Andro400 vs Ageless Male (The Key Differences)

Andro 400 and Ageless Male are two testosterone boosters that promise to bring benefits to men’s health.

This article will compare the ingredients, side effects, manufacturers, and prices of the two supplements to determine which is better.

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Ageless Male vs Andro400 – Comparison at a Glance

  • Use Andro 400 if you want to treat erectile dysfunction and boost sexual performance
  • Use Ageless Male if you live an active lifestyle
  • Use Andro 400 if you live a sedentary lifestyle
  • Use Ageless Male if you want your product made in GMP certified facilities

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Ingredients Comparison   

Let’s compare the formula of the two products and the evidence support them.

Andro 400

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid has been found to increase production of luteinizing hormone, which stimulates the Leydig cells in the testes to make more testosterone. 

Showing its effectiveness, one study showed how D-aspartic acid supplementation can increase testosterone levels by up to 42%!

The amino acid has also been found to help significantly boost energy. 

However, there are also studies which show that D-aspartic acid can decrease testosterone levels in active men, particularly those who weight train.


L-arginine is an amino acid which doesn’t directly boost testosterone, but instead supports the hormone’s functions. It can help to reduce symptoms of low testosterone by, for example, treating erectile dysfunction.


Like L-arginine, L-citrulline also supports testosterone rather than directly boosting its levels.

The amino acid can treat erectile dysfunction through its ability to boost nitric oxide and blood flow.

Eurycoma Longifolia

This herb is known for its fantastic ability to boost testosterone.

Studies have shown that Eurycoma longifolia, also known as Long Jack, can stimulate sexual arousal and treat erectile dysfunction. One specific study showed its ability to improve sperm concentration and sperm motility.

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Ageless Male

Vitamin B6

Numerous studies show that vitamin B6 is very effective at boosting testosterone, especially when found in conjunction with zinc and magnesium, both of which are also used in the Ageless Male formula. 

Vitamin B6 deficiency has been linked to abnormally low rates of testosterone production, and therefore supplementation of the vitamin can help to prevent this and keep levels of the sex hormone high.


Studies have shown that supplementing with magnesium for one month can help to increase testosterone levels, especially in people who are active. 

The mineral can also help to prevent depression and improve sleep.


Studies have found that supplementing with zinc for up to 4 months can help to ease the symptoms of low testosterone and help people who suffer with poor fertility. 

In fact, one review found that zinc deficiency may lead to infertility in men.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek can help to boost testosterone and improve sexual performance. 

One review found that supplementing with fenugreek can help to significantly raise testosterone levels, and there have also been evidence showing its ability to improve strength.


Neither supplement win when it comes to ingredients. 

However, it’s clear that the ingredients of Andro 400 are better suited to those who live a sedentary lifestyle, and those in Ageless Male are better for active men.

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Safety and Potential Side Effects

Finding out the side effects of supplements is an important step when deciding whether to buy it or not.

Andro 400

Andro 400 is not FDA approved, which means there is the chance you could experience some side effects. However, the brand assures there are no adverse effects associated with the product as the ingredients it contains are 100% natural. 

However, there have been reports of people experiencing bloating, dizziness, and diarrhoea. An important thing to note, however, is that people reporting these side effects said they took more than the recommended dose. 

So, if you follow the dosage on the label, you shouldn’t experience any side effects.

Ageless Male

Ageless Male is not FDA approved, which means that, whilst the manufacturer claims there are no side effects, you might experience some symptoms. 

Customers have reported bloating, increase in weight, headaches, and loss of affection because of the supplement. 

However, the formula is completely natural and the ingredients themselves seem safe.


There is no winner in this category. 

Neither supplement is FDA approved and, whilst both claim there are no side effects, there have been reports of customers experiencing mild to moderate adverse effects. 

Customer Results

Let’s look at some real customer experiences of these products. 

Andro 400

There are many positive reviews of Andro 400, with customers commonly reporting losing a significant amount of weight due to the supplement.

One 77-year-old customer said they lost 4 inches of fat around their belly and feel great as a result!

