Exploring the Connection Between Boosting Testosterone and Mood

Testosterone is a hormone that can exert an influence on brain function, mental health, and mood swings. If you have been feeling down lately because of low sex drive, loss of muscle mass, or increased body fat, one reason for this may be decreased testosterone levels. 

Boosting the levels of testosterone and mood enhancement are proven to be closely connected in regards to males.

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How Testosterone Boosters Improve Mood

Feeling energized and developing a positive mindset can often result from using testosterone boosters. They are proven to increase the serotonin and dopamine levels in your body. This lowers the levels of depression and increases the levels of happiness.

Are Low Testosterone and Mood Swings Connected?

Many people suffering from low testosterone levels have reported that their mood shifts very rapidly. You may feel happy at one moment and, in the next minute, find yourself experiencing depression and anger. This can cause confusion and a decline in brain function.

This is because a lack of sufficient testosterone in the male body can cause an increase in a hormone that causes stress called cortisol. This way, the body goes through a hormonal imbalance that negatively affects mental health.

Oftentimes, these people will be given testosterone replacement therapy. However, researchers have shown that natural testosterone boosters work better for mood improvement and providing energy. These include vitamins such as B6 and B12 and minerals like zinc and magnesium.


The symptoms of depression in men can be seen through their unwillingness to do anything productive and not feeling joy from something that used to make them happy. That’s when the true connection between low testosterone and mood swings can be observed. 

When low testosterone is combined with a lack of exercise and a negative way of thinking about life and the future, the feelings of depression can become excessive.


Another way of connecting low testosterone and mood swings is by a man’s inability to control their emotions. They can lash out for no reason without thinking, proving that a lack of testosterone leads to unmanageable feelings of frustration and anger. 

Paired with low testosterone levels, the emotional state of aggression can be further amplified due to decreased sex drive.

Does Testosterone Help With Happiness?

Numerous studies have shown that using testosterone boosters has helped men with low testosterone levels feel happier. It is also proven that a hormone balance positively impacts mental health and helps with mood swings.


Serotonin is a transmitter in the neurological system that highly depends on testosterone. With the use of testosterone boosters, more polypeptides will be created and used to transfer serotonin to the cerebrum.

In addition to using testosterone boosters, implementing daily exercise and a healthy diet can significantly increase serotonin levels.


The ability to feel pleasure of any kind is oftentimes related to dopamine. This organic transmitter makes people feel good by entering their brains. When it is lacking in a male body, it can cause problems with libido.

Apart from using testosterone boosters, increased sexual activity and including more protein in your diet can help you increase dopamine levels.

Which Are the Best Testosterone Boosters for Improving Mood?

As previously mentioned, natural testosterone boosters can balance the relationship between testosterone and mood better than any supplements or therapy. Normal testosterone levels can be maintained by eating food containing vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Some of these foods include fatty fish that are rich in vitamin D, leafy greens containing a lot of magnesium, and eggs which are a source of protein.

Certain types of powdered supplements contain natural ingredients that are safe to use. Stay away from testosterone boosters having harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives.  

How Long Does It Take for Testosterone to Affect Mood?

Some people tend to get discouraged if they don’t see any results from using testosterone boosters after a few weeks. However, you must give your body enough time to react properly and process the supplements to increase testosterone levels.

Visible results of testosterone booster usage can be seen after three to five months. People who use testosterone boosters and exercise daily are less likely to struggle with low testosterone and mood swings.

Final Words

Male behavior can be changed due to the lack of enough testosterone in their bodies. Nevertheless, there are natural ways of boosting mood and testosterone levels. 

Utilizing a healthy diet and focusing on proper nutrition can be highly beneficial for men when it comes to increasing their low testosterone levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can testosterone improve confidence?

Since serotonin is the “happy hormone” that is proven to aid in raising testosterone levels, it also comes with building confidence. However, very high testosterone levels can turn this confidence into cockiness and a desire for dominance.

Does low testosterone cause anxiety?

Many different factors cause feelings of anxiety. One of these factors is low testosterone in the male body. If this hormonal instability is left untreated, the anxiety levels will only increase and worsen over time.