Force Factor Alpha King Review (Results & Side Effects)

Affordable, effective and safe to take on a daily basis, that’s what I look for in test booster, and that’s all it takes to pick yours too.

The T-booster I’m reviewing today is a product from FORCE FACTOR® called alpha king which has a very interesting formula with a unique twist to it that had me wondering if this product can live up to its big name. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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What is Alpha King Testosterone Booster?

Alpha King is a dietary supplement that’s supposed to provide natural testosterone support. This booster is a part of FORCE FACTOR’s successful product line; they claim that it’s “the strongest male vitality supplement to date” which is, in my opinion, a powerful statement even for such a big company.

Since this is a natural testosterone booster, Alpha king is made out of 100% natural ingredients (mostly plant-derived components) that are proven by multiple scientific studies to help increase libido, lose excess weight and put on lean muscle mass at the same time especially if paired with a proper resistance training routine.

Who is it for?

Testosterone supplements are targetted at men looking to increase their libido and enhance their physical performance by promoting and maintaining high levels of free testosterone.

However, not all testosterone boosters are created equal… Each product has a unique formula that suits different users with different backgrounds, body structures, ages, and needs.

Alpha King is for athletic men over 30 years old who are enrolled in a strength training routine and trying to boost their energy levels during their workouts and throughout the rest of their day.

It is also designed to help them focus more on everything they’re doing (workout, studying, working, etc.) which will improve their body’s overall performance.

But hey, those are only highlights of what this t-booster can do! Alpha king is supposed to help you safely achieve your goals if you’re trying to:

– Boost free testosterone levels.
– Put on lean muscle mass.
– Increase your daily energy levels.
– Improve your sleep quality.
– Burn unwanted body fat.
– Fasten yours after training recovery time.
– Increase muscle strength and endurance.
– Focus more on your daily activities.
– Increase libido and sex drive.
– Improve your overall body health.

How does Alpha King work?

Like I just said, Alpha King is a 100% natural supplement, and each ingredient involved in its formula is proven to increase t-levels and improve the body’s performance.

The way it works, is by providing our bodies with essential components that can help them better absorb essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, BCAAS, proteins, etc. which are considered crucial when we’re talking healthy hormonal levels, improved muscle gains, overall body/mind recovery and of course healthy t-levels.

FORCE FACTOR is trying something new in their formula by counting on an exclusive ingredient with a very high dosage called the Alphafen®, an allegedly “new” type of fenugreek seed extract (a popular t-boosting herb known to promote high libido levels and to maintain healthy testosterone levels).

Additionally, Alpha king has three other popular plant-derived compounds that are scientifically proven to support the promised results.

Other than that, An Alpha king container will last 30 days, and the daily dosage is one capsule/day taken with breakfast. This is something I liked about this t-booster as we can easily supplement with other products at the same time ( bodybuilders can take up to 5 different supplements a day).

I should also note that testosterone boosters aimed to increase muscle mass and performance work best when paired with a resistance training routine, so make sure you put that in mind if you’re not working out already.

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Alpha King Ingredients:

Alphafen® fenugreek seed: 400g

As I mentioned earlier, Alphafen is a new generation of fenugreek extract brought exclusively by ALPHA KING.

Fenugreek is a popular plant in the Middle East and India; it is often used to alleviate blood sugar problems like diabetes. In the past, it has been used as a cooking ingredient and also as a traditional medicine to boost men’s fertility and improve libido.

Unfortunately, Fenugreek seed extract is not the most researched testosterone boosting ingredient. The few studies I found online failed to show a direct association of this compound with free-testosterone levels (studies are showing conflicting results).

However, I did find a clinical study performed in Australia showing that this ingredient can make a significant improvement on the psychological aspects of men’s libido; It also suggested that supplementing with fenugreek may assist normal/healthy testosterone levels (not necessarily increase them). I should mention that taking such a high dosage of fenugreek on a daily basis might cause body secretions, including urine, to smell like maple syrup.

That being said, I’m not very excited about Alphafen and I don’t really understand how using such a high dosage of this ingredient (and pretty much relying on it solely) can do much for you.

Tribulus Terrestris (fruit): 150mg

Tribulus is a medical herb that’s been used in India, China and all the way to North America as a dietary supplement.

According to my research, this ingredient went viral among bodybuilders in the early 70s thanks to a famous bodybuilder back then named Jeffrey Petermann who gave credits to this ingredient for helping him increase his T-levels.

However, scientific studies like this one failed to prove this herbal ingredient’s association with t-levels in any way possible. On the other hand, numerous studies did show that supplementing with sufficient amounts of Tribulus Terrestris will boost up your libido and overall sexual drive (only a few studies showed that this ingredient will fail at that).

