Nugenix vs P6 Testosterone Booster: Which is Better?

 Nugenix and P6 Testosterone both promise to bring a range of benefits to men’s health by boosting levels of the male sex hormone. 

We have found out everything you need to know about the two supplements so you can decide which one is better. 

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P6 vs Nugenix Comparison at a Glance 

Here are some of the main differences between Nugenix and P6 Testosterone Booster. 

  • Use Nugenix if you want a cheaper product 
  • Use P6 if you want to tackle sleeping issues 
  • Use Nugenix if you want a product that is more transparent with dosages 
  • Use Nugenix if you want a product that has numerous positive customer reviews 

Ingredients Comparison    

Let’s have a look at the ingredients both products contain. 


One of the ingredients in Nugenix is Zinc. This is known for its ability to boost testosterone, with one study finding that daily supplementation of 30mg of zinc led to a significant increase in levels of free testosterone. 

Nugenix also contains vitamin D. This is a nutrient that has been found by science experts to be key to men’s sexual health. It has been proven to increase levels of testosterone, and boost sperm quality. 

L-Citrulline Malate is another ingredient found in Nugenix. It has been found to promote the growth and development of muscles and can also treat erectile dysfunction.  

P6 Testosterone Booster 

P6 contains KSM-66 ashwagandha root extract, which is known for being able to boost testosterone through its actions of lowering cortisol.  

Studies have shown that, when taken daily, ashwagandha can increase muscle mass, improve strength, and promote the production of testosterone.  

P6 also contains fenugreek seed extract. This is found in many testosterone supplements due to it being backed by studies to increase testosterone and decrease body fat.  

However, there are some conflicting results from studies, with some saying that fenugreek improves strength and endurance, and other studies saying it doesn’t. 

Another ingredient in this supplement is ovine placenta powder, which has been proven to boost the immune system, promote cell growth, and control hormones. It has also been found to aid with recovery after workouts. However, there is very little evidence showing its ability to increase testosterone. 


Neither product wins when it comes to ingredients. 

Both supplements contain completely natural ingredients that have evidence supporting their effectiveness. 

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Safety and Potential Side Effects 

Everyone is unique and therefore may react differently to supplements than others. It is important to be aware of the potential side effects that you might encounter from taking any type of supplement. 


Nugenix is not FDA approved, and so you might experience some side effects.  

Some customers have experienced palpitations, allergic reactions, stomach pain, and troubles sleeping from taking Nugenix. 

There have also been reports of Nugenix interacting negatively with other medications, such as those for blood thinning.  

It is therefore very important to consult with a doctor before using Nugenix. 

P6 Testosterone Booster 

P6 is not FDA approved, and therefore there is the chance that you might experience some side effects. 

Furthermore, a proprietary blend is used in this product which means that the dosage of each ingredient used cannot be determined, which brings uncertainty surrounding its safety. 

Common side effects reported by customers include allergic reactions, raised blood pressure, mood swings, stomach pain, struggles with sleeping, headaches, and even swelling of the prostate. 

However, generally people seem to have reacted well to this supplement and tolerated it. 

It is a good idea to consult with a health professional before taking this supplement. 


Nugenix wins here. 

Whilst there are reported side effects of Nugenix, there appear to be less of them, and don’t seem to be experienced as commonly as those of P6.  

Furthermore, Nugenix is transparent with the dosages used of each ingredient, whereas P6 is not. Therefore, we can have more confidence in the safety of Nugenix. 

Customer Results 

Let’s consider the real-life customer reviews of the two supplements to see which comes out on top. 


The official Nugenix site shows a wealth of customer results. 

It was clear from the reviews that many customers saw an increase in energy, and many said how it helped them be more active and get into shape.  

Many also reported an improvement in sexual performance. 

There were, however, some negative comments of customers not seeing any changes after taking Nugenix, even after a few months. However, some said that they persevered and after a while started to see results. 

P6 Testosterone Booster 

There are many positive reviews of P6 testosterone and the results it can bring.  

