Burn Lab Pro vs Instant Knockout (The Key Differences)

Two popular weight loss supplements on the market are Instant Knockout and Burn Lab Pro.  

If you want to burn some fat and get into shape, you might wonder which of these two supplements you should go for. Keep reading to find out! 

Our Pick
Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is our top fat burner for men. Our research shows it has a more effective ingredients formula than anything else on the market. 

Instant Knockout vs. Burn Lab Pro Comparison at a Glance 

  • Use Instant Knockout if you want the option of a subscription service 
  • Use Burn Lab Pro if you want a supplement with no caffeine 

Other than the points listed above, there are no significant differences between Instant Knockout and Burn Lab Pro. 

Ingredients Comparison    

Let’s take a look at the ingredients these supplements contain and how they aid in weight loss. 

Burn Lab Pro 

One of the main ingredients in Burn Lab Pro is ForsLean. This is a form of the herb Coleus forskohlii, which has been found to promote hormonal processes that aid in the breakdown and burning of fat, boosting metabolic rate, and increasing muscle growth. 

Burn Lab Pro also contains Capsimax, which has been shown by research to maximize the burning of calories and reduce the calorie intake from food. It regulates the hormones that are responsible for burning fat and blocks the storage of fat. It also helps control appetite. 

Bioperine is another ingredient of Burn Lab Pro, and it can increase body heat to enable optimal calorie burning. It also improves nutrient absorption. 

Bioperine’s piperine can block the creation of new fat cells and is thermogenic to help influence body temperature. 

Instant Knockout 

The key ingredient in Instant Knockout is caffeine. This helps to give a big boost to your energy levels which can help encourage you to be more active and work out more.  

Caffeine can also promote thermogenesis, which is the process of energy being dissipated as your body produces heat, and it can help you burn more calories.  

Vitamin D3 is another ingredient of Instant Knockout, which is excellent for bone health. This is very useful for people who work out a lot because when doing cardio or weight training, pressure is put on your bones. Therefore, the vitamin D3 in Instant Knockout can help to protect you from injury.  

Vitamin D3 has also been linked to Body Mass Index and, in this way, has been believed to aid weight loss.  

Instant Knockout also contains Glucomannan which has been used for centuries in Japanese and Chinese medicine. It has been found to improve digestion and help with constipation, which is believed to then help promote the burning of fat and weight loss. 

Glucomannan can also help make you feel full for longer, reducing your appetite and leading you to consume fewer calories. 


Burn Lab Pro wins regarding ingredients since it doesn’t contain any caffeine, meaning that the supplement has less stimulant effect than Instant Knockout. 

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Safety and Potential Side Effects 

It’s essential to be aware of the side effects of any supplement before you buy it so you can know if it’s the right choice for you.  

Burn Lab Pro 

Unlike many other weight loss supplements, there is no caffeine in Burn Lab Pro. This means you shouldn’t experience any side effects such as an energy crash or jitters, like happens with other weight loss supplements. 

The product itself doesn’t appear to be FDA-approved. However, in our research, we couldn’t find any reports of dangerous side effects. In fact, many places said Burn Lab Pro is one of the safest weight loss supplements on the market. 

Instant Knockout 

Instant Knockout isn’t FDA approved; however, its production is regulated by the FDA.  

Reported side effects of the supplement include stomach pains, vomiting, nausea, and headaches.  

Furthermore, some people have said they had trouble sleeping after taking Instant Knockout, which is most likely down to its high caffeine content. 

The brand advises taking a lower dosage if you start experiencing any adverse side effects, and they also recommend taking the supplement before meals. 


This is a very close call; however, Burn Lab Pro wins.  

There are more reported side effects of Instant Knockout than for Burn Lab Pro. Furthermore, the caffeine in Instant Knockout makes the supplement a stimulant to which some people might react badly to. 

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Customer Results 

What do customers have to say about the two supplements? Let’s find out. 

Burn Lab Pro 

At the time of writing this article, Burn Lap Pro is a new product, meaning there is not a wealth of reviews on it. 

However, those we found in our research were very positive, with people saying they had more energy, stamina, and endurance after using this supplement.  

There were also comments on how people had a reduced appetite and lost fat much quicker than ever.  

