D-BAL vs TestoGen (Which One You Should Use)

Do you want to boost your testosterone levels? Testogen and D-Bal are two supplemental products that promise to do this. 

But what makes them different, and which one is better? Keep reading to find out. 

TestoGen is designed to help naturally increase testosterone levels & reverse the symptoms of low T. While D-bal is a natural supplement substitute for the steroid Dianabol. It is designed to help specifically with muscle building & bulking.

TestoGen vs D-BAL Comparison at a Glance

Use TestoGen to:

testogen testosterone booster
  • Increase free testosterone levels & reverse the symptoms of low testosterone.
  • Increase libido
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve workout performance including muscle growth and fat loss.

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Use D-Bal for:

  • Bodybuilding & bulking
  • Fast muscle gains
  • Increased strength
  • Reduced muscle soreness

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Ingredients Comparison    

Let’s compare the ingredients in the two supplements. 


Testogen claims to have a completely transparent formula, with their ingredients being 100% safe and natural.  

There are 11 ingredients in the product overall, and a few of the key ones are outlined below. 

D-Aspartic Acid 

This is an amino acid that has been found to promote production of the luteinizing hormone. This hormone is responsible for stimulating Leydig cells in the testes, which leads to the production of testosterone.  

Therefore, by increasing levels of luteinising hormone, D-aspartic acid can help to elevate testosterone production and keep levels of the sex hormone high. 

This is backed by scientific evidence, with one study finding that 12 days of D-aspartic acid supplementation can lead to a 42% increase in testosterone. 

Fenugreek Extract 

Fenugreek is believed to increase testosterone levels due to it containing compounds called furostanolic saponins. These are thought to inhibit the enzymes that are responsible for converting testosterone into oestrogen.  

Fenugreek has also been shown to boost energy, improve strength, increase libido, and elevate mood.  

Korean Red Ginseng Extract 

This is an herb that has been found to boost testosterone levels, and to be particularly good for increasing libido. 

Scientific research has found that Korean Red Ginseng Extract can increase libido by 29%, improve erectile dysfunction by 60%, and increase sexual satisfaction by 33%. How amazing is that?! 

Nettle Leaf Extract 4:1  

The roots of stinging nettles contain a compound called ligans, and they are known for preventing the binding of sex hormone binding globulin, SHBG, to testosterone.  

When SHBG binds to testosterone, your body becomes unable to use that testosterone, reducing levels of useful sex hormone in the body.  

Therefore, by preventing SHBG from binding, nettle leaf extract allows there to be higher levels of free testosterone circulating in your body. 

Scientific studies have found that nettle leaf extract can lead to a 67% reduction in the binding of SHBG to testosterone. 



Isoleucine has been found to be key for providing energy to muscle tissue, helping to enhance muscle growth, strength, and endurance through its ability to raise testosterone and lower cortisol levels. 


This herb is an adaptogen, which means that it is able to help your body deal with stress and anxiety. Due to this, and its ability to reduce cortisol, it is believed that the herb can increase levels of testosterone in people who are highly stressed. 

One study found that daily supplementation of ashwagandha for 3 months led to an increase in testosterone levels of up to 22%. Furthermore, the partners of 14% of the male participants became pregnant after the study, suggesting the herb can increase fertility. 

Suma Root Concentrated Extract 2:1  

Suma root is a plant that, like ashwagandha, is an adaptogen. It has been found to help boost energy, reduce stress, and ease pain. 

Studies have shown the plant’s ability to boost testosterone, increase libido and sperm production, and treat erectile dysfunction.  


Neither product comes out on top here. 

Both supplements contain natural, top-quality ingredients that are backed by research. 

Safety and Potential Side Effects 

It’s important to be aware of potential side effects of any supplements you take. 


There are no known side effects of Testogen. However, there is the chance that people can have an allergic reaction to the supplement.  

There is the risk of side effects such as indigestion, headaches, and nausea, but these are very rare. 

If you do experience any adverse reaction to this supplement, then you should consult your doctor. 


The manufacturers of D-Bal claim that the product is made from 100% natural, legal ingredients, which therefore suggests there is no need to worry about its safety. 

Customers who have used the product have said how they haven’t experienced any side effects, even after taking the supplement every day for a prolonged period. 

