High T Black vs Nugenix (Our Top Pick)

Nugenix and High T Black promise to do the same thing, which is to boost the levels of testosterone in the body. 

See the comparison of High T Black vs Nugenix:

Collating all the information and research we could find, we have made a side-by-side comparison of the two products to see which comes out on top. 

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Nugenix vs High T Black – Comparison at a Glance 

Here is a short summary of the key differences between Nugenix and High T Black. 

·      Use Nugenix if you want transparency with dosages and ingredients in the product 

·      Use Nugenix if you want more trustworthy customer reviews 

·      Use High T Black if you want your product made in GMP-certified facilities 

·      Use Nugenix if you want a product that there is more information on, including its side effects and the effectiveness of ingredients 

Ingredients Comparison    

Let’s have a look at the ingredients both products contain. 

Nugenix Ingredients 

Nugenix contains forms of Zinc, which is known to be one of the top minerals for boosting testosterone. 

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Zinc deficiency has been linked to low levels of testosterone, and it is thought that this is because zinc influences testosterone producing cells in the testes. 

One study found that when men took a 30mg zinc supplement daily, they showed an increase in free testosterone levels. 

Nugenix also contains L-Citrulline Malate, which is known to improve erectile function, and aid in the growth of muscles. 

Vitamin D is a key nutrient that has been said by science experts to be essential for male sexual function, and this is another ingredient found in Nugenix. 

High T Black Ingredients  

High T Black contains 600 mg of Fenugreek. This is found in many hormone supplements due to its ability to boost testosterone levels, as well as increase libido, and strength, and enhance sexual performance. This is supported by many studies. 

Like Nugenix, High T Black also contains L-Citrulline Malate, although it combines with Vaso6. This creates a dual synergistic nitric oxide pathway which leads to increased blood flow (essential for erections) and nutrient delivery. This also helps to improve performance (sexual and athletic).  

Another ingredient found in High T Back is Long Jack. This herb has been found to boost strength and increase sexual desire and libido, with one study showing how it led to increased testosterone levels in 90% of participants. 

Whilst all these ingredients appear to have significant impacts, it is missing some key testosterone boosting ingredients that other products, such as Nugenix, include. For example, it doesn’t contain ashwagandha or vitamin D. 


Nugenix is the winner for ingredients.  

The ingredients it contains are more well known for their ability to boost and support testosterone than those of High T Black.  

Furthermore, High T Black’s omission of ingredients is very concerning. 

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Safety and Potential Side Effects 

Everyone is unique and may react differently to supplements, and it is important to be aware of potential side effects. 

Nugenix Side Effects 

Side effects of Nugenix reported by customers include upset stomach, fast heartbeat, allergic reactions, and worsening of sleeping issues.  

There have also been cases of people’s blood thinning because of Nugenix, and it is possible that it could interact with medications for people who already suffer with this. 

High T Black Side Effects  

It has been known that High T Black can hide their ingredient dosages in some of their blends which means it’s difficult to know how safe it is truly.  

One side effect that could be experienced is the inclusion of fenugreek in the product. Fenugreek has been found to decrease DHT levels. Usually, testosterone is converted to DHT, but fenugreek blocks this to keep testosterone levels high.  

However, DHT is needed to work alongside testosterone for the health of males. The reduction in DHT caused could lead to an in balance in hormones. 

The lack of information found about the product, in general, doesn’t give a huge amount of confidence in knowing whether it has any side effects or not.  


Nugenix is the winner in this category.  

Whilst Nugenix does have side effects, at least the side effects are known. This means people can take the product based on an informed decision and knowing the risks.  

High T Black, on the other hand, gives little to no information on the side effects, creating risk for the customer.  

Customer Results 

What evidence is there of these boosters working? Well, let’s look at some real-life experiences from customers who have used the products. 


The official Nugenix site shows a wealth of customer results. 

It was clear from the reviews that many customers saw an increase in energy, and many said it helped them be more active and get into shape.  

Many also reported an improvement in sexual performance. 

There were, however, some negative comments about customers not seeing any changes after taking Nugenix, even after a few months. However, some said that they persevered and, after a while, started to see results. 

High T Black 

There are no customer reviews on the official High T Black website, which is a bit of a red flag. 

However, product reviews on amazon showed that 62% of customers were very happy with it, rating it five stars.  

The main result that customers experienced, as interpreted from the reviews, was that they saw a big increase in energy, with numerous people also saying it helped them to achieve their fitness goals. 

Furthermore, many customers said that they saw an improvement in their libido and sexual performance.  

However, there were a few comments on how unclear the dosage was. This is so important with supplements to avoid overdose. 

There were also many people saying how it didn’t work for them or that it was suitable for energy but not for boosting testosterone. 


This is a close call; however, Nugenix takes the lead due to the reviews being more trustworthy.  

The lack of reviews on the High T Black website is concerning and reduces confidence in the brand as a whole. 

Manufacturing and Brand 

Let’s have a look at who is responsible for making the two supplements and whether they are reliable or not. 


Nugenix is manufactured by Adaptive Health, LLC in Utah, USA. 

The company is well known, having made many science-backed health products in the past.   

However, Nugenix is not FDA-approved, and the FDA advises against such testosterone boosting products. However, the manufacturers state how all ingredients are naturally sourced. 

High T Black 

High T Black is based in Salt Lake City in Utah. 

The supplement is manufactured by KingFisher Media, which works under GMP guidelines which means that the products are consistently made and have top quality control standards. Furthermore, it means the risks in pharmaceutical production are minimized.  

The High T Black formulas are clinically backed and promise to only use potent active ingredients. 


High T Black won in this category. Their manufacturers make the product in GMP-approved facilities, whereas Nugenix does not have this certification.  

Price and Value for Money 

How much will each of the products set you back? Let’s take a look. 


The average price of Nugenix is between $50 and $70 a month. Not the most expensive, but not the cheapest.  

Nugenix has the great option of being able to return your product within 30 days if you are not happy, with a guarantee of a full refund. 

High T Black 

The average price for High T Black is between $50 and $60 for 38 servings, so it should last you about a month.  

This is cheaper than many testosterone boosting products out there, but not the cheapest. There have been a few comments on different sites and in some reviews that this product isn’t the best value for money. 

On Amazon, the shipping is free; however, there is a shipping fee if bought from the official site. Furthermore, when bought from Amazon, there is a 30-day return policy if you aren’t happy with your purchase.  


Nugenix takes the win here as, from our research, it appears to be considered better value for money than High T Black.  

Pros and Cons 



·      Positive reviews and results 

·      Considered good value for money 

·      Research to support effectiveness of ingredients 

·      30-day return policy 


·      Can be expensive 

·      Products are not FDA-approved 

·      Could interact with other medications 

·      Takes a while to see results, with some people not noticing any change 

High T Black 


·      Increases energy 

·      Increases motivation 

·      30-day return policy 

·      Made in GMP-certified facilities 


·      Hides ingredient doses 

·      Missing key testosterone boosting ingredients 

·      Lack of reviews on the official site 

·      Lack of information on side effects and product in general 

·      Not the best value for money 

·      Reports of ingredient labels not being complete 

Nugenix vs High T Black – Final Verdict 

Nugenix is the winner of this supplement battle.  

With more information available on the product, customers can better make an informed decision as to whether they should purchase the product than with High T Black.  

The lack of transparency on the label of High T Black and on their website makes it a difficult one to trust, which is an essential thing when it comes to supplements.  

You should know exactly what you are feeding your body. With Nugenix, you can have more confidence and reliability in the product and its ingredients. 

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