Masculon Forte Review (Ingredients, Side Effects & User Results)

I like to think of  Masculon Forte as a testosterone reviver; it is aimed to restore and boost low testosterone levels naturally and healthily by flushing out excessive Estrogen.

The way I evaluate testosterone boosters and pretty much every supplement I take is pretty simple, I go through each ingredient, investigate its efficiency and make sure it’s safely dosed.

I will start by listing down each ingredient and its effect on our bodies, and work my way from there:

Ingredients Analysis

Zinc (as Zinc Citrate): 15mg

Zinc is an essential ingredient that I want to see in any testosterone booster I consider buying; it is a necessary component for the testosterone production process. Achieving the daily value is a must to ensure a handicap-free T-level boosting experience.

Chrysin: 300mg

Chrysin is a safe/natural ingredient that was proven by several studies to have no association with the increase of testosterone levels unless it is injected directly into the testicles. However, it is known to prevent baldness, treats anxiety and prevents cancer. I am not sure if I do want this ingredient in the Masculon-forte or not, but it’s worth a shot.

Diindolylmethane (DIM): 100mg

DIM is a natural ingredient that can be found in many everyday vegetables such as broccoli; it is known to prevent certain types of cancer and to regulate estrogen to testosterone levels, allowing a more circulation of free testosterone in the blood. I am pretty happy with the dosage used here, not too low but not too overloaded, very safe to take.

Milk thistle seed: 85mg

After researching for quite a while, it is safe to say that there’s a lot more to this component than it is. And to sum things up for you guys, the milk thistle seed was included in the Masculon Forte’s formula to help protect and support the liver while other products do their thing. Adding this ingredient adds up to Masculon-forte’s safety especially for older people.

Calcium D-Glucarate: 75mg

The CDG is a natural substance produced in our bodies and can be found in certain fruits and vegetables; this is a kind of all-in-one ingredient, it was proven to elongate the liver detoxification process, remove excess estrogen and decrease LDL cholesterol levels. The dosage used here is lower than the recommended daily amount yet this amount can be reached through proper nutrition.

N-acetyl Cysteine:  60mg

This AA is a solid ingredient that has been tested and proved to have an association with the increase of sperm cell production and count. The dosage used in this Testo booster is nothing edgy, and I believe it won’t cause any unwanted side effects once we stick to the daily recommended dosage.

Phosphatidylcholine (from Soy Lecithin): 50mg

PC is a brain supplement used to enhance its health and slow down its aging process. It also helps to prevent a liver disease called fatty liver disease. The dosage for this ingredient is pretty low which is a thing I liked this time, because an overdose amount of the PC may cause serious problems. That being said, I think this ingredient is ideal for older people who are looking to maintain or achieve a healthy mental and physical state.

Resveratrol (from Polygonum Cuspidatum root extract): 40mg

While doing my research on this ingredient, I was impressed with its benefits for the human body; the Resveratrol enhances both physical and mental performance, protects from cancer and most importantly for us, BOOSTS testosterone levels.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: 25mg

The Alpha Lipoic acid is an important ingredient; it plays a big role in maintaining good Testo-levels by preserving testosterone levels and preventing the body from turning it into Estrogen. I think adding this ingredient is a smart move to do even if the dosage Is quite low.

Bioperine black pepper fruit extract: 5mg

This natural ingredient is not the most researched component out there which is why I think it is used to balance out the formula rather than to achieve certain effects. It is also known to improve the overall body’s health. That being said, the dosage is obviously low and won’t cause any unwanted effects.

Ingredients Overview

As you can see, the ingredients are mainly focused on balancing out Testosterone and Estrogen levels; also, lots of ingredients are focused on protecting the liver, preventing many types of cancer/other diseases and increasing sperm count and quality.

However, I wish I’ve seen certain powerful testo-boosting ingredients such as the DAA.

Dosage Levels

The dosages used were all moderate to low; they impose zero danger or risk as long as the daily Masculon-forte dosage is not exceeded.

Masculon-Forte Results From Users

This Testosterone booster has been making great results for many users across the web. As I expected, most of the users were 30-55 years old with lower T-levels with weaker sexual functions. It is also important to note that I’ve seen some negative reviews here and there, but none are worth mentioning.

Side Effects

As long as we respect the daily dosage recommended by the Masculon-forte, the risks of having any unwanted side effects are down to null. You can read our Nolvadren XT Review to find out more

Conclusion and Recommendations

I think that Masculon Forte is a great choice if you’re looking to boost up and maintain high testosterone levels especially if they’re already low. The ingredients are all natural, the dosages are safe, and the price is very affordable, and you can get a great deal at their website.