EVENA DEEPVU® – Visionary Technology For A Cloud-Based World Acts as your GPS for precision IV placement.

DeepVu ultrasound for all medical practitioners. DeepVu is an affordable, apps based ultrasound system that is easy to learn and use that dramatically increases the viewing capability of the user by multiple degrees of magnitude.

Whereas the MultiSpectral Light viewing capability of the Owl is from the skin surface to 15mm deep (an optimal depth for superficial peripheral vein visualization), the DeepVu bedside ultrasound device “sees” deeper,  beginning at the skin’s surface and ranging as deep as 100 mm.

The DeepVu of Accessibility

DeepVu’s ultrasound capability provides medical practitioners an affordable, easy to learn and use powerful alternative to other more expensive and complicated ultrasound equipment presently on the market.

An ultrasound system specially designed for new users of ultrasound technology including nurses, medics, and primary care medical practitioners to name a few.

  • Anywhere, Anytime — Connects to Evena Owl for Clamp-Anywhere convenience; or connects to Evena Eyes-On Glasses for Wear-Everywhere agility.
  • Ultrasound Made Simple — Auto Scan mode. Save, send, and print images. Built in measurements, calculations, and patient reports.
  • Outstanding Image Quality — Fully digital B mode; 256 shades of gray scale. Real-time, 12 frames per second.
  • Affordable — A fraction of the cost of other ultrasound systems.

Easy to learn and use, affordable apps based ultrasound of multiple wavelengths for an amazing array of medical applications. For example, nursing IV access, medic IV access and eFAST exams, primary care emergency medicine applications as well as primary care office applications such as ob-gyn, and musculoskeletal evaluations to name just a few.

Note: not all products available in all markets. Evena Owl-2 is FDA & CFDA Listed for vascular imaging.

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