Happy Nurses Week

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We at Evena Medical want to wish all the hardworking under appreciated nurses out there a wonderful Nurses Week.
As a nurse myself, I know that the little perks that come our way this week really do make a difference. Sure we all need that paycheck but the real rewards are the recognition for a job well done. We have many thankless moments in the course of our day, times when it just seems you can’t make anyone happy, patients, doctors, and managers. We do our very best to stay on top of all the tasks that have to be accomplished by the end of the shift.

Here are just a few things a nurse must do in a typical shift, usually simultaneously.
Deliver all medications on time and without error.
Do skin checks every shift (“yes I need to see your butt again”).
Restart the IV for the second time on Alzheimer’s patient who pulled it out for the 3rd time.
Wait on hold for the doctor to get a diet order.
Discharge two patients, admit three.
Fill out the acuity report for the staffing office.
Try to convince the confused patient in room 314 that there really aren’t any spiders on the wall.
Hunt down Mr. Smith who left the floor to go outside for a smoke because the transporter is there to take him down for his CT scan.
Hold Mrs. Jones hand while she cries because she just got a bad diagnosis from her doctor.
Clean up the patient with C.Diff for the 8th time.
Put on and remove plastic isolation gowns 25 times in a day.
Turn all immobile patients every 2 hours.
Give additional insulin to Mr. Sweet for an elevated blood sugar of 235, most likely related to the empty Snickers wrapper you found in his room.
Wash hands, put on gloves, remove gloves, wash hands, go to next patient room, wash hands, put on gloves, remove gloves, wash hands and repeat.
Answer all call lights “immediately”.
Document all of the above.
And most important of all, Be HIPPA compliant.
YES, you are awesome! And you deserve that pen and cake!! Happy Nurses Week!!

From Darilyn Cole, RN and the staff of Evena Medical

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