7 Surprising Health Benefits of MCT Oil

Looking for a remedy that will boost your well-being? Then allow us to introduce you to MCT Oil. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a saturated fatty acid that is very beneficial to your health. The great thing about MCT Oil is that it doesn’t need to get to your liver to have an impact – so in terms of efficiency and effectivity, it has pretty impressive credentials.

bowl of mct oil

What Is MCT Oil?

There are four key MCT’s, although only three are given undisputed medium-chain triglycerides status, these being: Caproic Acid, Capric Acid, and Caprylic Acid. The fourth is Lauric Acid, and there has been some deliberation as to if this qualifies as an MCT. This is because Lauric Acid has to pop along to visit the liver before it can be of any benefit to your body – which suggests it would be more at home in the long-chain triglycerides (LCT) family.

You can find MCT Oil in coconut oil, palm kernel oil and some dairy products. It’s not much too look at admittedly. When it is at room temperature MCT oil has an almost transparent look about it, and it doesn’t smell of much either!

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What Can MCT Oil Do for Me?

So, how can such a modest looking and smelling product be responsible for so many health benefits? MCT Oil can help you to develop your physical prowess and also advance your mental capabilities. So, if you fancy boosting your IQ and want buns of steel to go, you have found the right product.

Don’t Waste Your Energy.

MCT Oil is very easy to digest, it can work its way into your bloodstream directly after digestion. This means you do not have to use your own valuable energy to soak up the goodness or store it in your body.

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Boost Your Grey Matter.

If you want to make sure you have plenty of brain power, then you need the right fuel. Blood glucose generally provides what’s required to keep you going, but when your blood sugar runs down, you may experience a “slow-down” on the thinking front. When that happens, you need to rely on the liver using the body fat it has cleverly stored, which is provided in the form of ketones. MCT Oil can increase the levels of ketones (hence providing that important fuel).

Improve Your Immune System.

We all feel a bit out of sorts from time to time and with so many illnesses floating around it’s tempting to curl up in bed and hide from the germs. Instead, incorporate MCT Oil – a healthy fat that has great antibacterial qualities and will boost your immunity.

It Must Be the Hormones.

Having a bit of trouble with your hormones? MCT Oil is useful in the quest to keep things in balance. Fats are required to keep hormones in check, so MCT Oil offers a great solution.


A Healthy Tum.

MCT Oil can help you to maintain a healthy digestive system. Its antibacterial properties make it effective at fighting bacteria and keeping your tum in tip-top condition.


Go for The Burn.

Do you want to burn off some of that fat you keep moaning about? If so MCT Oil can help and assist you in the maintenance of a sensible and healthy weight. If you enjoy exercise, MCT Oil can also help you to squeeze every bit of goodness from your workout.


Is MCT Oil Better Then Alternatives – Such as Coconut Oil?

Both MCT and coconut oil are beneficial to you. But coconut oil contains around 50% Lauric Acid (remember we said that this behaves like an LCT and has to go via your liver meaning it’s slower to digest and takes longer to have an impact). Whereas, MCT oil doesn’t have to do that – it is concentrated and pure, working quickly and effectively.

Is MCT Oil for Me?

Sadly, there’s no miracle cure for weight loss, a better body and a brighter brain (if there were there would be a queue around the earth and back for it)! But MCT Oil can help you if you’re on a mission to improve yourself, and let’s face it who wouldn’t want to be a bit leaner, smarter and healthier?