Performance Lab Flex Review (Does it Help Your Joints?)

Joint health continues to be a concern for many, especially those who wish to retain an active lifestyle well into their older years. Unfortunately, it’s one of those areas that seems to deteriorate with few preventative options.

If this sounds like a concern for you, then you may want to pay attention to the information in this Performance Lab Flex review below.

What Is Performance Lab Flex?

Understanding Performance Lab Flex requires understanding how joint pain works. Typically, there is an injury or arthritis responsible for the pain you feel.

This is much different from osteoarthritis, which is a more naturally developing condition that progresses with time and later on in life.

Several causative factors account for joint pain. In the knees, for example, there is a continuous demand placed on them. During activities, such as running and jumping, for example, a force equal to multiple times your body weight must be borne by the knees.

Inflammation of the joint lining and bleeding in the joint space are also challenges. These are typically the results of injuries, such as ligament tearing or bone fracturing.

Finally, there’s the matter of cartilage damage, which is more of an overuse injury. This condition, which is medically called Chondromalacia Patellae, tends to develop in the knees most often.

So how does Performance Lab Flex Help?

Performance Lab Flex is a joint supplement that aims to tackle these potential problems at several layers.

Unlike many of its medical contemporaries, it aims to do this with a modern blend of joint nutrients that are also meant to be very easy on the stomach.

Not only does it offer protection from aches, but there is also flexibility, cartilage renewal, and joint lubrication.

Performance Lab Flex’s purported offerings fall into six main categories, which are comfort, bone strength, protection, shock absorption, lubrication, and resilience.

Who Should Take Performance Lab Flex?

Performance Lab Flex has no medically excluded user groups. Once you require skeletal strength, flexibility, and joint comfort, then you fall into the potential user base.

This applies to those who may be wary of formulas that could potentially damage the body. One of the main selling points of this supplement is its clean and advanced formula design, featuring optimal ingredients backed by research.

Generally, there are two groups of people who may benefit the most from the supplement:

First, some are on the active side of the spectrum, including bodybuilders and other athletes. Such persons may simply need reinforcement for their musculoskeletal systems and joints.

Next, there are adults over 55 years old who are seeking mobility and longevity through bone reinforcement and joint nourishment. These persons may or may not live an active lifestyle, but they still require the quality of life benefits that Performance Lab Flex has the offer.

Potential Benefits of Performance Lab Flex

These are the most important benefits of performance lab flicks to bear in mind.

Joint and Muscular Recovery

Recovery is one of the biggest, yet most ignored elements of an active lifestyle.

Should a joint heavy workout demonstrate even moderate intensity, pressure is placed on the said joints and the muscles that support them.

Subsequent performance in the next workout using the same body parts highly depends on the extent to which the areas in question have recovered.

Without adequate recovery, the potential for injury increases alongside a reduction in performance capability.

Sleep is a key component of overall recovery. Nutrition, particularly protein intake, is a big part of muscles returning to peak capacity. Performance Lab Flex provides a targeted focus on joints, helping them return to full function between sessions.

Joint Pain Relief

With inflammation reduction and better hydration in the joints, Performance Lab Flex is adept at helping you manage the symptoms associated with joint pain.

By doing so, there is greater comfort for you to derive and enjoy in joint use. Perhaps you found yourself being able to perform only in a limited capacity, as anything further would result in a painful experience.

Alongside the relief provided by the ingredient combination, there is also a proactive and protective element to Performance Lab Flex, acting as a mitigation shield to prevent a recurrence of the pain it assisted you with.

Non-synthetic and Stomach Friendly

One of the biggest problems with many supplements and other medical products used to treat conditions and assist with recovery is the additives that are unavoidable with their synthetic nature.

For some people, it creates a harsh situation for the stomach, which renders these supplements unusable. Whenever there are cases in which the stomach concerns are universal, further medicine may be needed to shield the area.

The advanced blend of ingredients offered by Performance Lab Flex is also natural.

This means it’s incredibly stomach-friendly, effectively helping to maintain a healthy internal environment for those who have no pre-existing stomach conditions and yielding no points of concern to those who do.

Cartilage Nourishment

The presence of cartilage is meant to offer a springy kind of functionality, yielding a shock absorption benefit. As it continues to wear away, this becomes less possible, which means there is no dissipation of the force being introduced to the knees.

Performance Lab Flex nourishes the cartilage. This hydration allows it to maintain its thick structure, which is responsible for the springy shock absorption functionality. Creating this healthy situation also contributes to less cartilage wear, giving you greater use of the joint.

Joint Flexibility

The synovial fluid present in your joints is responsible for the amount of mobility you experience.

Alongside the buildup of pain and inflammation, you find that joint movement becomes quite restricted when this function is not carried out well.

Apart from the compounding of pain that this introduces, there is also the matter of performance limitations. Greater flexibility yields greater performance potential.

To this end, Performance Lab Flex offers support to the synovial fluid, aiming to put you back into a position of optimal joint flexibility, improving your capability and capacity for the best possible active lifestyle.

No Side Effects

Another challenge with synthetic compositions is the side effects that they create. As you aim to get relief for whatever condition you may be dealing with, there’s the introduction of other challenges you never had before.