Some rare side effects that you might experience are an upset stomach or headaches. 


There is no winner in this category. 

Neither product appears to have any major side effects at all, and any that have been reported are very rare. 

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Customer Results 

Are these boosters too good to be true? Let’s take a look at some real life experiences to see if these supplements really work. 


From looking at the customer reviews it was clear that one of the main results of Testogen is that it boosts energy levels, reduces recovery time between workouts, reduces muscle soreness, and improves muscle tone. 

Customers have said how it has helped to improve their quality of life after just a short amount of time taking the supplement. 

People said their confidence increased and they were able to train a lot more than before. 

There weren’t many negative reviews on Testogen at all, however the few that we did find were from customers who reported not noticing any difference from the supplement. 


There was a wealth of positive reviews on D-Bal, with numerous comments saying how customers started seeing results extremely quickly.  

It was clear that one of the common results was improved strength, and that this supplement is ideal for those wanting to gain and build muscle mass. 

Showing its amazing effects, one customer said how they were able to bench press 5lbs extra and deadlift 10lbs extra in weight after just a week of taking D-Bal. 


D-Bal narrowly takes the lead when it comes to customer results. 

There were more reports found of Testogen not working for some customers than there were for D-Bal.  

Furthermore, there was an overwhelming number of comments on how quickly people saw results from D-Bal. 

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Manufacturing and Brand 

Who manufactures these two supplements? Are they reliable? Let’s take a look. 


Testogen is manufactured and supplied by Muscle Club Limited in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

The product itself, and the facilities it is manufactured in, are FDA approved. This helps assure safety and quality.  

The company also assures that Testogen is 100% free from chemicals, filler, gluten, soy, dairy, and genetic modification. 


D-Bal is manufactured by Wolfson Brands Limited, based in the UK, and they ensure that they only use potent, pure, and safe ingredients. 

The manufacturing facilities and the formula of D-Bal are FDA approved, which gives confidence in the quality and safety of the product. 


Neither product wins in this category. 

Both Testogen and D-Bal are FDA approved, manufactured in FDA approved facilities. 

Price and Value for Money 

How much will each of the products set you back? Let’s take a look. 


A one month supply of Testogen costs $59.99, and you can get a discount by bulk ordering 3- or 5-months’ worth of Testogen at a time. 

So, for 3 months of Testogen it will cost $119.99, and 5 months will cost you $179.99 if bought at once. 

If you order at least two items, then you will also get free shipping and a 100-day return policy. 

Testogen offers bundles where you can get workout guides, recipe eBooks, and videos with your orders. 


A one month’s supply of D-Bal costs $59.99. 

Alternatively, you can buy two bottles at once, and get an extra bottle for free! This would cost you $119.98 overall. 

When you order with D-Bal you get a 14-day guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the product then you can return it within this time and get a full refund.  

Whilst this may not seem like very long, D-Bal claims that you will see results within 2 weeks. Therefore, if all is well, you should see changes before the 14-day window is up.  


Testogen takes the win in this category. 

Whilst the cost is almost identical for the two products, Testogen offers the additional feature of bundles with helpful eBooks to allow you to get the most out of your supplements. Their return window is also much longer. 

Pros and Cons 



  • Side effects are rare 
  • Manufactured in FDA-approved facilities 
  • Bundles with helpful eBooks 
  • 100-day return policy 
  • Increases stamina and energy 
  • Increases libido 
  • FDA approved 


  • Some people haven’t seen results 
  • Can be expensive 



  • FDA approved 
  • Great for bodybuilders 
  • Very quick results 
  • Great customer reviews 
  • Boosts energy 


  • Can be expensive 
  • Small return window 

D-BAL vs TestoGen – Final Verdict 

There is no overall winner when it comes to the Testogen vs D-Bal battle, as they both seem to be extremely impressive and effective supplements for boosting testosterone. 

The question of which one is better is all about preference and your personal goals. 

If you’re wanting to see huge gains in the gym very quickly, building muscle mass and improving strength, then D-Bal is the supplement for you.  

Testogen, on the other hand, is more of an every-day supplement. It will promote high, healthy levels of testosterone in the long-term when taken consistently, to help you reap amazing benefits such as improved sexual performance and increased energy.