Nugenix Free Testosterone vs Nugenix PM-ZMA (The Key Differences)

Nugenix Free Testosterone and Nugenix PM-ZMA are two products produced by the supplement brand Nugenix.   

Despite having the same manufacturer there are some differences between the two testosterone boosters. This article will compare them both so you can determine which is the best for you.  

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The Key Differences 

  • Nugenix Free Testosterone appears to be better for boosting testosterone 
  • Nugenix PM-ZMA is more aimed at improving sleep 
  • Both products are made following FDA manufacturing guidelines 
  • Nugenix Free Testosterone seems to be better for people above the age of 50 
  • Nugenix PM-ZMA seems to be better for people just below the age of 50 
  • Both products come with potential side effects 

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Ingredients Comparison    

There are some key differences in the ingredients found in Nugenix Free Testosterone and Nugenix PM-ZMA, which are outlined below.  

Nugenix Free Testosterone 

Let’s take a look at the key ingredients in Nugenix Free Testosterone. 

Vitamin B6 

Deficiencies in vitamin B6 have been linked to low testosterone levels, and therefore supplementation of the vitamin can help to return the sex hormone levels back to normal.  

Vitamin B6 has also been found to prevent metabolic clearance of testosterone. This therefore allows your body to retain more of the hormone so less is lost, keeping testosterone levels high. 

Tribulus Extract 

This plant is known for the benefits it can bring to health including lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. However, its ability to increase testosterone is something widely debated. 

One review looked at a range of studies on the plant and found that it did not boost testosterone. However, another study found that Tribulus extract did increase levels of the sex hormone, but only in animals.   

L-Citrulline Malate 

L-Citrulline Malate doesn’t appear to directly boost testosterone, but instead it supports the hormone’s functions.  

It has been found to be great for achieving fitness goals due to its properties allowing for improved strength, endurance, and aiding in the growth of muscles. 

L-Citrulline Malate can also help in people’s intimate lives, with studies suggesting that it can help to treat erectile dysfunction. 

Fenugreek Extract 

This ingredient has been found to help support the functions of testosterone by boosting energy, strength, and sexual function.  

Showing its amazing properties, one study found that daily fenugreek supplementation increased testosterone levels by about 46% in 90% of participants. 

Nugenix PM-ZMA 

Just like Nugenix Free Testosterone, Nugenix PM-ZMA contains vitamin B6, zinc, and Tribulus extract. However, there are a few extra ingredients that it contains. 


Magnesium has been found to help return testosterone levels to within normal ranges if a person is deficient in the hormone.  

One study proved this where, after taking magnesium supplements daily for one month, all participants saw an increase in testosterone. 


ZMA stands for Zinc Magnesium Aspartate, and it is famous amongst fitness communities due to its ability to boost performance and aid in building muscle.  

There has been a mixture of results found from scientific studies on the ability of ZMA to boost testosterone.  

Some research has found that it has no impact on testosterone. However, one study found that taking ZMA supplements every day for 8 weeks can increase testosterone levels by 33.5%, whilst also improving strength and functional power.  


This is rather an interesting ingredient of Nugenix PM-ZMA considering that melatonin has actually been found by scientific studies to inhibit the production of testosterone. This therefore seems counter-productive to the objective of this supplement.  

However, Nugenix assures that they use extremely safe, low levels of melatonin in PM-ZMA, with the booster only containing 2mg of the hormone.  

The reason that melatonin is in this supplement is due to its ability to improve sleep.  

Melatonin is responsible for regulating your circadian rhythm in order to help maintain a healthy, natural sleep cycle. Melatonin supplementation has therefore been shown to be a good treatment for insomnia.  

There are also studies that show melatonin is able to decrease presentation of seasonal depression and can ease acid reflux. 

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Safety and Potential Side Effects 

It’s important to be aware of the side effects of any supplements you try. 

Let’s take a look at any differences between the adverse effects of the two products in question. 

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Nugenix Free Testosterone 

Whilst the ingredients in Nugenix Free Testosterone are completely natural and safe, the FDA advises against taking such supplements due to the fact they can have serious adverse effects including irritability and depression. 

Nugenix Free Testosterone in particular has had some reports of interacting with medications and causing allergic reactions.  

Other, more general, potential side effects of Nugenix Free Testosterone include sleeping issues, increased heart rate, and upset stomach. 