Additionally, this herbal ingredient acts as an Adaptogen in our system which means that it can prevent physical and chemical effects caused by stress, in other words, it’ll help you relieve anxiety and will also give you more control over your mood swings which will affect your testosterone levels positively.

I wouldn’t count on this ingredient solely to boost my testosterone levels, the formula needs more powerful and active ingredients, and I do not see those yet. You can read our Alpha King Immortal Review to find out more

Black Maca root extract: 100mg

The next ingredient on Alpha king’s formula is yet another plant-derived compound, the Black Maca’s root extract. The Black Maca plant has been used by Peruvian natives for centuries in the past as an effective way to improve libido and erection quality.

This time, the natives were right… modern scientific studies proved this compound’s efficiency in raising libido and boosting sexual drive and manufacturers are releasing standalone supplements of this compound since then.

However, a common misconception has grown popular among bodybuilders which associates Black Maca’s extracts with the natural increase in testosterone levels which is unfortunately wrong as multiple studies have failed to support that. So what we have here is a powerful ingredient that will improve your libido and sexual drive but not really your t-levels… such a shame.

I’m personally satisfied with the dosage used here even though it will not cover the daily value of this ingredient, but its definitely enough; and just like the rest of Alpha King’s ingredients, taking this dosage of Black Maca on the daily is pretty safe.

Diindolylmethane (DIM): 100mg

Finally a “really” promising ingredient in Alpha king’s formula; DIM is a solid ingredient, especially for bodybuilders and athletes.

This natural ingredient is widely found in veggies ( such as broccoli, Kale, cauliflower, etc.) and proven by this study to help our bodies and more specifically our muscles absorb essential nutrients by directly affecting our metabolism which can help assist & enhance our muscle’s ability to grow and recover.

DIM also affects specific brain cells responsible for the production and release of estrogen metabolites (the good ones) in our blood which is supposed to promote an increase in our testosterone levels.

Another significant effect this ingredient has on our bodies is keeping testosterone levels from dropping by suppressing certain enzymes responsible for that.

Based on what I am used to seeing in other formulas, the dosage here is ideal and will definitely promote lean muscle gains, enhance muscle recovery and improve sleep quality.

Alpha King Results:

What I like to do after reviewing all the ingredients and their respective dosages is to check real unbiased results from real people who tried the product for a while, and the results were not surprising at all.

The majority of users who bought this product through Amazon didn’t feel any changes at all, even in their energy levels or sleep quality. They thought that this testosterone booster was a waste of their money & time, and did not recommend it ( 50% of users who rated Alpha King on Amazon gave it a 1-star rating).

I went on with my research and checked Alpha king’s sale page on, and I found a decent number of positive reviews from users who noticed an increase in their energy levels and libido… Even though I’m a bit suspicious about these reviews being unbiased or not, the reported results are pretty realistic, nothing too sketchy.

Alpha King Side effects:

Almost all of Alpha King’s ingredients are 100% herbal-derived, which means that they’re very safe to take on a daily basis and shouldn’t stimulate any side effects except for fenugreek’s high dosage that might cause body secretions.

Other than that, users who tried Alpha King and decided to give online feedback about their experience with it did not report any side effects.

– Small serving size (1 capsule/day).
– Alpha king is made by a trusted brand.
– Contains highly concentrated ingredients that are proven to increase libido.
– Great customer service.
– No side effects have been reported after trying the product.
– Made out of 100% natural ingredients (safe to take).
– Available on Amazon.

– Relatively higher in price (mainly because it has 30 servings/container).
– Alpha king’s formula lacks a lot of essential testosterone boosting ingredients (minerals, DAA, Vitamins, etc.)
– Multiple bad reviews were stating that Alpha King didn’t do what it was supposed to do.
– Other powerful t-boosters are available at a fraction of Alpha king’s price.
– Alpha King is a pretty fresh product in the market (not enough evidence to support its efficiency).

Conclusion and verdict:

There is really no scientific evidence to support the claims made by Alpha King. Their ingredient formula is relatively weak, and the customer reviews support that.

Instead of focusing on powerful ingredients such as DAA, zinc, magnesium, Bioperine, Vitamin B6, etc. FORCE FACTOR only included what other T-boosters consider “Complementary ingredients” which made their formula pretty weak.

I don’t believe in this Testosterone booster’s efficiency and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone willing to get a good T-booster and especially at this price, I’ve seen really powerful t-boosters for the same price, and I don’t see why you should choose Alpha king over any of those