It was also commonly said that Burn Lab Pro led to more muscle tone and reduced recovery time.  

However, many people did say they had an upset stomach after using the supplement. 

Instant Knockout 

There were many gleaming reviews of Instant Knockout, with many reporting seeing changes in their body after just one month of using the supplement. 

People said they had a significant energy boost and were more motivated to go to the gym and work out.  

One review said they lost over 2kg in weight every month by using Instant Knockout. 

However, there were numerous negative reviews, with people saying they saw no change from using Instant Knockout. Furthermore, some people said they struggled with the high caffeine content, experiencing difficulties sleeping at night and slight energy crashes. 


Instant Knockout narrowly takes the win simply because it has been around for longer, and there are more reviews on it. 

Manufacturing and Brand 

Who manufactures the two weight loss supplements, and are they reliable? 

Burn Lab Pro 

Burn Lab Pro is manufactured by Opti-Nutra, which is based in the UK.  

Their manufacturing facilities are FDA-registered and GMP-certified, assuring top-quality production of the supplements. 

Opti-Nutra is known for producing other health supplements, including the testosterone booster Testo Lab Pro. 

Instant Knockout 

Roar Ambition is the manufacturer of Instant Knockout. They are based in the USA and UK, and their manufacturing facilities are GMP and FDA-approved. 

The company thoroughly researches ingredients to ensure they use only the best and most effective ones in their supplements. They also assure to only use completely natural ingredients.  


There is no winner in this category.  

Both the manufacturing facilities of Burn Lab Pro and Instant Knockout are GMP and FDA-approved with the assurance of the use of only natural, top-quality ingredients 

Price and Value for Money 

You might be wondering how much these supplements will set you back. Well, let’s find out and see if they are worth opening your wallet for. 

Burn Lab Pro 

One bottle, the equivalent of a month’s supply, of Burn Lab Pro costs $59.  

However, the more bottles you purchase in one order, the cheaper each bottle costs. For example, you could get each bottle for as little as $44.25. 

Any order over $177 comes with free shipping. 

Burn Lab Pro also has a 30-day return policy. If you are unhappy with your supplement and return it within this time, you are guaranteed a full refund. 

Instant Knockout 

One bottle of Instant Knockout costs $59.00.  

However, signing up for their subscription service will save 10% on each bottle. It will also save you the hassle of constantly reordering the supplement every month. 

Another perk Instant Knockout offers is that you get an extra bottle for free if you buy 3 bottles in one order.  

The brand offers a 14-day return policy for UK orders and a 30-day return policy for orders to the USA.  


There is no winner when it comes to price, as both supplements have the same price per bottle and offer discounts for bulk orders.  

However, some people might prefer Instant Knockout because they provide a subscription service. 

Pros and Cons 

Burn Lab Pro 


  • Doesn’t contain caffeine 
  • Can choose between gummies, drinks, and capsules 
  • Some good customer reviews 
  • Manufacturing facilities are FDA and GMP approved 
  • Improves stamina, strength, and endurance 
  • Increases energy 
  • Reduces appetite 
  • Reduces recovery time 
  • No known side effects 


  • Not FDA approved 
  • Can be expensive 

 Instant Knockout 


  • Boosts weight loss 
  • Boosts energy 
  • Manufacturing facilities GMP and FDA approved 
  • The product is regulated by the FDA 
  • Offer subscription service 
  • 14-day or 30-day return policy 


  • Caffeine can be over-stimulating for some people 
  • Not FDA approved 
  • Can be expensive 

Burn Lab Pro vs. Instant Knockout – Final Verdict 

There is no winner in the Instant Knockout vs. Burn Lab Pro competition. 

They appear to be effective weight loss supplements, contain only natural ingredients, and are made in FDA and GMP-approved facilities.  

They have almost identical price points, and from their reviews, customers seem to like the products. 

Instant Knockout has been around longer than Burn Lab Pro, which means there is more information and assurance that it works. 

However, Burn Lab Pro’s benefit over Instant Knockout is that it doesn’t contain caffeine, which some people might prefer as many can find caffeine too stimulating.  

So, the choice is all yours! You can use either of these supplements feeling confident of their safety and effectiveness. 

Our Pick
Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is our top fat burner for men. Our research shows it has a more effective ingredients formula than anything else on the market.