Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review


If you thought that only women had it hard as they age, you would have been wrong, as men also experience a slower, but sustained “Andropause” that can start as early as the time they hit their thirties.

That is exactly why the male supplement industry is so huge; there are an endless array of products at our disposal to choose from, but also an equal number of snake oil salesman to avoid.

Luckily, it is our mission to provide you with unbiased supplement investigations, to determine if the product will truly work.

In this article, we put our microscope on Prime Male – an all-natural testosterone booster that appears very promising.

What is Prime Male?

Prime Male is an all-natural testosterone booster manufactured by the company Propura, that claims to help address the elephant in the room that is low testosterone due to natural aging, helping men to optimize, and in some cases reverse the premature decline of testosterone levels.

The company also refers to the powerful red pill using an epic movie line; the red pill in the movie the matrix which changes your reality upon taking. Prime Male claims to be that red pill which can positively change your reality and life after you take it.

Specifically, its claimed benefits include:

  • Promoting lean muscle accrual
  • Promoting the loss of body fat
  • Improving your energy levels naturally by buffering fatigue
  • Enhancing your libido and sexual aggression
  • Promoting a greater sense of well-being and a positive mood
  • Enhancing mental clarity and cognition
  • Improving metabolic markers of health, assisting with blood glucose and blood pressure regulation

Who is Prime Male For?

While Prime Male doesn’t specifically target men of a certain age, based on the fact that levels decline as you age, the product may be best appreciated by men 50 and over, even though men as young as their thirties can see significant benefit from its usage.

If you feel your energy levels are nowhere near what you are usually accustomed to, or zeal and your desire to procreate has dropped immensely, these are usually indicators that your testosterone levels are sub-par.

This, of course, will have a negative impact on every aspect of male health. You’d be spinning your wheels in the gym trying to build muscle and lose fat, constantly feel demotivated, and unable to dedicate yourself 100% to what you want in life.

If you feel you fit the bill, or any of these sound like you, Prime Male should be able to help.

How Does Prime Male Work?

Prime male exerts its beneficial actions on male physiology via numerous mechanisms, which is what you should be looking for in an effective supplement.

Of course, a supplement that contains merely one ingredient is virtually guaranteed of being weaker than one which contains several ingredients which are capable of working synergistically together.

A few of its established ways of working in the body include:

  • Increasing Anabolism – the body needs to establish an anabolic state in order to facilitate muscle growth via enhanced protein synthesis. This results in reduced loss of muscle mass, in favor of building up of new protein sub-units within the muscle cell.
  • Increasing Work Capacity – thanks to the presence of adaptogens in the formulation, the body is able to buffer the effects of fatigue, allowing you to work out longer before failure ensues.
  • Promoting Utilization of Fat For Fuel – to lose body fat in a sustainable and reproducible manner, fats need to be broken down into triglycerides and free fatty acids, which can then enter muscle cells to be burnt for the production of energy.
  • Promotes Clout – do you know what clout is? It is that unassailable feeling of power and confidence, that enables you to take on the world. Prime Male can help you achieve that state so that success feeds even greater things.

Primary Ingredients

This is the part that makes or breaks a supplement. All the claims in the world are absolutely useless, unless there is scientific efficacy behind what is included in the formulation, and of course, that they are included in sufficient quantities. Let’s have a look at the dirty dozen found in prime male

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

Considered the alpha of all-natural testosterone boosters, the presence of this ingredient in Prime Male shows that the supplement means business.

D-Aspartic Acid promotes synthesis of luteinizing hormone, whose function is to subsequently stimulate the testes to enhance the production of testosterone. Studies have confirmed these findings, with a dose of just over 3 g daily being correlated to a massive 42% increase in testosterone levels, and over the course of just 12 days[R].

While the dose of D-Aspartic Acid contained in Prime male is not that high, they claim that the use of the chelated form of this ingredient enhances the solubility, and absorption of it into blood so that less is required.


An often underappreciated micro-mineral, boron has notable effects on testosterone levels in men. In particular, studies have found that consumption of 10 mg of boron over the course of just a week can significantly decrease sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels[R], reducing the amount of testosterone bound at any one time.

To clarify, even though very high levels of testosterone are possible, it is in effect of no benefit unless it is unbound from this protein, referred to as free testosterone.

Longer-term consumption of boron at the daily dose of 6 mg taken over the course of two months has also been positively associated with an increase in free testosterone levels that average 29% higher.

Added to the fact that boron possesses what appears to be an antiestrogenic property, and what you have is a low-key testosterone boosting superstar!

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

There is arguably no herb more synonymous with masculinity than ginseng, in particular, Korean red ginseng.

Best-known as an adaptogen, it can help improve the way your body deals with stress and fatigue, bolster your immune system, but also help address symptoms of erectile dysfunction[R], and enhance sexual performance and satisfaction.


Luteolin is an interesting flavonoid compound extracted from citrus fruits, which decreases the production of estrogen in men, by acting as an aromatase inhibitor.

Aromatase is the name of the enzyme that converts precious testosterone into the pesky estrogen, and one that the majority of men stand to benefit from restricting.


A super important mineral best-known for its role on promoting bone health, magnesium also has much to offer when it comes to making more free testosterone available for use by the body.

Similar to boron, magnesium helps reduce levels of SHBG, as confirmed by a study in men given 10 mg daily. While participants of the study were athletes, one group was allowed to work out, while the other wasn’t; indicating likely benefit even if you are not physically active[R].

Mucuna Pruriens

Known as velvet bean in some parts of the world, this herb is truly one-of-a-kind. Naturally rich in the amino acid L-dopa, it can help to promote synthesis of the neurotransmitter dopamine, important for motivation and sense of well-being.

