Hunter Test vs Prime Male (Our Top Pick)

It’s not easy to select the right T-booster these days as the market is saturated with so many great testosterone booster options. All of these supplement brands make enormous claims, but not all of them are equally effective. 

Comparison of Hunter Test vs Prime Male

To help you in choosing the best option, here’s an in-depth comparison of two top-of-the-line T-boosters – Prime Male and Hunter Test. 

Our Top Pick
Prime Male

Prime Male is our top pick because of it's superior ingredients formula. Its a great all-around testosterone booster. 

Prime Male vs Hunter Test Comparison at a Glance

Prime Male 

If you are in your 30s and would like a T-booster that is made specifically for your age group, then you should go for Prime Male. 

This T-booster will make you feel energized and healthier as it focuses more on the health-benefiting aspect of testosterone. 

Hunter Test 

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind paying a few more bucks for a supplement that will give you quicker results, then you should go for Hunter Test.  

This T-booster is a good choice for athletes and bodybuilders having previous experience in consuming testosterone boosting supplements.  

Ingredients Comparison 

Every ingredient comes with its own set of perks. Since both supplements are testosterone boosters, it is natural for some of the ingredients to overlap. The slight difference in the listed ingredients will help us briefly compare the composition and benefits of Prime Male and Hunter Test. 

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Common Ingredients 

D-Aspartic acid with calcium chelate – This substance is highly effective in boosting testosterone levels in men. In a 2009 study, 23 men were given D-aspartic acid which resulted in a 42% increase in their testosterone levels. 

DAA becomes highly impactful when it is paired with calcium chelate. It is also useful in creating luteinizing hormones, which acts as a precursor to our body’s growth hormone and testosterone. 

Zinc – Our bodies do not produce zinc naturally, so it can only be obtained through external sources such as food and supplements. 

Studies have proved that zinc causes a significant increase in sperm concentration, which results in an increase in testosterone levels. However, our body can only tolerate up to 40mg of zinc per day and excess consumption can be very harmful for our body. 

Magnesium – Magnesium is a gem of a mineral. It contributes to every aspect of our body processes. A 2011 study proved that magnesium can help increase energy levels, speed up muscle recovery and reduce feelings of depression. 

Vitamin D3 – This vitamin is naturally produced by our body when we get exposure to sunlight. However, many people suffer from Vitamin D3 deficiency as they do not go outside enough or live in regions where sunlight is limited. 

A 2011 study concluded that Vitamin D3 helps boost testosterone production in the body. Healthier skin and stronger bones are some other benefits of Vitamin D3. 

Red Ginseng – It has been a Chinese medicine for decades and helps fight feelings of fatigue and stress. 

Studies surrounding male fertility have used Ginseng and concluded that it increases sperm concentration, making it useful for people suffering from erectile dysfunction and low sperm count. 

Boron – Boron enhances the conversion of total testosterone into free testosterone, thereby enhancing testosterone metabolism. A study conducted in 2005 concluded that Boron is helpful in increasing bone strength. 

Vitamin K2 – Prevents testosterone-loss. K2 helps maintain testosterone levels but won’t necessarily increase them.

Unique ingredients in Prime Male 

Luteolin – Luteolin has anti-inflammatory qualities and works as an antioxidant for the body. 

Nettle root – Nettle root extract binds itself to a protein called SHBG, and increases testosterone levels by participating in a more complex function. Other benefits include increased energy levels and body detoxification. 

Bioperine – Bioperine enhances vitamin and mineral absorption by interacting with the surface of the intestinal tract. Bioperine is found in the fruits of black pepper. 

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin regulates estrogen, which is the body’s female hormone. Estrogen acts as a barrier to the growth of testosterone, and lower estrogen levels result in higher testosterone levels. 

It also helps the body in extracting protein and carbohydrates from food. 

Unique ingredients in Hunter Test 

Ashwagandha – This ancient ayurvedic herb facilitates neuroprotection and enhances virility in men. It significantly increases luteinizing hormones, testosterone levels and muscle strength. 

Indole-3-Carbinol – This is a natural substance which regulates cell growth and changes estrogen from an inflammatory form to a less aggressive form, thereby increasing estrogen metabolism in a positive manner. 

Ingredient Verdict 

Both T-boosters have great ingredient composition, offering complete packages of killer ingredients that will effectively boost your testosterone levels. 

