PhenQ Vs PhenGold (Which is Best for Weight Loss?)

Weight loss is a journey, and it doesn’t matter whether you want to look good in that outfit or make a complete lifestyle change; you will need all the help you can get.

PhenQ and PhenGold are two fat burners marketed at doing just that. But do they really work? And which one is best? see the comparison PhenQ Vs PhenGold:

We have done a thorough analysis of both products to help you answer those questions. Our research should help you make the right choice for your specific needs and lose weight fast. 

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula. 

PhenQ vs PhenGold Ingredients Analysis

What goes into making PhenQ?

PhenQ Vs PhenGold

The makers of PhenQ seem to have conducted thorough research before coming up with their fat burner. According to PhenQ, most weight loss pills focus on targeting a singular element to trigger weight loss. What PhenQ has done is to include five different ingredients that work from different angles.

The one they hype the most is a-Lacys Reset. This is a combination of Alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, and an L-cysteine base. The combination of the three is meant to act as a performance regulator and booster.

  • Alpha-lipoic acid is effective at reducing body fat by promoting weight loss and reducing fatigue, especially after a workout. 
  • On the other hand, L-Cysteine is known to be an agent in the fight against aging as well as helping to rebalance hormonal disorders. 
  • Magnesium is meant to increase energy levels by promoting energy-yielding metabolism. 

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What goes into making PhenGold?

Swiss Research Labs, the makers of PhenGold fat burner decided not to stray too far away from the already beaten path. The only problem with that is PhenGold ends up sharing ingredients with a myriad of the other weight loss supplements that have come and gone. 

PhenGold is full of ingredients proven to be fat burners, but the most interesting of these is Rhodiola Rosea extract. Rhodiola extract is known for inducing the breakdown of fatty tissues. It is also a great aid for mental and physical fatigue, helping with motivation and exercise.

Green leaf tea and cayenne pepper extracts work on fat by inducing thermogenesis. Green coffee extract works on the digestion side of things to reduce the amount of fat and glucose getting absorbed into the bloodstream.

Ingredients Verdict

PhenQ relies on six ingredients to get the job done. This fat burner focuses greatly on the fat intake process and helps stop it by burning fat at the source and suppressing appetite.

PhenGold, approaches weight loss more holistically. Apart from burning existing fat, it also has ingredients to block the uptake of more fat and glucose. Then other ingredients work to keep the body and mind refreshed while you work out. 

The makers of PhenGold may have stayed within the beaten path, but they ensured they covered every square inch of it. 

PhenQ diet pill takes an entirely new approach but ends up doing more or less the same things as PhenGold.

Overall, both diet pills have very effective ingredients formulas, according to our research. There’s not much to separate them. 

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula. 

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PhenGold vs PhenQ Side Effects

People tend to react differently to various ingredients in supplements. Luckily PhenQ is a fat burner that does not have any ingredients that can cause issues as they are all-natural. 

However, there are some cases of mild effects that have been reported.

The issues include:

  • Stomach upsets.
  • Nausea.
  • Bloating
  • Headaches and dizziness.

The occurrences are few and far between. You have nothing to worry about with this product.

PhenGold, too, gets a gold star when it comes to side effects and contra-indications. PhenGold is crafted out of all-natural ingredients, though they are different from the ones in PhenQ. You should note, however, that some ingredients can cause mild issues.

  • Green tea has been known to interact with medications such as anisidine, warfarin and dicumarol.
  • L-theanine can cause a drop in blood pressure, which can disturb heart conditions. 

PhenQ vs PhenGold Customer Results

PhenQ has pretty much all positive reviews. However, this fat burner only delivers to the US, UK, Canada and Europe. Shipping to other parts of the world is quite problematic. 

PhenGold, also has great reviews. Customers are generally pleased with the product. 

It’s important to note that both these products are only designed to aid in weight loss. They are not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise and you should not expect results if you are not prepared to make some changes to your lifestyle. 

Manufacturing and Brand

Both PhenQ and PhenGold are new entrants into the weight loss supplement market. As to how both products would come to have almost similar brand names, we may never know. We know for sure that the companies behind them were both incorporated in the UK. 

A look at the company behind PhenQ, Wolfson Brands, reveals a company with its hands deep in multiple fields from wellness and beauty to technology. Only a serious company would put this much effort into launching multiple products. Its supplements are produced in FDA-approved facilities.

PhenGold, on the other hand, raises the eyebrows a little bit more. The company behind the product, Swiss Research Labs, claims to have put out its first product in 1999. However, it was only incorporated in 2019.

The company has other products besides PhenGold. Two of them are weight loss supplements, an immune booster, and a skin-lightening solution. The products are produced in facilities approved by the FDA.

On the matter of which product you can trust, PhenQ clearly wins here. They appear to be more transparent and upfront with the information needed. Their products also reflect a healthy lifestyle. 

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PhenGold vs PhenQ Pricing Comparison

PhenQ is available as a single bottle with a retail price of $69.95, which includes free worldwide delivery. 

For $139.90, you get two bottles plus an extra one thrown in as a bonus – so three in total. 

They further sweeten the deal at 189.95 by sending three bottles plus two free, and they then throw in a free Advana Cleanse bottle.

One month’s supply of PhenGold (one bottle) costs $64.95. The two months supply includes two bottles plus an extra one, all for $129.90. 

For $184.85, you get three months supply plus two extra bottles thrown in to sweeten the deal. 

So the deals are very similar across both products.

What Stands Out? 

Well, aside from the fact that they tackle the weight loss problem from two different directions, each of these products has a slight advantage over the other. 

Some features cancel each other out, and that makes this quite the fierce contest. 

Here’s the highlights of PhenQ: 

  • Chromium picolinate: A primary focus of weight loss is to curb sugar intakes. The general approach is to cut out sugar, but what if you flood your cells instead? Your cravings are quickly quenched to the point your body forgets to ask for more. That is the job of Chromium picolinate.
  • Nopal: This is derived from the Nopal Cactus. It is high in fiber and amino acids that give you the energy you need and aid in flushing out fluid retained in the body.

PhenGold, on the other hand, created a more standard fat burner and still came up with a solid product. This is all due to the vitamins included:

It contains Vitamin B6: The main protagonist in burning proteins, fats, and carbs helps with mood regulation. It also helps reduce the risk of developing severe conditions like arthritis and heart disease.

The Pros of PhenQ

  • A new approach to weight loss.
  • Tested and researched scientifically.
  • There are no observed side effects, just a few reports here and there.
  • The discounts on large orders are massive.
  • Great for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Produced by a recognizable and reputable manufacturer.

The Cons of PhenQ

  • It may take some time to get used to, especially for new users.
  • Only available in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe despite what the website says.

The Pros of PhenGold

  • Formulated with well-known and trusted ingredients.
  • No side effects are known or reported.
  • The affordable option for smaller orders.
  • The use of vitamins in the formulation is welcome anywhere.

The cons of PhenGold

  • The drug interactions of some of its ingredients can be a cause for concern.
  • The manufacturer is new to the scene and hasn’t established a solid reputation yet. 

PhenQ vs PhenGold: The Verdict

These are two very different supplements considering they were made to achieve the same goal. 

Based purely on the ingredients formula, PhenGold would be the better choice for a majority of users out there. The ingredients are tried and true with plenty of scientific studies to back up their effectiveness.

However, PhenQ is also a great product. The brand has been around a lot longer and is well trusted and proven. It’s just the ingredients formula is quite different from most supplements (which might be a good thing if you are looking to make the switch from another supplement).

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula.