Bioperine Benefits Guide – What is Bioperine Used For?

BioPerine is the name of the trademarked commodity of piperine supplement. Piperine is the chemical substance that gives black pepper its distinct smell and spicy taste. BioPerine is mass manufactured by Sabinsa Corporation.

BioPerine provides a higher concentration of Piperine than can be found naturally. Not only that, but BioPerine has a more consistent ratio of piperine than can be found in natural sources such as black pepper.

BioPerine can also be found as an ingredient in other supplements such as coq10, resveratrol, and curcumin. The logic behind BioPerine is that it allows for these matters to get absorbed more quickly. In essence, BioPerine acts as a catalyst for transport. As a matter of fact, these properties of BioPerine are what make BioPerine so special.

So now you might be wondering what benefits BioPerine provides to one’s health. Well as it turns out, it has many.

What Does Bioperine Do?

The biggest selling point of BioPerine is that it allows nutrients in our body to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. This, in turn, enables food to be digested quickly, thereby elevating one’s metabolism and help burn calories quicker.

Even before the invention of BioPerine, black pepper was used as a herbal remedy for several ailments such as indigestion, nausea and stomach pain. Therefore, there’s a long history behind the creation of BioPerine. The common link between the various sources is piperine’s anti-oxidative properties.

Antioxidants are necessary for clearing toxic byproducts from the body and for regulating biochemical processes taking place at the cellular level. Therefore, another major health benefit of BioPerine is that it minimizes the risk of cancer, as well as help shrink tumor size, thereby potentially stopping the spread of cancer.

But don’t just take my word for it, there have been several studies conducted over the last twenty years that indicate the numerous medicinal benefits of piperine.

In 1998 there was a study conducted on two blind groups of healthy adult males on the availability rates of cq10 enzyme 2 in blood plasma with and without piperine. Cq10 is an enzyme that helps to provide energy to cells and can act as antioxidant protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals.

One group was given placebo with cq10, while the other group was given 5mg 98 percent pure piperine with cq10. At the end of the study period, the group who had received piperine had a higher concentration of cq10 in their blood, compared to the placebo group.

Another study showed that Piperine impacts the bioavailability of Resveratrol, a chemical compound that has anti-oxidative properties. The resveratrol concentration in blood was increased a whopping sixteen times with the addition of piperine.

Now that we have seen the health benefits of piperine, the next question that arises is who can benefit from BioPerine.

Who can Benefit from BioPerine?

Individuals with a weak immune system are prone to common ailments such as flu, gastrointestinal problems, and also have difficulty recovering from cuts and bruises, and wounds can take longer to heal.

Since BioPerine makes the transport process of antioxidants much more efficient and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, these illnesses can be dealt with easily.

Obesity is another major disease that can be managed with the use of BioPerine. A major cause of obesity is that body’s hormonal processes get disrupted, which slows down the process of burning calories to provide energy (i.e., metabolism).

To this day obesity remains a massive health problem faced by 35% of the US population. By using BioPerine with proper diet and exercise, obesity can be managed effectively.

Individuals who have a family history of cancer can also take BioPerine as a precaution to reduce the risk of cancer. BioPerine is a fail-safe against cancer due to its tumor-fighting properties.


BioPerine vs. Natural Substances

A common question that comes to people’s mind when they are considering buying BioPerine is why not just consume black pepper and other BioPerine rich foods. Well there are a lot of things to consider.

Firstly, some people might be allergic to black pepper. These individuals might not necessarily be allergic to piperine but other ingredients present in black pepper, which equates to BioPerine being a more viable solution for them.

Secondly, some people do not like the smell of black pepper or start sneezing instantly when they are in the vicinity of black pepper. Bioperine can mask the pungent smell of black pepper while providing the same benefits.

Lastly, but most importantly consuming BioPerine is a much more joyful experience all around. Let’s say you were in a hurry and didn’t have time to grind a fistful of black pepper. What you would do is open a can of BioPerine take a pill with one glass of water, and that’s it. It really is as simple as that, no worries about grinding, aftertaste or smell.

You wouldn’t even have to worry about eating an insane amount of black pepper to get the same effect that one pill of BioPerine can provide.


Bioperine Dosage Recommendations

It is recommended that BioPerine is taken as a dietary supplement once or twice daily with every meal. This allows the absorption process to be at its peak performance, minimizing any possible delays.

To get the most benefit out of BioPerine, it is recommended to consult a dietary physician before proceeding.

Bioperine Side Effects – Is it safe?

In certain extreme situations such as pregnancy or certain genetic disorders, BioPerine might not be feasible. BioPerine is not advised when taking certain medications as it may cause them to interact adversely, thereby causing toxicity.

As of now, there have been no reported side effects of BioPerine. Bioperine is considered safe as it does not alter blood chemistry in a significant way. However more clinical trials need to be conducted before a proper assessment can be made.


Final Word

Bioperine can be an extremely potent disease-fighting entity. The only downside to BioPerine is that it is only meant as a dietary supplement and is not a “proper” medical drug, as it does not cure serious illnesses. Therefore, such supplements need to be taken with an open mind and with caution.

More clinical trials are desperately needed to educate the population about the safety and efficacy of BioPerine. Once these trials are completed, more data will be available which will enable more people to become aware of the health benefits of Bioperine.