Customers have reported experiencing reduced recovery time after taking the supplement, and being able to lift heavier weights, and do more reps.  

There were also numerous comments of people seeing improvements in their sleep quality and habits. One customer said they had a deeper, longer sleep and felt more refreshed in the mornings. 

An interesting comment by a customer was that they believed P6 wasn’t suited to people under the age of 30, but that for those older it helps to ease aggression and elevate mood.  

Multiple people have also said how they experienced a boost in energy and gained muscle. 

However, there were some negative reviews on P6, with many customers saying they didn’t see any changes after using the supplement and that it wasn’t worth the money. Numerous people said that they much preferred testosterone supplements from other brands. 


This was a close call, but Nugenix takes the lead due to their being fewer negative reviews compared to P6. 

Manufacturing and Brand 

Who is responsible for making the two supplements? Which is more reliable? Let’s find out. 


The manufacturer of Nugenix is Adaptive Health, LLC who are based in Utah, USA. They are known for producing a range of health products that are backed by scientific research. 

Adaptive Health claims that all the ingredients are naturally sourced and that the products are made following FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. However, the product is not FDA approved. 

P6 Testosterone Booster 

P6 Testosterone Booster is manufactured by Cellucor, who are fairly well known for making fitness supplements. 

The company assures that their products are made following cGMP guidelines, with the supplement’s testing, production, storage, handling, and distribution being of top standard. However, from our research it appears that P6 is not FDA approved. 

Cellucor recommends that you speak to your doctor before taking any of their supplements. 


Nugenix narrowly takes the lead in this category. 

Neither product is FDA approved, however, the manufacturers of Nugenix appear to be more well-known and are more transparent with their ingredients and dosages used. 

Price and Value for Money 

Let’s see how the price of these two supplements compare. 


A one-month supply of Nugenix costs, on average, between $50 and $70 a month depending on the exact bottle you purchase. 

There are also many different sites you can buy Nugenix from, and therefore the prices are more variable and competitive, meaning you can find it for cheaper.  

Nugenix offers a 30-day refund, so you can return your product within this time and get a full refund.  

You can also get 20% off your first purchase.  

P6 Testosterone Booster 

P6 is very pricey, with a one-month supply costing $89.99. There is also a shipping and handling fee on top. 

If you subscribe to P6 then you will automatically get billed and shipped a new bottle every month, but at a 20% discount. So, when you subscribe to P6 it will cost you $71.99 per month.  

The manufacturers do offer a 30-day return policy, so you can get a full refund within this window if you are not happy.  


Nugenix is the winner when it comes to price.   

Whilst Nugenix might still be considered expensive, it is considerably cheaper than P6. Furthermore, from the reviews found, it appears that people consider Nugenix better value for money than P6.  

Pros and Cons 



  • Positive reviews and results 
  • Considered good value for money 
  • Research to support effectiveness of ingredients 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Manufactured following FDA Good Manufacturing Practices 


  • Can be expensive 
  • Products are not FDA-approved 
  • Could interact with other medications 
  • Takes a while to see results, with some people not noticing any change 

P6 Testosterone Booster 


  • Contains completely natural ingredients 
  • Research to back ingredients 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • cGMP certified 


  • Rather expensive 
  • Proprietary blend used means dosages of ingredients are uncertain 
  • Some reports of side effects 
  • High daily dosage of 4 capsules 

P6 vs Nugenix – Final Verdict 

Nugenix wins in this testosterone booster battle. 

Firstly, the price of Nugenix is much more affordable than that of P6. There are more places where you can purchase Nugenix, so you are likely to find more options when it comes to price.  

Furthermore, whilst there were some reviews from customers saying Nugenix didn’t work for them, there were many more of these comments for P6 with people saying it didn’t compare to many other supplements they had tried.  

Both supplements seem to bring great benefits, however those from Nugenix appear to be better supported by evidence. Furthermore, Nugenix are more transparent about what, and the amount of, ingredients that goes into their products. 

So, if you’re looking for a testosterone booster, Nugenix is a great one to choose. 

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