PhenQ vs Trimtone: Which is Better?

PhenQ and Trimtone are two well-known supplements for aiding in weight loss. But can they deliver what they promise? 

We have found out everything you need to know about the two supplements and compared them to each other to determine which is better. 

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula. 

TrimTone vs PhenQ Comparison at a Glance 

  • Trimtone is cheaper and has a longer return policy.
  • PhenQ has the better ingredients formula and is a more effective product overall.  

Ingredients Comparison    

Let’s compare the formula of the two supplements to see what ingredients they contain, and whether they are effective for aiding in weight loss. 


One of the ingredients of PhenQ is Capsimax, which research has shown aids in the burning of calories and helps reduce the number of calories you take in from food. 

Capsimax also has a role in regulating the hormones that are responsible for the breakdown of fat, and it prevents excess fat from being stored.  

Chromium picolinate is another ingredient of PhenQ. It is a mineral which helps to suppress cravings of sugar and carbohydrates through its ability to control blood sugar levels.  

PhenQ also contains caffeine, which is able to majorly boost energy, improve focus, and increase alertness due to it acting as stimulant. It can also suppress your appetite to help you consume fewer calories.  

One study found that caffeine was able to increase fat burning by up to 29% in lean participants, and by up to 10% in individuals who were obese. 

Another ingredient in PhenQ is Nopal. This is high in fibre, which makes it great for controlling hunger. 

Nopal also contains a lot of amino acids, which makes it great for increasing your energy levels. 


Like PhenQ, Trimtone contains caffeine. The benefits of this have already been outlined above. 

Trimtone also contains green tea. This can boost your metabolism and promote hormones that are responsible for telling cells to break down fat.  

Evidence has also been found for the ability of green tea to stop your body storing as many carbohydrates as fat. 

One study found that four months of taking green tea daily can help people to lose more weight than those who didn’t. 

Another ingredient of Trimtone is Grains of paradise. This is a herb which is able to promote thermogenesis, keeping your body warm and allowing the burning of more calories.  

Research has also found that Grains of paradise is able to keep your energy levels stable throughout the day and curb your cravings due to its ability to help regulate blood sugar levels. 


Neither supplement comes out on top in this category. 

The two supplements contain similar ingredients, which are all completely natural and have scientific evidence supporting them. 

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula. 

Safety and Potential Side Effects 

Let’s compare the side effects of the two supplements.  


PhenQ is not FDA approved, and therefore you might experience some side effects from it.  

Reported side effects include stomach pains, nausea, dizziness, headaches, and bloating.  

PhenQ also states that women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should not take the supplement, nor should people under the age of 18.  

If you are on medication, or have an underlying health condition, you should consult a doctor before taking PhenQ. 


Trimtone assures that their supplement is made from 100% natural ingredients and that there are no known side effects.  

However, they do say how people who are sensitive to caffeine should limit their intake of caffeinated drinks whilst taking Trimtone due to the high caffeine content of the supplement. This is due to it containing caffeine, green tea, and green coffee. 

Other than this, there doesn’t appear to be any major side effects from taking this supplement, however there is the very rare chance you might experience minor, and temporary, indigestion, headaches, or nausea. 


Neither supplement wins. 

They both contain caffeine, and so could cause energy crashes and jitters. Their other side effects are of a similar mild severity and are very rare. 

However, Trimtone does contain more caffeine than PhenQ, and so therefore may be the worst of the two for people who are sensitive to stimulants. 

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Customer Results 

What are customers saying about the two supplements? Does one seem to give better results than the other? Let’s find out. 


There were a wealth of customer reviews on PhenQ, many of which were positive.  

Many people reported experiencing significant weight loss results, with one customer saying how they lost 14lbs of fat in just two weeks, and another reporting a weight loss of 44 lbs in four months. They made clear, however, that this was done by pairing the supplement with a healthy diet and good exercise routine. 

However, alongside the positive customer reviews there were some customers who were very angry at the supplement brand. 

Many reported experiencing negative side effects from the supplement, including dizziness and nausea.  

