Best Testosterone Boosters (That Really Work)

Welcome to my website. I have been using testosterone boosters myself for over 5 years now.

I have had great success using these products. However, in the beginning there was a lot of trial and error. There were a lot of products that did nothing and one that gave me some pretty nasty side effects.

I decided to record all of my research and experiments so that you and others can benefit from my obsession. That way you won’t have to go through all the money and pain I went through to find a product that actually works and is 100% safe.

The 3 Best Testosterone Boosters

After testing a lot of different products and thoroughly researching their ingredient formulas, I have come up with my top three below. All of these products are made up of natural ingredients and are completely safe.

I was going to list out a whole top ten, but there really is no point. These three cover all the options you could possibly need and frankly I don’t feel comfortable recommending anything else

1. TestoGen

Testogen is my top option overall and the best testosterone booster for muscle gain.

They recently updated the ingredients formula and it is now superior to anything else on the market. I would recommend this for most guys who are looking to grow more muscle, burn fat and increase overall energy levels.

The Good

  • Currently has the most complete formula on the market.
  • Contains my four “must-have” ingredients. These are D-aspartic acid, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc. These four ingredients are recognized to have a significant impact on testosterone levels and I wouldn’t buy a product that doesn’t have them.
  • As far as I can tell it has the most positive testimonials and user results out of any of the products on the market. I found an abundance of positive reviews.
  • Has lots of good reviews and results from other users online.
  • All-natural ingredients formula making it safe to use.
  • Cheaper than Prime Male or TestoFuel when bought in bulk.

The Bad

  • Can only order from their website.

Testogen have really put a lot of effort into updating their product and it now has a fantastic ingredients formula, making it my new favorite testosterone booster.

Read my full TestoGen Review

2. Prime Male (Best Testosterone Booster for Men Over 50)

Prime Male is the best testosterone booster for men over 50 and libido. Here are a few quick bullet points:

The Good

  • Contains 12 ingredients that are all proven to boost testosterone levels.
  • Contains my four “must-have” ingredients. These are D-aspartic acid, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc.
  • Great user reviews
  • Very transparent with its ingredients list and dosages – no scams here.
  • Very well know and trusted brand in the greater market place.
  • No reports of harmful side effects. Plus ingredients formula is incredibly safe, being all-natural.
  • Personally tested by me and given two thumbs up. I noticed big jumps in my energy levels and libido.

The Bad

  • Only downside is that you can only buy Prime Male through their website so no Amazon discounts. Although they will give you discounts on bulk purchases.

Prime Male is still best for older guys and sex drive. Get more on my results after using Prime Male plus a full ingredients analysis. Read my full Prime Male review.

3. TestoFuel

TestoFuel is the best testosterone booster for bodybuilders.

The Good

TestoFuel Testosterone Booster
  • It has high amounts of d-aspartic acid which has been proven to help raise testosterone production. The higher dosages found in TestoFuel make this perfect for bodybuilders.
  • Again, I found a lot of great reviews and results from users.
  • Has Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D which are some of the best contributors to increased testosterone production and absorption.
  • All natural ingredients formula and completely safe.
  • Complete transparency with what is inside.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t have as complete an ingredients formula as Prime Male making it pretty much geared towards muscle building but not so good for overall vitality.
  • Can only buy from the official website.

TestoFuel has a proven formula for gaining muscle. However not as great for libido, energy and overall vitality. Use this if you are only using test boosters as a bodybuilding supplement. Get an in-depth ingredients analysis.

Why I Started Using Testosterone Boosters

I was looking to regain the energy, focus, and drive of my early 20’s which I have been losing lately despite my increased effort to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

After looking online I discovered that this could be due to falling testosterone levels. Did you know that testosterone levels drop by 1% a year after the age of 30 in the average male?

I’m not big on artificial treatments and where I saw that there were natural alternatives, I jumped at the opportunity. At the very least I figured that taking natural supplements couldn’t hurt and might actually help. I was pretty willing to give these natural supplements a chance.

