How To Use Ghee For Weight Loss

Cow ghee has long been a staple of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Western countries have recently begun to adopt this as well. And with good reason!

It’s not a new idea to use cow ghee to lose weight. Cow ghee has a fat content of 99 to 99.5 percent, with only 0.5 percent moisture. Carotene has a concentration of 3.2 to 7.4 mg/g; vitamin A has a concentration of 19 to 34 IU/g; cholesterol has a concentration of 302 to 362 mg/100g; tocopherol has a concentration of 26 to 48 mg/g, and free fatty acid has a concentration of just 2.8 percent. Cow ghee contains only 1% CLA, with palmitic and stearic acids dominating.

how to use ghee for weight loss

How To Use Ghee For Weight Loss

Ghee from cows for weight loss? Yes, you read that correctly. Now, we’re thinking about how to use cow ghee and whether it might help us lose weight. Let us acquire some facts and comprehend the principle behind cow ghee and weight loss before coming to any conclusions.

The common consensus is that fat should be avoided in the diet, yet there are some good fats. If you think fats are detrimental to your health, you’re wrong.

Pre-processed and packaged foods like pastries, crisps, processed meats like sausages, and other junk meals contain bad fats. Consuming unhealthy fats has a number of negative consequences, including clogged arteries, diabetes, weight gain, acne, and hair loss. According to Ayurveda, India’s ancient science, desi ghee is a nutrient reservoir.

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Ghee Is Known For Being Able To:

  • Reduce the amount of fat we carry around in our bodies.
  • Preventing the onset of arthritis and a heart attack are two of the most important things you can do.
  • Increase your digestive rate.
  • It can aid memory because it is strong in Omega-3.

Weight-Loss Advantages Of Ghee:

The short-chain fatty acids included in ghee help to enhance metabolism and digestion. One or two teaspoons of ghee at every meal aid in weight loss by improving digestion.

  • Ghee contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help us modify our bodies by lowering fat levels in them. Prevent serious ailments, including heart attacks and arthritis, caused by weight loss.
  • Ghee transforms stored fat cells into energy, which aids in weight loss.
  • Fat cells shrink as a result of the amino acids in desi ghee, resulting in weight loss.
  • Thyroid health: Ghee helps with vitamin D absorption, which keeps thyroid function in control and aids weight loss.

The effects of ghee on blood lipid levels and microsomal lipid peroxidation were investigated in 2010, with the following findings:

  • In a mouse model, dietary ghee (10%) taken for four weeks had no effect on total serum cholesterol, but it did lower triglyceride levels.
  • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels have dropped.
  • Nonenzymatic-induced lipid peroxidation was shown to be lower in liver homogenate.
  • A preliminary clinical investigation found that medicated ghee effectively lowered blood cholesterol, triglycerides, cholesterol esters, and phospholipids in psoriasis patients.
  • Rural men had lower rates of coronary heart disease.

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Cow Ghee’s Advantages In Everyday Life

  • It is frequently used in the winter since it aids in keeping the body warm from within.
  • A few drops of warm cow ghee in the blocked nostrils, according to Ayurveda, would help open them up. You should do this as soon as possible after waking up.
  • Do you want to make wheat Rotis with a lower Glycemic index? After a spoonful of ghee has been added, it’s ready to eat.
  • Ghee is beneficial to gut health and helps reduce constipation. Butyric acid in ghee gives the colon energy, which is good for colon health.
  • It improves the heart, and skin, and provides an energy boost to the body.

Using Cow Ghee For Weight Loss An A Variety Of Ways

  1. Consume with milk: Snuggle up to warm milk and cow ghee to exhibit resistance to weight gain. Ghee from cows soothes the digestive tract, relieves constipation, and prevents bloating. Warm milk and ghee, consumed an hour before bedtime, relaxes the stomach, eases the intestines, and speeds up weight loss.
  2. Add a dash of desi ghee to your diet meal to make it more palatable. Ghee works well in soups, ragi dosa, and even porridge. Brushing it on top of cooked paneer is another delicious method to consume ghee, and by doing so, you are just allowing your body to remodel itself.
  3. Consume with Curries: Traditional intake of ghee is another more comfortable way of including it in the diet. People on a tight diet stay away from traditional meals and feel irritated about them.
  4. Desi ghee does not add calories to your diet or inches to your waistline. Ghee reduces fat cells and breaks down stubborn fat absorption with a single spoonful of the fat-burning ingredient.
  5. Cooking with cow ghee: Using ghee for ‘tadkas’ adds a new dimension to our meals. To reap the advantages of ghee, sauté lentils, vegetables, or khichdi in it. It will only assist you in achieving your weight-loss objectives.
  6. Everyday meals with cow ghee: Ghee is also a nice mix with regular meals like rice or dal. To enjoy ghee, one does not need to go to the trouble of creating elaborate diet meals.
  7. Ghee in smoothies and detox drinks also aids detoxification. In protein smoothies, a spoonful of ghee, instead of peanut butter or almond butter, provides the same number of benefits.
  8. Replace cooking oil with organic cow ghee: Use less fat from other oily sources, such as your standard cooking oil, when you add organic cow ghee to your regular meals.
  9. Make a paste with one tablespoon of ghee and a spoonful of haldi or besan and apply it to your face. This facemask provides the face with a long-lasting radiance.

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Final thoughts

Ghee is a naturally occurring delicacy that has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine and cuisine. Lactose-intolerant people can easily accept ghee because it is healthier than other fatty sources. Because ghee is a calorie-dense macronutrient, it aids in weight loss. Desi ghee is a good choice for sautéing vegetables because it improves mineral and vitamin absorption.