There were also numerous comments of poor customer service when people tried to contact PhenQ with questions, and many said they were unable to get a refund even when returning the product within the return window. 


From the reviews it was clear that Trimtone is ideally suited to women who want to lose weight. 

There were many comments saying how Trimtone helped people to lose weight in problem areas where they had struggled to lose weight before. 

People spoke about how they were able to shed the fat very quickly when using Trimtone, with one customer reporting a loss of 17lbs in just two months! 

Many also commented on how the supplement gave them a boost in energy.  

In our research we couldn’t find many negative reviews on Trimtone, however there were a few comments of people being disappointed with the results they were seeing. Some said they only saw very little changes in their weight and gave up after a couple months of taking the supplement. 


Trimtone is the winner when it comes to customer results.  

Trimtone had significantly fewer negative reviews than PhenQ. 

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula. 

Manufacturing and Brand 

Are the manufacturers of these weight loss supplements? We have found out for you. 


PhenQ is manufactured by Wolfson Brands Limited, which is a company based in Scotland. 

They assure that thorough scientific research is done before making their supplements to ensure they only use effective, top-quality ingredients. 

Wolfson Brand’s manufacturing facilities are both FDA approved and GMP certified. 


Trimtone is manufactured by Swiss Research Labs Limited. They are a company based in Nottingham in the UK, and they started operating in 2019. 

Swiss Research assure to only use natural, high-quality ingredients, and their manufacturing facilities are both FDA approved and GMP certified. 


Neither supplement wins in this category.  

Both manufacturers seem to be reliable, as they produce their products in top standard facilities. 

Price and Value for Money 

Let’s compare the prices for the two supplements and see which is better value for money. 


You can only purchase PhenQ through their official website. One bottle, which is the equivalent of one month’s supply of PhenQ, will cost you $69.95, and you will get free worldwide shipping. 

PhenQ offers discounts for bulk buying. If you purchase two bottles at once it will cost you $139.90 and you’ll get an extra bottle for free! 

If you buy three bottles in one order it will cost you $189.95, and you will get two additional bottles for free!  

PhenQ also offers a 60 day return policy, so you can get a full refund if you return your product within this time. 


A one-month supply of Trimtone costs $49.99 with a $4.95 shipping fee. 

If you buy a two months’ supply of Trimtone in one order, it will cost you $99.99 and you will get an extra month for free.  

Then, if you buy a three months supply of Trimtone it will cost you $149.99 and you will get an extra two months worth of the supplement for free. 

Trimtone offers a 100 day return policy, where you will be guaranteed your money back. 


Trimtone wins when it comes to price.  

Trimtone is significantly cheaper than PhenQ and they also have a longer return policy of 100 days. 

Pros and Cons 



  • 60 day return policy 
  • Discounts for bulk buying 
  • Boosts energy 
  • Manufacturing facilities are FDA approved and GMP certified 
  • Many customer reviews 
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Very few side effects 


  • Contains caffeine which can be too stimulating for some people 
  • Can be expensive 
  • Not FDA approved 
  • Many negative reviews with claims of bad customer services 



  • 100 day return policy 
  • Lots of positive customer reviews 
  • Very few negative customer reviews 
  • Fairly affordable 
  • Boosts energy 
  • Helps burn fat 
  • Manufactured in FDA approved and GMP certified facilities 
  • Side effects very rare 


  • Not FDA approved 
  • Some customers said it didn’t work for them 
  • Contains a lot of caffeine so some can find it too stimulating 

PhenQ vs TrimTone – Final Verdict 

Both Trimtone and PhenQ seem to be great for aiding in weight loss, however we deem Trimtone to be the overall winner. 

Trimtone wins due to its cheaper price, better customer reviews, and longer return policy. 

Furthermore, there were a lot fewer reports of people experiencing side effects for Trimtone compared to PhenQ. 

Having said this, some people may prefer PhenQ due to it containing less caffeine, and therefore being less stimulating, than Trimtone. 

However, overall, from our research we believe Trimtone is the supplement that can be relied on the most. 

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula.