Does Ginger Increase Testosterone? (A Look at the Studies)

There has been some talk of ginger having the ability to boost testosterone levels. I wasn’t really convinced, so decided to take a look at the studies. Read more about that below.

Ginger is a super herb packed with bioactive compounds that offer myriad health benefits. The key compound is gingerol, which is responsible for most of its medicinal properties and is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Ginger and Testosterone Levels

Ginger is known to increase testosterone levels by increasing nitric oxide production and blood flow in the testicles. This signals the brain to produce more testosterone. Several studies have been conducted to understand the effects of ginger supplementation on testosterone levels.

However, it is important to note that most of the research has been conducted on rats. Here is a summary of some of these studies.

Animal studies

Study: effects of long and short-term treatment of aqueous extract of ginger on the male reproductive function of adult Sprague Dawley rats.

This study was conducted on 30 adult male rats. They were divided into treatment groups and a control group. The treatment groups received 200mg/kg of extracts for 4 and eight weeks respectively. At the end of the study, researchers observed:

• a significant increase in the body and testicular weights in the treated animals
• a duration dependent increase in serum testosterone level

Study: Effect of Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) on Sodium Arsenite- Induced Reproductive Toxicity in Male Rats

In this study, male rats were given 10 mg/kg /day sodium arsenite with or without aqueous ginger extract (500mg/kg BW/day) for 30 days. The weight of their reproductive organs, sperm count, motility, and morphology were assessed. Their Plasma testosterone, FSH and LH levels were also assayed.

At the end of study period, the researchers found that:
• Sodium arsenite treatment decreased the reproductive organs weight; sperm functions such as count and motility and normal morphology; and testosterone, FSH and LH levels.
• Co-administration of ginger extract with sodium arsenite was found to protect against a decrease in the reproductive organ weight and sperm functions. It also enhanced plasma reproductive hormones level and increased antioxidant activities.

Study: The effects of Ginger on spermatogenesis and sperm parameters of rat

For this study, 30 Wistar male rats were allocated to three groups-two test groups with ten rats each and a control group. The test groups received 50 and 100mg/kg/day ginger rhizome powder for 20 days.

At the end of the study period, it was found that:

• Serum total testosterones increased significantly in experimental group that received 100 mg/kg/day Ginger powder
• Sperm viability and motility in both test groups increased significantly

Human studies

Till date, only one human trial has been conducted to understand the effects of ginger supplementation on male fertility and testosterone levels. Although this study has its limitations, such as lack of a control group, nevertheless, the results are noteworthy.

Study: The effect of Ginger on semen parameters and serum FSH, LH & testosterone of infertile men

The study was conducted on 75 infertile men who were married for at least 2 years and had no children. The participants were treated with ginger for a period of 3 months, and semen analyses were carried out during the treatment period. Researchers found:

• increase in sperm count of infertile men by up to 16.2%
• increase in sperm motility of infertile men by up to 47.3%
• a significant increase in sperm viability and normal sperm morphology
• a significant increase in ejaculate volume
• significant increases in serum LH, FSH and testosterone levels

How to take Ginger – Dosage Guide

There are various ways in which you can include ginger in your diet. Ginger root can be added to any juice such as apple or lemon juice. You can also make ginger tea by boiling an inch of ginger in two cups of water. You can simply grate ginger into any food items that you prepare.

The easiest way to take ginger is in supplement form. It is available in powder form, and you can take the recommended dosage to enjoy its many benefits.


Ginger offers a wide range of proven health benefits. Studies have shown that ginger supplementation can help improve testosterone levels and reproductive health.

However, most of these studies have been conducted on rats. The only human study has some limitations: it has failed to specify the quantity of ginger used (and in which form) and no control group was used. Still, it can be safely consumed not only for its testosterone boosting properties, but also for the host of other health benefits it offers.

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