However, Nugenix assure that this product is made following FDA manufacturing guidelines and that it uses only top quality, potent ingredients. 

Nugenix PM-ZMA 

Potential side effects of Nugenix PM-ZMA include diarrhoea, loss of appetite, vomiting, headaches, and stomach cramps. 

Furthermore, vitamin B6, one of the ingredients of Nugenix PM-ZMA, has shown links to nerve damage and may lead to pain or numbness in your hands and feet.  

ZMA, the main ingredient of the supplement, has also been found to interact with certain medications including antibiotics, diuretics, anti-epileptic drugs, and blood pressure medications amongst others. 

Therefore, it is extremely important that you check with your doctor before taking any type of supplement. 

What Users Are Saying 

Let’s compare customer reviews to see whether there are any differences in results seen from the two boosters. 

Nugenix Free Testosterone 

Many customers have reported that Nugenix Free Testosterone helped to increase their energy levels, and in turn greatly improved their workouts.  

People commented that they were able to work out more often, and for longer, and that they were now better able to achieve their fitness goals as a result of the supplement.  

Another interesting thing to note was that many of the reviews were from people around the age of 50 and 60. 

However, there were numerous reviews of people saying that Nugenix Free Testosterone didn’t do anything for them, and that they experienced no changes. 

Many customers compared the product to caffeine, saying that all it did was majorly boost their heart rate, made their blood pressure high, and made them feel paranoid. 

Nugenix PM-ZMA 

The most common positive review of Nugenix PM-ZMA was that it greatly improved people’s sleep. One particular review said how they were able to fall asleep within 20 minutes after taking the supplement. 

Contradicting this, some customers said that the supplement isn’t the best sleeping aid out there, but that it is good for people who are feeling “sluggish” and who are middle aged. 

There were also numerous customer’s reporting that Nugenix PM-ZMA helped them to lose weight, with many saying how they lost many pounds of fat from taking the supplement consistently. This was especially seen from customers above the age of 50. 

There were also some negative reviews, with many saying how they didn’t notice much of a boost in their testosterone levels at all after taking this supplement. 

Some people said how it didn’t do anything at all for them, and there were multiple reviews of customers saying that it made them wake up at night or gave them the jitters whilst trying to sleep. 

However, one specific review said they reduced their dose after having disturbed sleep and that it then worked much better. So, this shows that dosage is extremely important. 

Pros and Cons 

Nugenix PM-ZMA 


  • Good for sleep 
  • Can aid in losing weight 
  • May promote production of free testosterone 
  • Product made under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices 
  • Pure and potent ingredients used 


  • Taking too much can disturb sleep 
  • Reviews of product not working 
  • Can interact with other medications 
  • Melatonin may decrease testosterone levels 
  • Very large serving size of 4 pills 

Nugenix Free Testosterone 


  • Improves muscle growth 
  • Increases energy levels 
  • May be able to treat erectile dysfunction 
  • Made following FDA Good Manufacturing Practices 


  • Could interact with other medications 
  • Reports of it making no changes at all 
  • Could lead to increased blood pressure 
  • Tribulus extract shows very little link to boosting testosterone 

Nugenix vs Nugenix PM – Final Thoughts and Key Differences 

There are some major differences between Nugenix Free Testosterone and Nugenix PM-ZMA, with the most pronounced one being that the latter is more targeted towards sleep improvement rather than boosting testosterone. 

It therefore appears that, if you are someone who has difficulties sleeping and would like to remedy this, then Nugenix PM-ZMA is the supplement for you. It’s ingredient of melatonin is what makes the product great for this purpose. 

However, if you’re someone who is looking for the best product to elevate your testosterone levels so you can experience a boost in energy, sexual performance, and athleticism, then Nugenix Free Testosterone is the supplement for you. 

Both supplements appear to be good for people around the age of 50. However, Nugenix PM-ZMA doesn’t have as strong of an effect on testosterone levels as Nugenix Free Testosterone, and so may be better for people below the age of 50 who already have naturally high levels of the sex hormone and are just looking for a bit of a boost. 

Nugenix Free Testosterone, on the other hand, has been shown to bring much more significant results to levels of the sex hormone. It is therefore likely to be better for people over the age of 50, for whom testosterone levels are naturally a lot lower and need a bigger boost. 

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