Finaflex Mass 550 Review (Results & Safety)

Just a few years ago, Finaflex mass 550 was one of the best supplements for rapidly increasing lean muscle mass. Skip forward a couple years, and today the formula is totally different than what it used to be.

This has caused some amount of frustration for past customers, who come back only to discover a revamped formula. But does Finaflex mass 550 still deliver the muscle gains past users were accustomed to? Join me as I conduct my unbiased Finaflex mass 550 review.

What Exactly Is Finaflex Mass 550?

Finaflex mass 550 is an all-natural supplement, which the manufacturer has put forward as an aide to help take your bodybuilding and fitness goals to a new level. The Finaflex mass 550 of today is markedly different from one you could have purchased a couple years ago, with it being very important that you are able to tell the difference and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Among The Claimed Benefits Of The New Finaflex Mass 550 Are:

  • Promoting lean muscle gains
  • Suppressing estrogen
  • Naturally boosting testosterone
  • Increasing the rate of protein synthesis
  • Although not explicitly stated, you are likely to notice your libido increase to some extent.

Pros Of The Supplement

  • Lean muscle gain without much water or fat retention is possible
  • Prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which is likely to result in more muscle gains
  • Affordably priced
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Drastic change from the previous formula is bound to mislead or disappoint a large proportion of potential customers

Who Is Finaflex Mass 550 For?

While in the past Finaflex Mass 550 was directed primarily towards hard-core bodybuilders who needed to put on immense amounts of muscle in the shortest time possible, today Finaflex Mass 550 appears to have changed direction completely.

This means that they have taken the approach of appeasing a larger audience, so that regardless of if you are in your 20s, a hard-core bodybuilder, or in your 40s and now trying to get in shape, there is a chance you can give Finaflex Mass 550 a go.

While this is great, it also means that you have to put a little extra scrutiny on its formula, as things geared towards too broad of an audience hardly ever work well.

While they do a good job of letting potential consumers know all of the ingredients contained within the supplement, they still employ a proprietary blend approach, revealing the total amount of ingredients contained in the formula.

In the case of Finaflex Mass 550, I was also much more critical of the dateline of consumer feedback, as there was bound to be a significant difference when analyzing reviews from five years ago, to more recent ones of about 1 to 2 years.

However, in the interest of making this unbiased Finaflex Mass 550 review relevant to this year, I will be focusing on more recent consumer testimonials.

With that in mind, it’s time we take a look at this new ingredient profile, and if it is likely to work for you based on scientific proof.

Finaflex Mass 550 Ingredients And Dosage

Each bottle of Finaflex Mass 550 contains 60 capsules, with the manufacturer advising you take two capsules one or two times daily with meals. I really dislike when manufacturers leave such a grey area when it comes to accurate dosing information, as they should not leave anything up to chance.

What this means is that a bottle may last you one month (30 days) or as little as 15 days, so you need to budget accordingly in the event you end up taking four capsules a day.

They also advise that you do not use mass 550 longer than 90 days without taking a break afterwards.

Let’s investigate the ingredients now and what they can do for you:

Finaflex Mass 550 consists of two proprietary blends, one of which is geared to increasing your testosterone, and based on my research, the other towards estrogen suppression.


Letrosterone is the proprietary blend that consists of two ingredients, Brassaiopsis glomerulata and olive pomace oil. These two ingredients collectively suppress estrogen production and increase protein uptake, at least according to the manufacturer. This is what I found:

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata

Brassaiopsis glomerulata is included in the formulation as a supposed aromatase inhibitor, even though evidence pointing to this is questionable. Indeed, it has been found to have anti-aromatase actions in vitro [1] (or in laboratory tests outside of living cells), but there is no evidence to support its use in animals or humans for this action.

Rather, it is used to treat pain and rheumatism in elderly folks afflicted by these conditions.

Olive Pomace Oil

The active constituent extracted from this oil is maslinic acid, which the manufacturer claims assists with protein uptake, and also has chemical structure closely resembling steroid hormones. It is also said to possess anabolic properties that increase muscle protein synthesis, and subsequent muscle growth.

However, based on my research none of this is true or supported by science. Maslinic acid possesses hypoglycemic action [2], which helps to remove excess glucose from the blood and may be useful in diabetic persons. However, drawing associations to assume this means increased protein uptake is a bit of a stretch, even though there is a small possibility.

Regardless, the claims are not supported by science, so this should be debunked as well. On a final note, many users of the product question the 70% concentration of the acid the supplement claims to have, when they opined that concentrations above 30% seem very unlikely to be extracted successfully.

The Testosterone Matrix

D-Aspartic Acid

In my opinion, D-Aspartic Acid is a staple ingredient in any testosterone boosting supplement that should be worth its weight. However, it also needs to include a dose studied and which is likely to deliver effect. In the case of Finaflex Mass 550, even though it has D-Aspartic Acid, the dose is extremely small.

Even though it does not clearly state the quantity, the proprietary blended testosterone matrix totals up to 550 mg, but also includes another ingredient. This is this is less than 20% of the 3g average that studies have found promote testosterone production [3].

Overall, the supplement fails once again due to the low concentration of this ingredient.


Fenugreek is included in testosterone boosting supplements, since it is able to inhibit the enzymes that break down testosterone, allowing more of it to remain unchanged in blood. It inhibits conversion to both estrogens and DHT, which may slightly improve the anabolic properties of the supplement.

Results From Users

Finaflex Mass 550 does not appear to be extremely well received, based on feedback found on large shopping portals, such as While it does appear to deliver some of the benefit, it is disappointing to hard-core athletes who expect more from the Finaflex brand.

While it is always commendable to post before and after transformations, it is really difficult for me to notice much of a difference here. I cannot judge anything significant from these poses, maybe due to differences in poses selected.

Finaflex Mass 550 Side Effects

After searching the internet, I couldn’t particularly find mentions of side effects. This is good, as it means that it is well tolerated by most of the people that use it. This is a great selling point for an all-natural supplement.

But on the other hand, the logical side of me wants to think it is probably because of sub-therapeutic doses that make it difficult to analyze the benefit/ risk ratio of the supplement.

Summary – Does Finaflex Mass 550 Really Work?

Based on my findings, Finaflex Mass 550 is only likely to be minimally effective, or helpful to persons who are new to working out and elated about the smallest gains made.

The actual dosage of ingredients included is very small; in some instances too small to make a noticeable difference. Time would have been better spend increasing the D-Aspartic acid dose, making it at a minimum a fool-proof legitimate testosterone booster.

There is no doubt, its past formulation was a beast- a prohormone compound to be exact. Users responded like gangbusters to this version, and the Finaflex brand was held in extremely high regard. Today, its following has dwindled and overall it is difficult to develop a heavily favorable response to the product.

It isn’t priced too badly, so if you’re new to testosterone boosters/ natural muscle builders, give it a shot and see what happens. If you’ve used stronger supplements before, it makes no sense to use this as you will be disappointed.

Where To Buy Finaflex Mass 550?

Depending on where you purchase yours from, the price can range from $32.95, up to $89.99. There are a number of vendors where you can find the supplement, such as, the official Finaflex website and smaller vendors.