EVL Test vs TestoGen (Our Top Pick)

With all the quality testosterone boosters on the market right now, determining the best of the lot can be a rigorous task. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. In this article, we’ll be comparing two top-of-the-line testosterone boosters – TestoGen and EVL Test.

Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results. 

TestoGen vs EVL Test (The Quick Version)  

If you don’t mind shelling out a few more bucks for a better testosterone booster, then go for TestoGen without thinking twice. 

You should also go for TestoGen if you’re a bulk buyer. There are several discount options for customers purchasing more than one pack, which will reduce the supplement’s price extensively.  

If you’d like a good testosterone booster that would not put a massive hole in your wallet, then EVL Test is the one for you. It is cheap and affordable with a decent ingredient profile.  

Ingredients Comparison 

Since both supplements are testosterone boosters, overlap in some of their ingredients is natural. The small difference in the listed ingredients is what will help us briefly compare the composition and benefits of TestoGen and EVL Test. 

Common Ingredients of TestoGen and EVL Test 

D-Aspartic Acid – This substance is highly effective in boosting testosterone levels in men. It is useful for creating luteinizing hormones (LH) by causing chemical reactions in the brain. 

This hormone acts as a precursor to the body’s growth hormones and testosterone. 

Fenugreek – Fenugreek is a natural herb found in western Asia and southern Europe. This herb is effective in increasing libido and also has t-boosting benefits. 

Fenugreek makes you feel less hungry, thereby helping you in maintaining calorie deficit and weight loss. Other benefits of the herb include improved sugar and cholesterol levels. 

Zinc Gluconate – Zinc is an excellent mineral for enhancing testosterone production in your body. However, it is worth knowing that excess zinc consumption can be harmful as your body can tolerate up to 40mg of zinc per day. 

Zinc affects the body’s aromatase enzymes, which is a chemical that converts testosterone into estrogen. Lower estrogen levels result in an increase in testosterone levels.  

Improvements in sperm volume and motility, increase in sex drive, fertility and potency are some of the benefits of Zinc. 

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a prohormone, a forerunner of a hormone. Your body cannot create Vitamin D naturally, so you’ll have to obtain it from external sources. 

Studies have concluded that long-term consumption of Vitamin D can cause a massive increase in testosterone production. 

Vitamin B6 – Similar to Vitamin D, the body does not produce vitamin B6 naturally. This vitamin facilitates liver detoxification, hair loss prevention, and better cognitive functions. 

Vitamin B6 helps your body to extract and save energy from carbohydrates and protein obtained from food. It also plays an active role in hemoglobin formation. 

Magnesium – It is a kind of salt that plays an essential role in the smooth functioning of body processes. It is used in T-boosters as it can help improve your workout sessions by increasing energy levels, strengthening the bone, and speeding up muscle recovery. 

Distinct ingredients in TestoGen 

Ginseng – Another natural ingredient that is effective in enhancing power levels. The aphrodisiac plant is widely used in T-booster supplements as it increases testosterone and sex drive. 

Bioperine– It is extracted from the fruits of black pepper. Bioperine interacts with the surface of our intestinal tract and enhances mineral and vitamin absorption. 

Nettle Fallen Leave Extract – Nettle leaf participates in a more complex function. It binds itself to a protein called SHGB, the same protein bound by testosterone. 

Nettle leaf doesn’t allow testosterone to bind itself to the same protein, leaving it ineffective. Testosterone that is unable to bind then gets distributed into the system thereby improving physical functions. 

Boron – Studies have suggested that consumption of boron, even in small quantities, can boost testosterone levels. This is because boron increases testosterone metabolism, enhancing the conversion of total testosterone into free testosterone. 

Distinct ingredients in EVL Test 

Tribulus Terrestris – This ingredient does not increase testosterone at all. All it does is increase the sex drive of the person consuming it, giving them a feeling of the T-booster working. 

Nevertheless, it is helpful in improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels, treating kidney stones and sexual dysfunctions. 

Diindolylmethane – Found in vegetables such as kale and broccoli, this natural substance brings changes in metabolism and estrogen levels, thereby promoting weight loss and detoxification. 

