Mdrive vs Nugenix (Our In-depth Comparison)

Nugenix and Mdrive are two products that promise to boost testosterone levels. But which one is better? 

See The Comparison of Mdrive vs Nugenix

We have collated the top research and information available to make a full comparison of the two testosterone boosters to see which one is worth spending your money on. 

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Nugenix vs Mdrive – Comparison at a Glance 

Here is a short summary of the key differences between Nugenix and Mdrive. 

  • Use Mdrive if you want cheaper prices 
  • Use Nugenix if you want ingredients that have more scientific evidence backing their ability to boost testosterone 
  • Use Mdrive if you want cheaper supplements 
  • Use Nugenix if you want your products made by a manufacturer known for its ability to make good, scientifically-backed health products 
  • Use Mdrive if you want your supplements to be made by a manufacturer with an NSF certificate 

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Ingredients Comparison 

Before purchasing any product, you need to know what they are made of, and how the ingredients will benefit you.  

Nugenix Ingredients 

Did you know B vitamins play a huge role in the maintenance of testosterone?  Well, Nugenix contains a very high percentage of both vitamins B12 and B6. 

Nugenix Reviews
Nugenix Testosterone Boosters

Nugenix offers testosterone boosters produced with natural ingredients. Explore Nugenix's customer reviews and products on Amazon.

When vitamin B12 levels are low, the amount of testosterone in your body will significantly decrease. Therefore, increasing your intake of the vitamin through Nugenix will help to boost hormone levels.  

Furthermore, vitamin B12 can improve sperm count and quality, as well as promote good testicular health. 

The vitamin B6 in Nugenix increases the body’s demand for androgens, boosting testosterone production and counterbalancing the increase in oestrogen that happens when B6 levels are low.  

L-Citrulline Malate is also found in Nugenix. It doesn’t directly increase testosterone levels; however, it supports the action of the sex hormone and carries out similar functions.  

L-Citrulline contains amino acids which can aid in the building and growth of lean muscle. Furthermore, it can also promote endurance and strength due to its ability to increase protein synthesis.  

Nugenix testosterone booster is also made from fenugreek extract. It has been found that the compounds within fenugreek, called furostanolic saponins, can increase testosterone production. 

One study found that 90% of men who took 500mg supplements of fenugreek every day had a rise in their testosterone levels of up to 46%. Amazing right?! Furthermore, many of these participants saw a boost in mood, libido, sperm count and energy. 

Mdrive Ingredients 

Due to the range of products that Mdrive offers, there are slightly different ingredients in each one, which makes it hard to compare against Nugenix directly. However, below are some general ingredients found in most Mdrive products. 

KSM-66 is one ingredient that its products contain. It is extracted from the plant ashwagandha and has been shown to promote healthy testosterone levels. It has also been found to speed up muscle recovery, improve endurance and increase energy. 

One study found that, after taking KSM-66 supplements, participants experienced a 17% increase in testosterone levels, a 53% increase in semen volume, a 167% increase in sperm concentration, and a 57% increase in sperm motility. This shows the fantastic effects KSM-66 can have. 

Like Nugenix, Mdrive also contains fenugreek extract. The benefits of this and its relation to testosterone were outlined above.  

One ingredient in it is American ginseng, which has been shown to be good for people with low testosterone levels due to its ability to increase energy levels and help erectile dysfunction. 

However, one thing that was noticed as we were conducting research into the ingredients of Mdrive, is that there is not much information or scientific evidence on the ability of the ingredients to boost testosterone. There appeared to be a lot of ‘expected’ and theoretical results.  


Nugenix is the winner when it comes to ingredients. 

Both brands make their products from completely natural ingredients, and they all appear to have some form of benefit to our health. 

However, it was easier to find information and research on the ingredients of Nugenix and its ability to boost testosterone than those of Mdrive.  

More research, including long-term research, would need to be done on the ingredients of Mdrive for a full and confident comparison to be made here.  

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Safety and Potential Side Effects 

Like with any supplemental product, there are risks of side effects. You need to be aware of these so you can recognise when/if they occur or use it to inform your decision as to whether to purchase the product or not. 

Nugenix Side Effects 

There are no known major side effects of Nugenix; however, it is thought that L-Citrulline Malate could lead to a decrease in blood pressure levels. 

Furthermore, it is believed that Testofen could cause blood thinning and interact with blood-thinning medications. 

It is always important to check with your doctor before taking any supplement, especially if you are on any other medication, so you can rest assured that it is safe. 

Mdrive Side Effects 

Whilst all the ingredients in Mdrive are completely natural, there are still some potential adverse effects you might encounter after taking Mdrive.  

Some side effects experienced by people after taking Mdrive include diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and even mood swings, with some people reporting bursts of anger. 

For some of the ingredients, there isn’t long-term research which means it cannot be guaranteed that they would have any future side effects. 


Neither brand seems to be better or worse in terms of side effects.  

Both Nugenix and Mdrive have potential adverse effects, and whilst Mdrive has a longer list of them, the Nugenix risks appear more severe than those of Mdrive.  

However, in reality, no one is the same, and everyone will react differently to products. 

