Help is on the way…

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I love IV Team blog. How does she find all this relevant and important information? Just this morning I ran across this little study and know all to well how accurate it really is.

Patients are getting harder to stick all the time. This is due to many factors, to list a few, chronic health conditions requiring repeat ED visits and hospitalizations such as diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, then there are the cancer survivors who have undergone chemotherapy, the ever increasing number of intravenous drug users and well, let’s not even get into the obesity crisis.

As the study illustrates, delays in treatment are increasing for the ”difficult to stick” population. Not only does this delay treatment for that patient but it also slows care for others. The whole process bogs down as resources are drained just trying to gain IV access in one of these poor patients. With 23% of patients estimated to be in the moderately difficult category equaling a 15 minute delay each, the time adds up fast. If you have ever spent time in an Emergency Department, 15 minutes is an eternity. For every 15 minutes a nurse spends trying to gain IV access, another patient is waiting for something else, perhaps pain meds, a warm blanket or maybe discharge instructions. It’s a domino effect.

But fear not, help is on the way. Evena to the rescue!

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