The best part is that none of the two supplements comprise of proprietary blends. Both have shown complete transparency by indicating the quantity of each ingredient in a dosage. 

One factor that gives Prime Male an edge over Hunter Test is that it distinguishes itself with a higher number of unique ingredients. On this basis, we declare Prime Male the winner of this round. 

Our Top Pick
Prime Male

Prime Male is our top pick because of it's superior ingredients formula. Its a great all-around testosterone booster. 

Safety and Potential Side Effects 

Both T-boosters are made up of natural, herbal ingredients that are not harmful for your body. You don’t have to worry about safety as they are both FDA approved. 

However, you may be allergic to any of the listed ingredients, which may cause an allergic reaction. Do check the ingredients before consuming them. 

Hunter Male and Prime Male can cause minimal side effects in cases of excess consumption. Make sure you don’t consume them on an empty stomach or when you’re dehydrated. 

Customer Results 

Prime Male 

Consumers noticed changes in their body in just two weeks with higher energy levels, motivation and lesser stress. Customers also noticed an increase in their sex drive and sexual performance. 

The reviews are mostly positive and Prime Male manages to deliver what it promises to its customers. 

A few users experienced some normal side effects in the initial days of consumption, but it faded away as their body got used to it. 

Hunter Test 

Hunter Test is relatively newer in the market. There are fewer reviews, but they are mostly positive. Consumers who were satisfied with the results experienced an increase in strength, workout performance and sex drive.  

They noticed that their mood was better overall.  


Both the products satisfy their customers and deliver on their promises. Because the reviews are mostly positive for both Prime Male and Hunter Test, it’d be unfair to declare one of them the winner of this round.  

Manufacturing and Brand 

Prime Male is manufactured by a UK-based company called Roar Ambition Ltd. Despite this, production takes place in the United States in an FDA approved facility where the brand follows all cGMP guidelines during production. 

Hunter Test is also manufactured by Roar Ambition Ltd in FDA approved facilities in the UK and USA. They follow the FDA’s CGMP regulations.  

Price and Value for Money  

Here comes the crux of any product comparison – the price! Pricing plays a crucial role while selecting a supplement as every consumer wants to make sure that the money they are spending will give them fruitful returns.  

One bottle of Prime Male will cost you $69 while the same quantity of Hunter Test will cost you $75. Yes, you read that right. Hunter Test is costlier than Prime Male.  

Prime Male offers superior ingredients at a lower price. The reason for Hunter Test’s higher price is the higher quantity of its ingredients. The dosage quantity of its ingredients is approximately double the dosage quantity of its competitors.  

If you buy three bottles of Prime Male, you get one bottle free along with free worldwide shipping. However, Hunter Male also has a ‘buy three get one free’ offer but its free shipping is limited to the UK and USA only.  

Overall, Prime Male is more valuable for money as it provides superior botanical ingredients with better absorption at a much lower price.  

Pros and Cons 

Pros of Prime Male 

  • Contains key testosterone boosting nutrients  
  • Comprises of superior quality ingredients 
  • Lower price 
  • Free shipping worldwide 
  • The serving of Vitamin D3 is high 
  • Helps in shedding excess belly fat  
  • Enhanced cognitive functions  
  • Better Cardiovascular health 
  • FDA approved  

Cons of Prime Male  

  • Quantity of ingredients in comparatively less 
  • Can only be purchased from  

Pros of Hunter Test  

  • The dosage quantity of its ingredients is way higher than its competitors 
  • Great reviews 
  • FDA approved  
  • Increases energy and strength  
  • Better Mood 

Cons of Hunter Test  

  • It is expensive 
  • Has less unique ingredients  
  • Free shipping limited to the UK and USA 

Prime Male vs Hunter Test – Final Thoughts 

Prime Male and Hunter Test are both excellent T-booster options and purchasing either of them would give you beneficial results.  

However, the T-booster market is full of cutthroat competition, and only one can come out on top as the winner of this comparison.  

And that winner is Prime Male. It provides a better absorbing ingredient profile at a cheaper rate. If you’re a male in your 30’s, then Prime Male will be highly effective for you.  

Purchasing three boxes of Prime Male will get you a price discount and free shipping worldwide, saving you a few more bucks.  

Our Top Pick
Prime Male

Prime Male is our top pick because of it's superior ingredients formula. Its a great all-around testosterone booster.