Forzaone 1XD Review: Does It Really Work? (+Pros & Cons)

In a vast sea of testosterone boosters, you are very likely to drown when trying to make a choice. There are good ones out there, but if you want to find them, it requires that you first wade through a sea of snake oil.

Will Forzaone 1XD pass its trial? Or will it sink to the bottom like so many other testosterone boosters before it? Join me as I conduct my Forzaone 1XD review and see if it lives up to the hype.

Quick Run-Down of My Findings:

Forzaone is Ok but not great. It does have D-aspartic acid, which is a massive plus for me. However, it lacks some other essential ingredients, such as Vitamin D and Zinc.

It might do something for you, but there are much better boosters out there.

Personally, my current favorite is TestoPrime. I recently started using TestoPrime, and I’m seeing some great results. Learn more about TestoPrime here.

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What Exactly Is Forzaone 1xd?

If you have been active in the gym most of your adult life but now feel like you aren’t getting the results that you should be, it is very possible that you are the victim of diminishing testosterone levels. However, don’t be afraid, as this is something all men go through, even though some go through it well before others. 

This is where Forzaone 1XD claims much of its effects lie. Forzaone 1XD is an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement, which the manufacturers claim can help you increase your testosterone levels by up to 42%. 

What’s much more interesting about this claim is the fact that the manufacturer states that this can happen to you in just 12 days. The natural skeptic in me just had to find out how true this was, based on its ingredient profile. 

Among its claimed benefits are: 

  • Increasing libido
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Increasing testosterone levels by 42%, and luteinizing hormone levels by 33%, both over the course of just 12 days
  • Allowing for enhanced rates of muscle protein synthesis
  • Reduced pain following your workout

Pros Of The Supplement 

  • Reasonably priced for a one-month supply 
  • Contains a wide spectrum of ingredients 
  • All-natural formula does not expose the body to dangerous synthetic chemicals


  • Not a whole lot of consumer testimonials were found on the Internet
  • Unlikely to deliver all that it promises in just 12 days
  • Proprietary blend approach to listing ingredients is not in the best interest of building consumer trust
  • Difficult to purchase online; appears available at select Nutrishop locations only.
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Who Is Forzaone 1xd For?

If you are a man over the age of 30, it is not uncommon to start looking around for ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels. Forzaone 1XD can help you increase your testosterone levels safely and naturally, at least according to the manufacturer. 

Suppose you notice a diminishing sex drive or low energy levels when in the past this was not an issue or other problems such as increased fat retention or muscle loss. In that case, chances are high that you could do with a little natural testosterone elevation. 

But before settling on Forzaone 1XD, you should exercise due diligence. For example, how is the product perceived by consumers that have used it in the past? A product with a shady reputation online, where anyone can post a review, is a strong indicator that the product may not live up to all its claims. 

In addition to this, and arguably more important, is what it contains. If someone sold you a product containing just sodium chloride (which is common table salt) and claimed that it could get you shredded and lean after just weeks of use, you would be silly to blindly accept these words as gospel. 

At the minimum, the list of all ingredients contained within the supplement should be highly visible. In addition to this, it is preferable for the exact amount of each extract to be clearly listed as well. However, due to manufacturers wishing to keep the nature of their exact dosing secret, they often opt for proprietary blends that do not require an explicit listing of the quantities used. 

Though less than ideal, often times we as consumers end up settling for these products. 

Forzaone 1xd Ingredients And Dosage

Now comes the fun part; analyzing each of the ingredients found in Forzaone 1XD and checking if they live up to their reputation when put to the test against science. 

To start off with, Forzaone 1XD requires a massive five capsules to be taken over the course of the day as follows; one in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evenings. Each dose should be taken with food in order to enhance its absorption. 

For best results, it is advised to consume a three-bottle cycle of the product before making judgments about the efficacy of the product. The manufacturer also advises that after the initial three months of use, it should be discontinued for at least four more months before running another cycle. 

Now on to the actual ingredients: 

D-Aspartic Acid 

If you have read my previous reviews before, you would have seen that D-Aspartic Acid is my number one recommendation when buying any testosterone booster. Out of all the natural ingredients there are, this one stands head and shoulders above all the rest. 

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that has been proven to increase testosterone levels in a clear and reproducible manner. D-Aspartic Acid has been studied in animals and humans and has been found to increase circulating levels of luteinizing hormone and, subsequently, testosterone synthesis [1]. 