How I Chose The Top Testosterone Booster for Me

After doing some pretty thorough research by reading a lot of studies in scientific journals, I actually developed a pretty complete list of which micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and other natural ingredients were actually scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels.

I compared each product on the market against my research into naturally occurring testosterone boosters (mostly micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals). My findings were actually quite alarming.

I discovered that the majority of natural testosterone boosting products on the market are scams. Essentially some arbitrary herbs and vitamins put together without any scientific evidence to back them up.

The good news is I discovered that there are a few really good products on the market. You just have to sort through all the junk to get to them.

I began wondering how many people were wasting their money (and potentially risking their health) on these snake oil test boosters and so that’s why I put together this site – to share my findings with others so that we can all get the results we want by using the best testosterone booster for our needs.

Who Should Use Test Boosters?

If you are a male over the age of thirty and have been noticing any of the following symptoms – weight gain, lethargy, falling energy levels, low sex drive or all of the above you probably have falling testosterone levels. If you are looking for a reversal of these symptoms and are over 30 you should consider taking test boosters.

If you are in your mid-20’s or younger and are experiencing these symptoms you might have something else going on. Go and see your doctor.

Now, let’s get deeper into what to look for in a high-quality testosterone booster so that we can avoid the duds and choose a product that will actually raise our testosterone levels safely.

The 5 Most Important Factors to Look For in a Good Test Booster

  • An Effective Ingredients Formula

As I mentioned above I did some pretty thorough research into which ingredients have been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels. Based on this understanding I wanted to figure out which products actually used scientifically proven ingredients and which didn’t. Based on all my research I was able to very easily and accurately rank the best testosterone boosters on the market in terms of effectiveness.

  • Are the Ingredients Safe?

While I was doing my research one thing I was worried about right from the beginning was side effects and how safe testosterone boosters really are. After thoroughly researching the most common ingredients and most of the test boosters that currently exist I am happy to report that there are a very few on the market that are unsafe. These supplements by their very nature use only natural ingredients and can’t cause any natural side effects. There are generally no synthetic ingredients in most of the products currently on the market. However, a quick word of warning, I would stay away from any product that uses a “proprietary blend” and does not disclose its full ingredients list along with the exact dosages of each ingredient. Which brings me to my next point…

  • Must Disclose Exact Ingredients Along With Dosages

I am very suspicious of any products out there that create their own blend of ingredients and do not disclose exactly what those ingredients are and in what dosages they occur. Unfortunately, there are a few of these products out there and I would definitely stay away from them. To me, it seems kind of weird and dodgy that they would not disclose all the information about their product.

  • Plenty of Good Reviews and User Results

I wanted to use a testosterone booster where I could see other peoples proof of results and before and after pics. Ingredients are certainly the most important factor but it also made sense to me that other people would have some things to say based on their own experiences. I wanted a product where there was a real abundance of reviews and user results that couldn’t be faked.

  • Been Around for a While and Well Trusted

I guess this ties into the point above but I wanted to use a product that was well respected, well known and had a solid and trustworthy brand. No fad products that come and go but something solid that had stood the test of time.

The Four ‘Must Have’ Ingredients

I would not buy a product that does not contain one of the following ingredients:

  • 1D-aspartic Acid (DAA): specifically targets sex hormone production including the production of testosterone. This is my probably my no.1 most important ingredient.
  • 2Vitamin D: a natural but effective enhancer of testosterone production. Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin” because it is obtained through exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is an essential component in the production of testosterone. A lot of men today have a deficiency in this vitamin due to working indoors, this deficiency can be a major cause of low testosterone levels.
  • 3Zinc: commonly found in the form of oyster extract, zinc has been scientifically proven to increase levels of free range testosterone.
  • 4Magnesium: proven to increase rates of testosterone synthesis. That means it helps your body absorb and utilize more of the testosterone that it is producing.

Important: If you see any ingredients you do not recognize – research them thoroughly to make sure they are safe.

What Did I Learn From My Research?