Another customer said how the product helped to ease their back pain which they had suffered with for over 20 years. How amazing is that?!

Other positive comments included that Andro 400 helped increase libido, boost energy, and significantly elevate mood.

However, reviews could only be found on the brand’s official website, and they didn’t display any negative reviews. Therefore, they could be being biased and these reviews may not be trustworthy.

Ageless Male

Many customers reported having more energy because of Ageless Male, with more motivation to go to work and exercise. 

Other common comments included experiencing an increased libido, with one review claiming they saw this result in less than 5 days!

However, there were some negative reviews of Ageless Male not working for people, and that it wasn’t worth the money. Numerous people even said the product didn’t taste or smell very nice.

Many also claimed there was false advertising as they did not receive their promised free bottle with their bulk order. 


This is a very close call, and neither can be called the winner. 

Whilst negative reviews were found of Ageless Male, and none were found of Andro 400, the latter appeared to be omitting the negative reviews and therefore may be less trustworthy.

Manufacturing and Brand

Now let’s compare the quality and reliability of the manufacturers of these supplements.

Andro 400

Natural Health Concepts are the manufacturers of Andro 400. They are based in Arizona and are known for making many popular health supplements.

They claim the formula of Andro 400 is completely natural, with no caffeine, sugar, or other synthetic ingredients used to make it. 

However, there was very little information online about the manufacturers and whether their facilities are FDA or GMP approved. 

Ageless Male

New Vitality, who are based in Canada, are the manufacturers of Ageless Male

Their facilities are GMP certified which increases confidence in the safety and quality of the production process.

The manufacturers assure that no caffeine, steroids, or illegal substances, are used to make Ageless Male. 


Ageless Male wins in this category. 

Both manufacturers are well known and claim to only use safe, natural ingredients. 

However, Ageless Male assures its facilities are GMP certified.

Price and Value for Money

How much will each supplement cost you? Let’s take a look.

Andro 400

One bottle, equivalent to a month’s supply, of Andro 400 costs $34.95.

If you buy three bottles together it will cost you $89, saving you $15. Then, the more you buy, the more you save. 

For example, if you want to buy six months’ worth of Andro 400 in one order, you will save $50.

Andro 400 offer the option of auto shipping. This works like a subscription, where you will be automatically billed, and the product will be shipped out to you after 30 days. This can take the hassle out of having to reorder the product and means you don’t have to worry about running out. 

Ageless Male

Ageless Male costs $35.96 for one bottle, which is the equivalent to a month’s supply. 

If you buy three bottles in one order, you will get a discount with each bottle costing $26.74, totalling $80.21 for the whole order. 

The more bottles you buy in one order, the more money you save.


Ageless Male wins when it comes to price, as you save significantly more money when bulk ordering than with Ageless Male. 

However, the option of auto shipping that Andro 400 offers may be preferred by many. 

Pros and Cons

Andro 400


  • Option of auto shipping
  • Good for people who live a sedentary lifestyle
  • Positive customer reviews
  • No major side effects
  • Affordable
  • Can treat erectile dysfunction
  • Can aid in weight loss


  • May decrease testosterone in active people
  • Not FDA approved
  • Website seems biased with reviews

Ageless Male


  • Affordable
  • Boosts libido
  • Increases energy
  • Good for those who live an active lifestyle
  • Positive customer reviews
  • GMP certified manufacturing facilities
  • No major side effects


  • Not FDA approved
  • Reports of product not working
  • Accused of false advertising

Ageless Male vs Andro400 – Final Verdict

There is no clear winner in this testosterone supplement battle. 

Andro 400 and Ageless Male appear to be very equal. Both have similar levels of reported side effects, neither are FDA approved, they are of very similar price, and they both have ingredients with scientific evidence backing their ability to boost testosterone. 

Andro 400 could be preferred due to its option of auto shipping. Although Ageless Male could be favoured as its manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. 

The supplement that is considered better is ultimately down to personal preference. However, it does appear that Andro 400 is better for people who live a more sedentary lifestyle, and Ageless Male is better for those who are more active.

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