It has been used successfully for the treatment of male infertility, where after just 20 days of consecutive use resulted in an average increase of 51% in sperm motility and in over 80% of subjects enrolled in the study. 

What’s more impressive is the fact that D-Aspartic Acid is rarely associated with adverse effects, making it a necessary staple if you are serious about increasing your testosterone levels. Forzaone 1XD also contains more D-Aspartic Acid (3.1 g) than many competing products on the market, making it clear that it means business. 

Tribulus Terrestris 

The Godfather of all testosterone boosting supplements, there was a time when Tribulus Terrestris was considered the gold standard. However, that time is long gone, as today, Tribulus Terrestris shows little to no real use for increasing testosterone. 

Given it deserves a little credit under a particular set of circumstances. It may be able to help hypogonadal men who fall within a specific age group and are in poor physical health. If you fall out of this category or consider yourself even reasonably fit, Tribulus Terrestris is likely to do nothing for you. 

Massularia Acuminata 

Massularia acuminata is the new kid on the block, so new in fact that you have likely never heard of it. It has a history with the Yoruba tribes of Nigeria, where it is used as a traditional aphrodisiac and chewing stick to improve oral health. 

Preliminary studies carried out on rodents show that it does have testosterone boosting effects [2], but a very narrow therapeutic window. This means that the risk of overdose is high unless the dosage administered is closely monitored. Bear in mind, there is no evidence of a safe human dosage as yet, so I would be careful of this one if I were you. 


Fenugreek is used as a spice and traditional culinary ingredient in many parts of the world but also holds modest potential in improving overall testosterone levels. 

While it will not significantly increase testosterone synthesis in the manner D-Aspartic Acid would, it can support healthy levels from the shadows.

This includes both aromatase and 5-AR inhibition, meaning that more testosterone remains unchanged in the blood. This is a good and bad thing, as testosterone itself will increase the rate of muscle gain, but by inhibiting its conversion to DHT, sex drive will be reduced. 

Other studies have found that fenugreek supplementation helps preserve testosterone function, but I’m not sold on since testosterone could very well be preserved without an influence from fenugreek. 


This is a nutritionally dense organic tar-like material obtained from the Himalayas, believed to be plant compost over millions of years. It is rich in Fulvic acid, which acts like black pepper extract, to improve the absorption of other ingredients significantly. 

It also possesses its own inherent ability to significantly increase testosterone levels [4], probably due to its super high nutritional content, which includes the important micro-mineral zinc. 

Eurycoma Longifolia 

Better known as Tongkat Ali, or even long Jack, Eurycoma Longifolia is a moderately effective standalone testosterone booster. Some Studies have found it to be very effective, while orders have disproved this. 

All in all, when combined with other proven ingredients, it seems to pull its weight fairly well. One study found that it was effective in treating low testosterone levels in aging men[5], while another found that it increased semen parameters (and sexual function)[6], but without directly increasing testosterone. What this means is that it probably won’t work for everyone, but has the potential to help some men. 

Pfaffia Paniculata 

Pfaffia Paniculata (AKA Suma Root, I don’t know why manufacturers love to make things technical haha), shows great promise as a testosterone booster and has strong anabolic potential. While many studies have been conducted on Suma Root, it is important to note that not a lot has been done on humans. 

Regardless, it could indeed be the next major breakthrough in natural testosterone elevation and muscle building since D-Aspartic Acid. Amongst its findings were increased libido, increased red blood cell synthesis (likely due to increased androgens) [7], enhanced blood flow, and in one study conducted on men, an increased sense of well-being [8]. 

Lepidium Meyeni 

Also known as MACA, Peruvian ginseng, or horny goat weed, this is not considered a testosterone booster, but rather a natural phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor. This is the same category of products Viagra falls into, offering you a little insight into what it does. 

Yes, sexual vigor and performance [9] are likely to go up thanks to the addition of this herb, but it will not increase testosterone. 

Agaricus Bisporus 

Also known as white button mushrooms, these seem to have anti-aromatase activity, as found in a study [10]. This effect can help to keep testosterone levels higher for conversion into DHT preferentially or in an unchanged state. 

