Nolvadren XT Review (User Results, Side Effects & More)

Nolvadren XT is not your standard testosterone booster, neither can it be considered all-natural, as some of the ingredients found in it are synthesized in the lab, or they are considered to have a banned status by the world anti-doping Association (WADA). 

Created by MAN sports, the manufacturer claims that it is the perfect PCT, or post cycle therapy support, which as the name suggests, is needed after cycling off much stronger products (often times pro hormones or even anabolic steroids) 

As such, this is not for the casual weekend warrior or middle-aged man now trying to discover himself. Unless you absolutely know how to use this product effectively, do not use it as it likely won’t give you the affects you are after. 

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Who Is Nolvadren XT For?

Nolvadren XT is made specifically for hard-core athletes and bodybuilders, pushing their bodies to the extreme in order to build muscle, increase strength, endurance and stamina. To accomplish these, athletes may resort to potent exogenous hormones, which amplify muscle and strength gains tens of times over, but at the cost of natural hormone suppression. 

These exogenous hormones cannot be used indefinitely without the risk of severe side effects, which is why thy use supplements as part of post cycle therapy is necessary in order to help maintain all the gains you have accumulated, and rejuvenate the body which may have been under immense stress during the cycle. 

As I know that many of my readers are into bodybuilding, it is important that I take the time to share unbiased real informational articles that can help you safely craft the body of your dreams, and maintain your health for as long as possible. 

While an analysis of the ingredients is important to determine how effective the supplement is overall, just as important is feedback from people who have actually used it. A supplement can be the best thing ever created theoretically, but then when consumed by the general population, may be found to be useless, or have unbearable side effects. 

This is why it is important for me to consider both verticals before coming to a conclusion. 

Let’s take a little deeper into Nolvadren XT and see what it has on offer. 

What Exactly Is Nolvadren XT?

Nolvadren XT is a supplement which claims to be hard-core, helping you achieve a body that is leaner, harder and drier. This is a state of affairs which men would love, but is not considered an all-natural approach. 

It boasts of a three in one approach to hormonal modulation, all of which contribute to retention of normal testosterone levels, and associated hormones that may alter this state. It claims to be an all in one muscle building pill, and to an extent this could be true. 

Among its claimed benefits are: 

  • Boosting testosterone 
  • Anti-estrogenic actions 
  • Cortisol suppression 
  • Perfect for PCT support


  • Modulation of testosterone following use of pro-hormones or stronger steroidal compounds.
  • Helps you retain a greater amount of muscle mass gained while on cycle. 
  • Easy to find- available at multiple retailers online. 
  • Affordably priced. 
  • Claims to help you attain a leaner and drier physique.
  • Can help treat symptoms of gynecomastia, or development of male breasts when using hormones that can easily convert to estrogen (or aromatize).


  • It is not all-natural – can be a problem for men that compete in natural bodybuilding competitions, or those concerned with using supplements made in the lab.
  • Ingredients contained in it are subjectively effective, in that they do not have much scientific evidence behind them.
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TestoPrime is currently our No.1 Ranked Testosterone Booster. It has the most effective ingredients formula on the market according to our extensive research and testing.

Nolvadren XT Ingredients And Dosage

Nolvadren XT is not the standard testosterone booster, as it does not contain any of the all-natural herbs that boost testosterone, which we have come to know and love. 

In addition to this, the ingredients found in the supplement are not backed up by scientific evidence, with much of its purported uses being validated by users and anecdotal reports. 

Regardless, it is my duty to educate you as much as possible on what it contains so that you can make an informed buying decision if this is for you. 

Luckily, there is no masking of ingredients dosages in a proprietary blend approach, which is great for overall consumer trust. 

Based on the recommendation of the manufacturer, 2 capsules are to be taken in the morning, with a maximum dose of 3 per day allowed. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not make it clear when it is acceptable to take the additional capsule, or if it is based on factors such as your body weight, for instance. 

Androsta-3, 5-diene-7, 17-Dione 

This compound, better known in bodybuilding circles as Arimistane, is claimed to be a natural aromatase inhibitor, which the body produces on its own via metabolism of DHEA. 

While this claim is true, as traces of it have been found in urine, it begs the question of how natural it really is, as the amount included in the supplement form is far greater than your body would produce. In addition, it is not actually extracted from your urine, so how natural is that? 

With that same logic you can argue that testosterone given as a steroid is natural as well since your body produces it. But we all know testosterone can be synthesized in the lab, so this argument is flawed. 

Regardless, this compound is effective in reducing the amount of testosterone that can convert into estrogen via the process of aromatization. This can be helpful for indirectly increasing testosterone levels, though it will not convert into testosterone itself, nor will it boost production. 