It’s bad enough when these problems are simply uncomfortable. However, some go beyond that and introduce issues that require further medication to address. The stomach protection matter explained above is the perfect example.

One of the universal praises sang where Performance Lab Flex is concerned is its complete lack of side effects.

As you can imagine, the composition of ingredients used is responsible for this. This is one of the main reasons that the subset of people who can use the supplement is not limited.

Ingredients in Performance Lab Flex

Here’s a quick breakdown of the active ingredients found in Performance Lab Flex, including the benefits that they offer. You may notice that multiple ingredients sometimes serve similar purposes.

Boswellia Serrata

This is where the anti-inflammatory function of Performance Lab Flex comes from.

The Boswellia Serrata tree has been a part of eastern medicine for many centuries. Its gum resin is what is used here.

The ingredient in its standalone form has historically been used in the treatment of joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Boswellia Serrata directly combats inflammation by reducing the amount and frequency of joint swelling, which helps to ease your symptoms of pain while allowing the said joint to function mostly normally.


Turmeric is certainly one of the more common elements in the Performance Lab Flex’s combination. Above all, its structure includes high levels of the curcumin antioxidant.

Many people who experience joint pain opt for pain killers to reduce the amount of discomfort they feel. Clinical studies continue to indicate curcumin’s joint support, with one even indicating that it provides the same kind of effectiveness that painkillers do.

Of course, the benefit of using turmeric is that it has a natural composition, contributing to the internal comfort alluded to above.

As a rule of thumb, you want to pay attention to ensure that whatever joint health supplement you choose includes turmeric.


This is one of the less common parts of the mixture. That’s because it’s naturally present in your body as an element of tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Of course, these are all supporting areas that are meant to make moving around easier.

Glucosamine offers the joint lubrication element that Performance Lab Flex brings to the table. You can imagine it as being akin to the lubricating that oil offers to mechanical parts, allowing them to move more freely and preventing wear.

The hydration offers the same kind of benefit to the joints, maintaining cartilage thickness and accounting for the springy and healthy structure that handles weight dissipation from force.


You can think of chondroitin as a supporting element to glucosamine. When the two are combined, there is a significant reduction in the amount of joint space present.

Bear in mind that non-fluid-filled spacing in joints is a recipe for pain and discomfort.

Therefore, the glucosamine and chondroitin combination is a direct counter to this, which is especially desirable for those dealing with knee osteoarthritis.

Chondroitin by itself has shock absorption properties through lubrication as glucosamine does.

With the pain relief provided by returning the joints to proper functionality, you can begin to enjoy the peak performance your body can offer.


Methylsulfonylmethane, which is shortened to “MSM,” is a naturally-occurring substance in plants, animals, and humans.

It’s often found in joint supplements because of the slowing effect it has on cartilage breakdown. Its inclusion supports the less-than-needed amount already present.

With cartilage at its peak, the bones comprising the joint are shielded from making contact with each other, which is one of the biggest reasons for the pain you feel.

In 2017, a study was conducted focusing on half marathoners that were given MSM supplementation. The results indicated that joint pain reduction and muscular recovery were tremendously improved.


Strontium is the last active ingredient to be covered here, and it has a similar function to calcium. The idea is to slow down the rate at which you experience bone breakdown.

It’s a highly used ingredient, being found in most multivitamin supplements for this reason. A secondary effect is the reduction of joint spacing, which as covered before, is essential to pain reduction.

Downsides & Potential Side Effects of Performance Lab Flex

As you’ve realized by now, there are no side effects to speak of up to this point. Nevertheless, there are a few downsides that you want to pay attention to before you consider using Performance Lab Flex.

Wait Period for Benefits

First, the benefits that you get are not instantaneous. Based on previous user experiences and reviews, you must be taking the supplement for weeks before you begin to see any improvements.

Other options on the market yield their results much quicker, but of course, there is a tradeoff between natural and synthetic ingredients. You can read our P6 Ripped Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review to find out more


The product is not widely available, meaning you are likely not going to see it on your favorite retail site. Your best and in most cases, only bet, is to purchase it directly from the Performance Lab website

Price Point

While there is an obvious level of quality associated with the product, the price can be a bit of a deterrent.

A month’s supply is going to run you $69. You can also purchase a two-month supply, but it costs $138, which provides no discount over the one-month supply option.

There is some value, however, in a three-month supply purchase. That’s because you pay a total of $207, and a free box is included, for a total of a four-month supply.

Results from Users

Generally, the user sentiment is quite positive, with people indicating that the use of Performance Lab Flex assisted them in reducing their joint pain symptoms and protecting them against a recurrence.

The only challenges communicated are the price and the period that must elapse before the results begin to take shape.

How to Take Performance Lab Flex

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily. You can get more joint soothing support by taking two immediately after any physical activity.

Where to Buy Performance Lab Flex

Performance Lab Flex can be purchased at the Performance Lab online store.

Should You Use Performance Lab Flex

If you are an active person of any age who needs joint protection and pain relief, then Performance Lab Flex is for you. Alternatively, people over 55 years old who simply want to maintain as healthy joints as possible should also take the supplement.

There are no pre-existing conditions that disqualify you from doing so, particularly because of the lack of side effects.