Can You Take Testosterone Boosters and Pre-Workouts Together?

Most natural supplements available in the market tend to do exactly what manufacturers claim, at least the high-quality ones. For example, fat burners will help you lose fat, and testosterone boosters will help your body to produce more quantities of testosterone, the male sex hormone.

The same is the case with pre-workout supplements that aim to improve your training performance while you’re in the gym. It’s true that testosterone boosters can increase your energy levels, which means they can also enhance your gym performance. But the working mechanism of both supplements is different.

It means the benefits of testosterone boosters and pre-workouts overlap in a way. So, can you take both of these supplements together? Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

What is a Testosterone Booster?

A testosterone booster, as the name implies, is a supplement that helps your body to increase its natural male sex hormone production. These supplements can help older people a great deal as the natural testosterone production in the human body decreases with age. Several health conditions and poor lifestyle habits can also decrease the T levels in males. Low or no physical activity can also decrease your natural T production.

Maintaining testosterone levels come with several benefits but they should only be taken if you’re suffering from low T levels. Not only do they support your hormone levels but they also help you gain lean muscle mass and improve your sex drive.

Decreased testosterone levels in men can lead to a number of negative health effects. For example, your strength declines dramatically and it becomes very difficult to gain muscle mass. This medical condition can also lead to chronic fatigue and constantly low energy levels.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, visit your doctor and undergo a blood test to find out whether your T levels are normal or not. Your doctor might suggest you start taking a testosterone booster such as D-Aspartic Acid or vitamin D supplement. These boosters will improve your gym performance but you’ll need to wait for at least a couple of months to start seeing the positive effects.

What is a Pre-Workout Supplement?

A pre-workout is any supplement that can improve your workout performance. The effectiveness, quality, and formulation of these products vary widely and that’s why it’s very difficult to explain the exact benefits these products offer.

However, a pre-workout supplement aims to improve your motivation and focus levels and raise energy. These are the three primary factors that influence your workout performance. Therefore, choosing a high-quality pre-workout supplement is well worth the effort, investment, and time.

Most pre-workout supplements come with natural ingredients that prepare your body for resistance training. It means you’ll be able to speed up the workout process quicker and continue training for a longer period of time.

B vitamins, caffeine, citrulline, creatine, and green tea are some of the common ingredients found in pre-workouts. The carefully planned out dosage of these ingredients can surely support muscle endurance, improve blood flow, and lift your heart rate for exercising.

Most pre-workouts come in a flavored powder form that you need to mix with a drink and consume before your workout session. Some health experts claim that there is no point in buying a pre-workout supplement as you can consume all the ingredients they contain through high-quality food. Find out how long pre-workout lasts here.

However, depending upon your eating habits, you might not be able to get essential nutrients in sufficient amounts for your workouts. If you’re bulking then we recommend you go for a pre-workout supplement that offers both carbs and calories.

On the other hand, if you want to lose weight, consider opting for a supplement that doesn’t contain a high number of calories.

So, Can You Take Pre-Workouts with Testosterone Boosters?

Yes, you can take pre-workouts with testosterone boosters, but you need to be very cautious. As mentioned, testosterone boosters come with ingredients that help your body to improve its natural testosterone production. These ingredients include vitamin D, fenugreek, zinc, magnesium, D-Aspartic Acid, and ashwagandha.

On the other hand, there’s a vast array of ingredients that pre-workout supplements can contain. They can have ingredients that are also used in testosterone boosters. It means that taking both of these supplements together can increase your daily consumption of a certain nutrient.

Find out what ingredients your pre-workout and testosterone booster offer and make sure that you don’t consume any ingredient in more amounts than the daily recommended value if you’re taking them together.

Should You Take Pre-Workouts with Testosterone Boosters?

Understanding how both of these supplements work in your body will allow you to decide whether you should take them together or not. The working mechanism of a testosterone booster is completely different from a pre-workout supplement.

Testosterone Booster Working Mechanism

You should take a testosterone booster just before going to bed at night. That’s because testosterone production takes place during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) while you’re sleeping. The ingredients in Test-enhancing boosters improve the communication between your brain and testicles. As a result, your brain sends a flood of signals to your testicles to produce more testosterone.

This working mechanism has a long-term effect on your body. The natural T-boosters don’t offer any instant benefits and you need to take them regularly to improve your T levels and energy.

Pre-Workout Supplements Working Mechanism

Usually, pre-workout supplements contain carbs in one form or the other. Your body digests those carbs and converts them into energy your body needs for resistance training. So, they provide you with an instant energy boost for your workout session.

The ingredients present in pre-workouts can also increase your T levels with time. According to the NLM (National Library of Medicine), the caffeine content (4 milligrams) present in pre-workouts can increase your T levels by 12 percent.

So, if your T levels are low and you also go to the gym to gain more muscle mass, you can take testosterone boosters and pre-workouts together. However, consider taking them at different times of the day to enjoy the best of both worlds.

We recommend you take T-boosters just before going to bed so that your body can efficiently produce male sex hormones. Whereas taking pre-workout supplements two hours before your workout session is advisable as it’ll provide your body with the energy it needs to perform better at the gym for a longer time.

Choose the Best-Quality Products

You won’t be benefitting from a testosterone booster or pre-workout if you’re using a low-quality product. Choose the product that offers clear information regarding the ingredients it contains.

Some manufacturers offer information about the ingredients they use, but they don’t offer anything about the exact quantity of each ingredient. Avoid such products as it’ll be impossible for you to determine whether you’re consuming a certain ingredient in safe amounts or not.

Additionally, cycle your pre-workouts and T-boosters on and off. Otherwise, your body will get used to them and you’ll stop seeing their positive effects.

Most importantly, never rely on such products completely. Make sure that you’re eating healthy food that can naturally improve your testosterone and energy levels. As mentioned, you can consume most of the ingredients these supplements contain, through healthy food sources. Good eating habits will also help you avoid the common health problems associated with unhealthy junk food such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

Benefits of Testosterone Boosters and Pre-Workout Supplements

Combining both of these types of supplements can offer a lot of benefits if they don’t have ingredients that can interact with each other. In fact, they can also have a synergistic impact, helping each other in becoming even more effective!

The main purpose of combining these two types of supplements is to enhance one’s fitness levels. Pre-workouts are used as an instant way to increase energy while also improving short-term muscular strength and recuperation. It allows your body to work more for a longer period of time without damaging your muscles beyond repair.

T-enhancing boosters bring long-term health benefits. Pre-workouts will provide you with instant energy, but if your T levels are low, you’ll need more quantities of a pre-workout to perform resistance training for a long time. Using T boosters will help you gradually restore your male sex hormone levels to where they should be in order to get the most out of your pre-workout supplements.

Taking T boosters just before going to bed and consuming a pre-workout about two hours before your workout session is the best way to combine these two supplements. This way you’ll have enough energy to perform optimally in the gym and your T levels will gradually increase to improve your overall strength and stamina. Not only will it help you build more muscle mass but it’ll also allow you to achieve your fitness in the shortest possible time.

Final Words

Taking testosterone boosters and pre-workout together is possible but it’s important to check their ingredients before combining them. It’ll help you ensure that you’re consuming nutrients these supplements offer in safe amounts. After all, you want to take these supplements to achieve your fitness goals rather than affecting your health negatively.