It is also known as a suicide inhibitor, in the sense that once it binds to the aromatase enzyme, it does not easily free up the binding site so that testosterone can be converted again. 

As previously mentioned, much of these effects are anecdotal in nature, as no human or animal studies have been done to back up these claims. 

Secondary to its estrogen suppressing action is the fact that it may also serve as a mild cortisol inhibitor, helping to prevent muscle loss after coming off a cycle heavy on hormones. 

Diindolylmethane (DIM) 

Diindolylmethane, known as DIM for short, can be considered an all-natural ingredient, even though it is really a metabolite of a compound naturally found in many cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages to name a few. 

It is already pretty well known in bodybuilding circles thanks its purported effects on reducing estrogen levels and promoting free testosterone in blood, by inhibiting sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which binds to testosterone and many other hormones and renders them inactive. 

However, this doesn’t really appear to be the truth, or at a minimum the truth is confused. DIM is actually produced via metabolism of another compound which we shall call IC3 (or indole-3-carbinol), which itself is another metabolic intermediate. 

I can understand the confusion when it comes to all of these compounds, but the easiest way to understand it is to think of it this way; IC3 is a child compound, while DIM is a grandchild. Studies conducted on these two compounds have found that DIM is not actually the compound that reduces estrogen, but rather IC3 that is responsible for this. 

IC3 isn’t actually an estrogen blocker or aromatase inhibitor, but rather a compound that promotes efficient estrogen breakdown, both in the liver and by reducing strong estrogens in the weaker ones. 

In contrast, DIM appears to be counterproductive in helping keep estrogen under control, as a study found it is more likely to exert anti-androgenic action [1]on cells of the prostate. 

Thus, this compound is more likely to cause harm than help your androgens to recover. 


This is a compound that the manufacturer claims naturally suppresses cortisol levels, and is yet another metabolite of DHEA. Cortisol can quickly get out of whack after stopping use of a hormonal cycle, and can result in catabolism of gained muscle. 

A study has found that seven hydroxylated metabolites of DHEA possess anti-glucocorticoid effects, which would suppress cortisol and may give it utility in place of hormone replacement therapy. 

7-Hydroxy Dehydroepiandrosterone 

This is another metabolite of DHEA, being seven hydroxylated as well, meaning that it has probable cortisol suppressing action [2], like the previously mentioned compound. 

Results From Users

Results from users was very difficult to obtain, probably due to the fact that the product is used heavily as PCT (and those persons don’t want to admit to hormone use). I did manage to find one, but it is not necessarily a true transformation. 

However, there were publicly available product reviews which indicate general satisfaction with the product. There were also reports of it not doing anything, but then again the point of its use is not to see “gains”, but rather just maintenance of what you gained on cycle and to help return hormonal balance. 

Nolvadren XT Side Effects

It is important to realize that Nolvadren XT is not really a natural supplement, regardless of how the manufacturer tries to spin it. Even though there have not been a lot of reported side effects from its use, based on its ingredient profile it is possible that testosterone suppression could persist for a long time. Symptoms of that would include low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and in some instances anxiety since cortisol is suppressed. 

Cortisol is necessary for our body to appropriately deal with the many stressors we come into contact with on a daily basis. 

On the other hand, if you consume Nolvadren XT as a stand-alone supplement, without using other hormones, you may experience short-term side effects related to high levels of androgens. 

These include acne, increased aggression and increased sex drive. Quite the opposite, right? 

Summary – Does Nolvadren XT Really Work?

If you use it as a standalone product without being used as for post cycle therapy, you are likely to see modest improvements in testosterone levels, simply because of suppression of cortisol and estrogen, which leaves more testosterone unchanged in the blood. 

However, this is probably only a short-term fix, since over time values will return to normal. Keep in mind that you need these other hormones to support normal bodily function, as even estrogen helps to protect our hearts, joints and ensure bone health. 

The lack of scientifically backed facts is a problem however, since most of its claims are based on user reports and laboratory findings which do not necessarily translate to the same effect when consumed. 

All in all, it may help you on a short-term basis or when trying to regain hormonal balance following a steroid cycle. 

Where To Buy Nolvadren XT?

Currently, Nolvadren XT can be purchased from few places, including the official manufacturer’s website, and the vitamin Shoppe to name a few. Prices hover around $49.99- $55, making it not extremely expensive. 

It also appeared to have a presence on based on it being found after a search query was conducted on Google, but which then directs to a page on Amazon which no longer exists. This may be due to the fact that not all of the compounds found in it are considered 100% legal. 

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TestoPrime is currently our No.1 Ranked Testosterone Booster. It has the most effective ingredients formula on the market according to our extensive research and testing.