Are Testosterone Boosters Steroids? (The Facts Explained)

Before you decide to make use of either steroids or testosterone boosters you should ask for advice from your doctor. The following are the major differences between testosterone boosters and steroids that you should be aware of:

Testosterone Boosters

They are supplements that consist of natural ingredients.

There are different brands of testosterone boosters available. They are made out of natural ingredients which are mixed in different proportions. When using these supplements you should always check the ingredients label to make sure there are no synthetically made ingredients mixed in.

They consist of vitamins

Vitamins are necessary for the development of hormones in the body. The vitamins available in boosters are essential for the development of testosterone hormones which can really help men who have low testosterone.

They work by influencing the body to produce more testosterone

This means they actively target your testosterone producing glands and help the body to naturally manufacture more testosterone than it had been producing previously.

Testosterone boosters come in the form of pills 

There are different testosterone pills on the market that come from different manufacturers, hence you need to take your time and select the best pill which has been formulated well for you to achieve effective results. They are unlike steroids which come in different forms such as injections. Before you decide on any given manufacturer as the best to supply you with the testosterone boosters you should ensure that he has good reputation in offering quality boosters.

Steroids and their characteristics

Steroids are synthetic substances prepared in a laboratory

Before a steroid is introduced into the market it is synthesized by medical experts in a laboratory. This is made possible through mixing different proportions of chemicals. Steroids can have much worse and more severe side effects than natural test boosters.

Used by doctors to treat a wide range of health related issues

Unlike testosterone boosters which are used to treat low levels of testosterone, with steroids you will be able to treat different health complications in your body.  This makes it necessary for you to try and work under the strict guidance of doctors. It is also illegal to make use of  steroids without guidance from a qualified medical practitioner because of the harsh side effects.

Are available in two types: Anabolic and Androgenic

This is another difference that sets the steroids apart from testosterone boosters. Anabolic steroids are responsible for the growth of muscles after they have been used. These are the steroids you often hear about in sports cases and are commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders. The use of the anabolic steroids has been banned in most sports due to unfair competition.

Androgenic steroids are used to help in the correction of sexual dysfunction in males. The steroids can also help with erection problems. In case you have low libido you can also achieve great success after you decide to make use of the steroids. You may be confused whether to make use of steroids or testosterone boosters in trying to increase your sexual drive. In such a case you need to contact your doctor who will offer you necessary advice for you to achieve the best results.

Can be delivered into the system through injections or orally

There are different forms of steroids that have been synthesized in laboratories which have been introduced into the market. You can decide to make use of those that are in form of injections or those that are provided in the form of pills. With pills, you will be required to take them according to a certain dosage. While making use of either injections or pills you should try and follow the right dosage for you to avoid adverse complications and side effects. It is doubly important to consult a doctor before even thinking about using steroids and in most cases it is not advised.