Limited research has been done on diindolylmethane. The substance also helps in preventing certain hormone dependent cancers. 

Ingredients Verdict 

Although both T-boosters have the same core ingredients, EVL Test lags behind on the basis of quantity of dosage, as the quantity of ingredients in each dosage is relatively less. 

TestoGen has taken things up a notch with exclusive quality ingredients such as ginseng and nettle leaf extract, while EVL Test comprise of Tribulus and diindolylmethane two substances that do not really boost testosterone production. 

Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results. 

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Safety & Potential Side Effects  

Both supplements have reported no side effects as they are comprised of natural ingredients that are not harmful to the body. However, you may be allergic to any of the listed ingredients, which may cause an allergic reaction. Do check the ingredients before consuming them. 

However, your body may take some to get used to these supplements and initial headaches, nausea, and an upset stomach is common. 

TestoGen and EVL Tests are both manufactured in FDA approved facilities. Based on safety, these T-boosters fare the same. 

Customer Results 


TestoGen has a consumer review rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The reviews are generally positive, with consumers experiencing an increase in their energy levels, performance and libido. 

However, few consumers have complained about not feeling any difference even after a month of taking TestoGen. 

Some consumers bought TestoGen for the second time after benefiting from their first box of TestoGen but got disappointed later on as the product didn’t give the same output and felt like a duplicate. 

EVL Test 

With a consumer review rating of 4 stars, EVL Test has received great reviews from its consumers. Consumers experienced higher energy levels, increased strength, and sex drive. 

The majority of consumer reviews are positive. However, some consumers suffered from major side effects such as sleeplessness, racing heartbeat, headaches and nausea. 

Other consumers complained about bad packaging and broken lids. 


Overall, reviews of both the supplements are similar. However, the side effects faced by consumers of EVL Test are significantly more than side effects faced by consumers of TestoGen. For this reason, TestoGen wins this round. 

Manufacturing and Branding 

TestoGen is manufactured by a firm called MuscleClub Limited, which is headquartered in Nottingham, UK. It is an FDA approved product which was first launched in 2014. It considers its target audience to be men aging 35 years or above. 

EVL Test is manufactured by Evolution Nutrition, a firm that focuses entirely on building health and performance products. EVL Test has been one of their most profitable products so far. 

Price and Value for Money 

When it comes to price, EVL Test is way cheaper than TestoGen. You can buy a month’s supply of EVL Test at a discounted rate of $34.99 whereas the same quantity of TestoGen will cost you $59.99, roughly double the price. 

But here’s the catch: TestoGen prices per box will significantly reduce if you buy it in bulk. You’ll also be given a 100 Day Refund Assurance if you purchase it from their website. 

TestoGen has also availed offers such as buy three get one free. If you’re a first-time customer of TestoGen, you are eligible for a 20% discount and free shipping if you purchase from their website. 

If you’d like to buy a single box, then EVL will be more valuable for money. But if you’re a bulk buyer, all the discounts and offers combined can reduce the price of TestoGen. 

Pros & Cons  



  • Improves sex drive 
  • Boosts physical and sexual performance 
  • Helps reduce stress level 
  • 100-day money back assurance 
  • Several discounts when buying in larger quantity 
  • Quality ingredients 


  • Very costly to buy a single box 
  • Not very effective in short term 

EVL Test 


  • Boosts testosterone levels 
  • Higher energy and strength 
  • Highly economical 
  • Reduces estrogen levels 
  • Faster muscle recovery 


  • Comprises of basic T-booster ingredients 
  • Quantity of every ingredient is less 

EVL Test vs TestoGen – Final Thoughts 

TestoGen has fared better than EVL Test in all the comparative categories other than price. TestoGen offers the best formula with natural quality ingredients having no side effects. 

TestoGen may cost you more than EVL Test but keep in mind that they do offer a bang for the buck with the best T-booster composition. 

If you buy in bulk and avail the various discounts and offers on their website, you may be able to save a solid amount on this supplement, and the final amount may end up being very close to that of EVL Test. 

The best part of choosing TestoGen is the 100-day refund guarantee. If you regret buying the supplement in bulk, you can return it and receive a full refund under the 100-day money back guarantee program. 

Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results.