Alpha King Immortal is a product built from various formulated supplement powders. Each of these powders could have a dozen or so different ingredients.

I am going to go through the main ingredients in Alpha King Immortal. These are the ones that are likely to have the biggest impact on your testosterone, HGH, and estrogen levels.


KSM-66 is just a fancy name for ashwagandha or the winter cherry. 

KSM-66 is going to have a wealth of benefits. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels. However, the main benefit is an improvement in physical performance.

Studies have shown that those who consume KSM-66 will find that their body regulates oxygen better during a workout. This means that they are able to work out for longer and far harder.


AstraGin is a 100% natural supplement. It is formulated purely from plant extracts, including ginseng. 

AstraGin is not going to have an impact on your overall performance. The job of the AstraGin is to improve your body’s ability to absorb the supplement. This means you will get more out of each supplement pill you take. 


The job of nitrosigine is to increase the amount of nitric acid in your body. This ingredient is formed of both arginine and silicate. 

There are a variety of benefits to boosting nitric acid in your body. There is some evidence that nitric acid can boost sexual performance and even assist with erectile dysfunction. 

Some studies have indicated that nitric acid can boost exercise performance, particularly with intense cardiovascular exercises such as cycling and running. 

Feeling a little bit sore after a workout? Well, supplementing to boost nitric acid may also reduce muscle soreness. 


Another fancy name for a simple ingredient, one that can be found in many different supplements. AlphaFen is fenugreek seed.

Studies have shown that supplementing with fenugreek seed may result in a boost in testosterone levels

It isn’t going to be a minor increase either. One study indicated that fenugreek seed could increase those testosterone levels by as much as 90%!


AlphaSize is a nutrient. This is another fancy name for a simple ingredient. Choline. It is essentially a B Vitamin (but not quite).

Choline increases the production of a chemical in your body known as acetylcholine. It is this chemical that is going to have an impact on brain function. This means that you may notice improvements in memory and focus. 


Bioperine is the name for a special piperine formulation, essentially black pepper extract. 

The main job of BioPerine is to give your body and an even greater chance of absorbing the ingredients packed into Alpha King Immortal. 


PrimaVie is the name given to Purified Shilajit, which is a herb grown in the Himalayas.

Some studies have shown that this ingredient can help to boost energy levels


Spectra is where things start to get a bit more complicated. This is because there are about two dozen ingredients in Spectra. This includes:

  • Green coffee extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Onion extract
  • Garlic
  • Blackberry
  • Tomato
  • Sweet cherry
  • Blackberry

That is barely scratching the surface. 

However, the main benefit of all these ingredients is increased exercise performance. Each of the ingredients will have its own role to play. For example, coffee will increase energy levels, and all the nutrients packed into the ingredients can increase your health in a multitude of different ways.

If you look at the ingredient list for Alpha King Immortal, you will notice that the Spectra is just 100mg. However, this is all that you need for that nutritional boost. 

Downsides ; Potential Side Effects of Alpha King Immortal

In this section, I am going to go through some of the side effects of Alpha King Immortal. I know that some of these side effects can seem rather scary. 

However, I promise that the risk of these side effects occurring is minimal. There is barely any risk at all. However, I feel that it is important that you understand them.

Honestly, the biggest downside to Alpha King Immortal is that it may not always have the impact that you want. 

This is the same for all supplements. Sometimes, your testosterone and HGH levels will already be fairly high, so taking the supplement will only give you a small boost.

Side Effects 

Most people should be fine using Alpha King Immortal. However, increasing testosterone levels can have a couple of minor side effects. These can be eliminated if you stop taking the supplement:

  • Increased levels of anger or aggression
  • Acne
  • Loss of hair
  • Increase in breast size
  • Infertility
  • Size of testicles decreases
  • Loss of sexual appetite

The Rarest Side Effects

Some other side effects are incredibly rare, but I feel they are worth pointing out.

Some people find that their blood pressure increases when they take the supplement. Therefore, if you already have high blood pressure, you should probably avoid it.

You may also experience a higher red blood cell count. While this isn’t something that you can ‘feel’, a high level of red blood cells could result in heart disease or a stroke. 

Finally, prolonged usage of the supplement could result in liver disease. 

Results From Users

Alpha King Immortal is a very popular product, which means that there are countless reviews out there.

As you can probably guess, some people see no impact from the supplement. This is to be expected. It is (mostly) natural, and natural supplements may have a limited effect on some people. 

Not to mention the fact that testosterone and HGH levels can only be boosted so much. You won’t see a huge impact if you already have high levels.

Other people report that it takes a little bit too long to work. Although, once again, this is to be expected. It is a natural supplement, and your body needs to take some time to build up the natural stores of chemicals, nutrients, etc. 

However, other users have reported a boost in their energy levels. Some have noted that the Alpha King Immortal helps them to work out for longer in the gym (they are getting less tired), and others report boosts to their overall muscle and strength gains. 

There are fewer user reviews that focus on improved sexual function. However, various user reviews report improvements in libido, the ability to maintain an erection, and even better performance in bed. 

Pros and Cons

I want to cover the pros and cons of Alpha King Immortal briefly. However, I do encourage you to read the rest of this review just because I cover everything in a bit more depth.


  • Virtually natural supplement
  • Very few side effects
  • Can boost strength levels.
  • Many users report improvements in their mental health.
  • Good boost of nutrients for your body.
  • Easy to take. 


  • It may not have an impact on everybody
  • Some ingredients can cause an allergic reaction
  • A bit expensive since you need to take six supplements per day.
  • It takes a while to work

How To Take It; Dosage Levels

Alpha King Immortal comes in a pill form. 

You will need to take six pills per day, and they should only be taken with a meal. You can split the dosage up however you like. However, Alpha King Immortal recommends that you try and take all six pills at once, preferably at breakfast.

Where To Buy

Alpha King Immortal can be picked up from a whole host of websites.

Amazon is one of the most popular places to pick up the supplement. 

While it isn’t always in stock, it is available through Amazon Prime, which means fast delivery for those that want to get their hands on the supplement quickly.

Sites like GNC will allow you to purchase a tub of the supplement for $159.99, or $143.99 if you subscribe to the supplement. Each purchase will give you 180 pills, which is enough to cover you for 30-days. 

There is free shipping on all orders, and the company will even refund you and help you find a better product if you are not 100% happy with your purchase. 

Should You Use Alpha King Immortal?

Alpha King Immortal is not going to be for everybody. You will probably see little benefit if you already have naturally high testosterone or HGH levels. 

This is going to be the case with most testosterone-boosting supplements. There is only so much of a boost that you can have before you start getting negative side effects.

However, this isn’t to say that Alpha King Immortal isn’t good. User reports are generally positive. In many people, there will be a noticeable increase in energy levels and overall fitness performance. 

There may even be a boost to mental health or even sexual performance. 

I think Alpha King Immortal will probably be a great choice for those at the start of their fitness journey. It can work exceptionally well for those who want to lose weight quickly, build their energy levels, and increase their muscle mass. 

So, if you are struggling in the gym, Alpha King Immortal may give you the boost you need.

Although, do bear in mind that if you are going to get any benefit from Alpha King Immortal, it will probably take a month or so of regularly taking the supplement, which may work out a little bit too expensive for some people.

If you can spare the cash and want a quick boost to early-day fitness performance, you may find Alpha King Immortal useful.