Pros and Cons of Forzaone 1XD

Forzaone is very reasonably priced at $ 69.99 USD for 120 capsules. These boosters should be taken up to 5 times a day between meal times, so this supply should last you up to a month. 

If you want to try it out, there are smaller bottles for a lesser price so you don’t have to commit to a whole month before you know whether you like it or not!
The ingredients are listed as blends, which could sow some doubt in consumers’ minds. A clear listing of ingredients would help to build trust among customers. 
Contains a wide spectrum of ingredients, including 3.12 grams of Sodium D-Aspartic Acid, which is an amino acid credited with regulating hormones. 

It also contains fenugreek seeds and tribulus terrestris, both natural ingredients linked to testosterone production. 
Difficult to purchase online, as it is only available in certain locations through certain retailers such as Nutrishop. 

Less accessibility means that the supplement is not as widely available, and therefore not as many people can try it out. 
Forzaone 1XD has an all-natural formula, meaning there are few risks of side effects for synthetic materials and chemicals. 
It’s already enough to worry about testosterone production, let alone what chemicals you might be putting in your body!
There aren’t many testimonials or reviews online, meaning that there aren’t many user-generated reviews that share real experiences with the supplement. 

This means that the claims the brand makes about its own supplement are the only ones to go off. 
The supplement claims to work in just 12 days, which is simply unlikely. 

Hormone boosters and regulators take time to kick in, so don’t expect true, visible results until at least a month or two have passed.

Results From Users

The results are limited when looking for real-world user experiences with Forzaone 1ZD. 

As mentioned in our pros and cons table above, there just aren’t a ton of reviews online, – which isn’t great for consumer trust! However, it could just mean that people aren’t writing about it. 

From what we did find, here is a good, and a not-so-good review to help give you some different perspectives on the testosterone booster. 

Good Review 

On a bodybuilding forum, users can ask questions and compare supplements and results. One user said this about Forzaone 1XD: 

“Yes it works. I’m using the cell shock anabolic trifecta which includes hgh-191 which is a nighttime recovery drink and helps increase test. All that stacked with 1-xd has been huge boosts in my testosterone and libido I’ve noticed. My strength and muscle gains have shown improvement in just one week alone. I plan to be on this stack for a month and see where it goes, but so far I’m very happy with the results.”

Read the full forum conversation here.

Not-so-good Review

When asking for advice on JustAnswer Health, one consumer got some advice from a medical professional that seems less than ideal. DrRussMD, a verified professional, posted this: 

“This product appears to be a scam as far as I can tell and a waste of money. They only list one of the ingredients and claim a study that is not peer-reviewed or even available for review. The product is not evaluated or regulated by the FDA. Also, you have no way of knowing what is in it, or what the ultimate effects will be.”

Read the full conversation here.

Forzaone 1XD Side Effects

Instances of adverse effects resulting from Forzaone 1XD use were not readily available on the internet. 

Being an all-natural supplement, it is much safer than average. The only adverse effect I found related to acne, which is to be expected to an extent if something results in increased testosterone levels. 

Disclaimer: Before taking any supplement claiming to support and boost hormones such as testosterone, it is important to consult a doctor or medical professional!

Everybody is different, so you can never be too sure how you will react. There could be a multitude of reasons as to why you aren’t building muscle how you would like, or if your libido is down. 

Although Forzaone 1XD is a chemical-free, natural formula, testosterone boosters in any form could be exactly the wrong thing for you to take. You won’t know unless you consult a healthcare professional. Stay safe!

Summary – Does Forzaone 1XD Really Work?

Based on its ingredient profile and the overall indication of being well-accepted by users, there is a good likelihood that Forzaone 1XD will work for you. 

The only major problem with Forzaone 1XD is the use of their proprietary blend approach. They reveal how much D-Aspartic acid is included, but the others are masked. This makes it clear that D-Aspartic acid is their main selling point, even though they have other good ingredients in the formula. 

Even though it does claim that you will see the massive increase stated in just 12 days (and there is a study to back that up), I truly believe that individual differences will mean that not everyone will see it that fast. But on that note, you will still see massive increases, but over a longer period of time. 

As for the price, it appears to vary around the $64 mark. Not as expensive as some less effective products, but still a bit on the costlier side. 

Where To Buy Forzaone 1 XD?

Buying online appears a bit of a problem, as I have found it to only be available at select Nutrishop locations. You may need to use a walk-in location to get yours. 

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