What I discovered was that there are a real mixture of products on the market, some are straight up scams while others are legit and use ingredients that have been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels and are 100% safe and natural. So make sure that you read all of my research thoroughly to get a good understanding of what to look for in a product and whether you should even use test boosters in the first place. Also check out my recommendations on the best testosterone booster on the market.

It can also help to consult a doctor and do some research of your own, the more thorough you are, the better your decision will be.

How Do Test Boosters Work?

They target certain cells in the testes which produce HGH (growth hormones), specifically testosterone. Boosters give these cells the fuel they need to produce testosterone at higher levels. This means that the body will naturally produce more testosterone which will contribute to muscle growth and development.

Why Use Natural Testosterone Supplements?

There are a number of reasons you might want to use testosterone boosters.

Muscle Gains

Testosterone boosters work by helping the body to produce and release higher levels of testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone will help you by giving you more muscle growth, faster gains, faster recovery times and more energy to push through your workouts.

  • Testosterone increases the rate of protein synthesis (the rate at which the body absorbs and uses protein). This allows the body to absorb and use more protein at a faster rate, leading to increases in fat-free muscle mass.
  • Testosterone limits the effects of Cortisol on the body. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone, which means it breaks down muscle mass. The higher your testosterone levels, the less damage cortisol will do to your muscles.
  • As you probably know, the idea behind working out is to cause small tears in our muscles so that the muscle fibers grow back stronger and bigger. Testosterone is the key behind this whole regenerative process. The higher your testosterone levels, the quicker your muscles will regenerate, allowing you to recover between workouts much faster.
  • Higher testosterone levels causes boosts in energy levels. This will allow you to have more productive workouts and push yourself harder, for longer.
  • Testosterone increases growth hormone levels. This hormone also increases the rate of protein synthesis, maximizing your gains and promoting muscle growth.
  • The combination of testosterone and growth hormones is a killer – and allows you to make big gains in muscle size and strength. In addition, it enables a much quicker post-workout recovery.

Natural and Healthy

Most testosterone boosters have all-natural ingredients, very few side effects and help the body to organically produce and release more testosterone. This is opposed to steroids, which provide an injection of synthetic testosterone in to the body. There are huge risks attached to synthetic testosterone, with many users reporting intense side effects including long term damage to internal organs.

Fat Loss

By promoting growth hormones and protein synthesis, increasing testosterone levels will give you the added benefit of fat loss – especially in the stomach area.

Improved Mood

One great side effect of testosterone is that it will generally improve your mood. This makes it easier to stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Increased Sex Drive and Libido

Increases in testosterone levels have been linked to increases in sex drive and libido. Some people use testosterone boosters to last longer or just simply to revitalize their sex drive.

Summary: What Can I Use T-Boosters For?

  • Body Building and Muscle Development
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Increasing sexual libido – improving sex life and drive
  • Reducing body fat
  • Improving your mood and focus

If you suffer from low testosterone levels, testosterone boosters are one option available to you. However, in this case, it is advisable that you consult a doctor first.

Safety and Side Effects?

Testosterone boosters are actually specifically designed to avoid side effects. They are made up from all natural ingredients for this very reason, so that you do no harm to your body. They are much safer than steroids, replacement therapy or any other alternatives. However it is important to read the following to make sure you fully understand even the slightest risks.

Overall the reports of side effects were few – in less than 5% of users and only in low quality products. It is advised you trial a product first and if you experience any side effects, stop immediately. Of course, if in doubt, consult your doctor first. Here are the most common side effects that appear in those 5%:

  • Aggressive behavior and mood swings (due to extremely high testosterone levels – if you take the recommended dosage, you should be fine).
  • Acne outbreaks (naturally the increases in hormone production will increase the chance of acne appearing)
  • Headaches (few but some users reported headaches – it is advised you drink more fluids to provide dilution in the body which may help with this).

It should be noted that a good testosterone booster is not going to cause you any side effects. These cases are generally from the lower quality products on the market. Neither Testogen or Prime Male has caused me any side effects at all, nor have I found reports of it causing side effects for anyone else.

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