Customer Results 

What evidence is there that these testosterone boosters work? Well, let’s look at the real-life experiences of customers who have used the products. 


Customer reviews of Nugenix have been primarily positive, with many achieving great results. However, there were a few stand-out negative reviews, with people not seeing many changes after taking Nugenix. 

One customer was thrilled with their results as they could run an average of 5 miles daily after taking Nugenix. 

It was clear from the reviews that many customers noticed a significant increase in energy and stamina after taking Nugenix. There were also many comments on how the product helped people to lose weight and gain muscle. 

However, there were numerous reviews where people commented that they didn’t see any results or that it took a very long time to notice the change. 

It was also drawn from customers’ results that you should be fairly active whilst taking these supplements to achieve the full benefits, as those who lived a sedentary lifestyle said they didn’t see great benefits. 


Customers have achieved great results using Mdrive testosterone supplements.  

Customers commented on how Mdrive made a difference to their energy levels, body shape, and their overall health. One customer said how they couldn’t leave home without it!  

There were many comments on how Mdrive improved people’s sex lives, with many men saying how their libido had increased, got better erections, and felt like they were in their 20’s again! 

However, similar to Nugenix, there were many comments of people saying they didn’t see any difference after taking Mdrive. 

A very interesting comment was by one customer who said they experienced a large energy crash about 8 hours after taking Mdrive, and that the product was too stimulating for their body.  


Neither brand won in terms of customer results, as they both had positive and negative reviews with similar things said for both products.  

Manufacturing and Brand 

Who made each of the boosters? Are they trustworthy businesses? When putting things into your body, it is important to know where they have come from. 


Nugenix is manufactured in Utah, USA, by a company called Adaptive Health, LLC. They are a leading manufacturer in science-based product growth and development.  

They are responsible for creating health brands, including Dr. Whitaker, Instaflex, Peptiva and, of course, Nugenix.  

However, an important thing to note is that Nugenix is not FDA-approved. In fact, the FDA advises against the consumption of many testosterone food supplements, including Nugenix.  


Mdrive is a brand that comes under the umbrella of the research company Dream Brands. This is the manufacturer of Mdrive, and they are based in Arizona. Dream Brand’s CEO, Gary Kehoe, has an approval rating of 70%, according to Owler. 

Just as with Nugenix, Mdrive is not FDA-approved. However, the manufacturers of Mdrive are NSF certified. This means the company guarantees to follow all Good Manufacturing Procedures of the FDA. 


Whilst this is a close call, Mdrive just about takes the lead in this category.  

Neither of the brands has FDA approval; however, the fact Mdrive is NSF certified gives more trust in their manufacturing process. 

Price and Value for Money 


You can find Nugenix within a range of stores, including Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe, and GNC. 

Nugenix is usually bought on a monthly basis, and a month’s supply typically costs around $55. Therefore, if used long-term, it will add up and be quite pricey.  

You might also be pleased to know that the company has a great return policy, allowing you to get a full refund if you return the product within 30 days. 


You can purchase Mdrive easily online, and it is also available in stores such as The Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. 

For the cheapest Mdrive testosterone supplement, it costs $29.99 as a one-off purchase for a month’s supply.  

Alternatively, you can subscribe and sign up to get sent the testosterone supplement every month, which will cost you $26.99 a month. 

Mdrive offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your product and return it within this time, you will get a full refund. 


Mdrive is the winner in the price category. 

Whilst both brands have a range of products and prices to choose from, Nugenix prices go to a much higher level than Mdrive.  

Furthermore, the cheaper products in Nugenix don’t appear to be full testosterone boosters and are supplements to go alongside other products. 

The cheapest supplement for Mdrive is one of their main testosterone booster products and is almost half the price of Nugenix’s main product. 

Additionally, Mdrive gives you a longer time frame to get your money back. 

Pros and Cons 



·      Positive customer reviews and results 

·      Lots of research on effectiveness of ingredients 

·      Boosts testosterone easily 

·      30-day return policy 


·      Can be expensive 

·      Hard to get outside the US 

·      Could interact with other medication 

·      Takes a while to see results 



·      Positive Customer Reviews 

·      60-day return policy 

·      More range of products with a wider range of prices 

·      NSF certified 


·      Not FDA approved 

·      Lack of research on whether ingredients boost testosterone 

·      Lack of long-term research on ingredients 

·      Risk of some side effects 

Final Verdict 

Overall, whilst a very close call, I think Nugenix is the winner. 

Whilst Mdrive won in more categories than Nugenix, you can take Nugenix with much more confidence that it will benefit your health and testosterone levels than with Mdrive.  

With more research and evidence into the ingredients of Nugenix than those of Mdrive, you know more about what you are putting into your body. 

This isn’t to say that the ingredients of Mdrive are harmful in any way. They are all still completely natural and safe. However, there isn’t as much confidence in their ability to do what the product is promising.  

Whilst Mdrive does have better pricing options, I believe it is worth spending a little more on a product you can have more trust and confidence in.  

However, Mdrive still seems like a fantastic product, and its 60-day return policy and NSF certificate are impressive.  

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