But that’s not nearly all it does. The amino acid also lends itself to increasing levels of testosterone and growth hormone[R] – considered the true holy grail of anti-aging. In addition to this, its natural cortisol suppressing activity means that the stress hormone will take less of a toll on testosterone, and also lends itself to decreasing levels of prolactin.

All of these properties help make Mucuna Pruriens a staple in effective natural testosterone boosters.

Nettle Root Extract

Helping to control levels of SHBG, nettle root translates to a higher amount of free testosterone. In addition to this, nettle root can help decrease estrogen levels, and lends itself to testosterone synthesis via the presence of beta-sitosterol.

Vitamin D3

Known as the sunshine vitamin, men that have the lowest levels of vitamin D3 in blood or are also those that also possess the lowest testosterone levels[R]. Longevity appears to also be related to serum levels of this important vitamin as well, which should make it a no-brainer for everyone to just go outside and get some sun, right?

Not so fast. While ensuring this does sound easy, the fact is most people do not spend enough time in the sun each day, or may be unable to as a result of a medical condition or geographic location.

At a dose of 5000 IU vitamin D, Prime Male supplies a massive shot of what you need daily. Consistent use of vitamin D supplements over the course of a year have been associated with an average increase of 20% in testosterone values, possibly adding years to your life in the process.

Vitamin K2

Works together with vitamin D to enhance bone mineralization, but also for improving testosterone synthesis.

The mechanism behind vitamin K2’s action is believed to be enhanced activity of enzymes within the testes that contribute to testosterone synthesis, with rodent studies even finding out that supplementation of K2 increased testosterone levels by 50% over the course of just five weeks[R].


The poster child mineral for increasing testosterone[R], Zinc can help promote luteinizing hormone release from the pituitary, subsequently leading to increased testosterone.

Everyone stands to benefit from zinc supplementation, as profuse amounts are lost in sweat, especially if you’re physically active. Men lose an additional amount in ejaculate fluid, making it even more essential to replace what’s lost.

Zinc deficiency can result in significant testosterone suppression, losing as much as 73% over the course of 20 weeks restriction.

Vitamin B6

Many of the B vitamins are associated with improving energy levels, but this member helps improve absorption of zinc and magnesium too, and is involved in the biosynthetic pathway of testosterone[R], particularly its precursors.

B6 also promotes the breakdown of homocysteine, a dangerous amino acid that increases cardiac risk significantly.


Better known as black pepper extract, this ingredient helps improve the bioavailability of other ingredients in the formulation exponentially, up to 2000% in some instances. Many of the most effective male enhancement and natural testosterone boosters make use of this ingredient as it can help reduce effective doses of ingredients and diminish the likelihood of adverse effects as a result.

Prime Male Side Effects – Is It Safe?

The ingredients found in Prime Male have been scientifically studied, and are well received by persons who consume them.

Given that you adhere to the dosage guidelines, the risk of adverse effects is extremely low. Based on reports, the possibility of gastric upset occasionally occurring is the most frequent complaint if it does occur.

Prime Male Results – What Are Others Saying?

One of the things that stood out about Prime Male is the great reception it has garnered by those that have used it. Frankly, the horde of satisfied men that swear by its efficacy is a little cult-like (but not in a bad way), since it indicates the promise the supplement has to offer.

Results are in line with many users’ goals; from muscle gain, to weight loss and of course- improvements to libido.

The product has also garnered support from some of the most well-known celebrities on the planet; think of the legendary Dolph Lundgren.

But what stands out the most to me? The realistic testimonials. There is no super zero to hero change here, but small differences which indicate it is working- the way a natural supplement is supposed to. If a supplement promises you testosterone levels that are considerably supra-physiological, stay away as they may be using adulterated hormone-based products.

Pros And Cons

While Prime Male is exceptionally good at what it does, in an effort to keeping this review as impartial as possible, you must know the possible cons it inherently possesses as well.


  • Money Back guarantee – Prime Male products are covered by a 90-day guarantee, giving you ample time to notice what the product has to offer. In the event you are still not pleased at this time, you have the option of returning what remains of the product for a full refund.
  • Trustworthy – Prime Male is a well-known brand the world over. It is not a fly by night operation but a company that has been around a number of years.
  • Improved Quality Of Life – from improved mood to voracious sexual appetites and improved muscle-building potential, Prime Male has something for everyone that has lower than normal testosterone levels.


  • Not Fast Acting – though this is characteristic of the category of products, and not Prime Male specifically, it is unreasonable to expect significant changes the first time you take it. While you may notice subtle changes in as little as a week, 90 days seems like the sweet spot for massive changes to be noticed.
  • Costly – Prime Male is not cheap. If you are committed to the process of giving it a fair chance, you can save a tidy sum by ordering the complete 3-month supply at once, and also qualify for free worldwide shipping (saving a bit more in the process).
  • Pill Heavy – you need to consume a total of 4 capsules over the course of the day, split into 4 doses of 1 capsule each. Not ideal, but can help keep blood levels of the supplement constant a bit more efficiently that supplements with once-daily dosing.


As long as you are not too bothered about the cost, and have a realistic idea of what to expect, Prime Male will not disappoint.

It is extremely well received by users, has an impressive ingredient profile and is considered safe. Without a doubt, Prime Male has our seal of approval!

Where To Buy Prime Male For The Best Price?

The best place to purchase Prime Male to guarantee you get the best price is from the manufacturer’s website

When purchasing the 90 day’s supply, you also receive a free bottle, which in essence pushes down the individual cost per bottle to even less.

Can you find it other places? Occasionally, yes. But you will be nickel and dimed by resellers who take the free bottle and sell for profit and do not offer discounts with larger purchases. You are also likely to lose your 90-day guarantee as it was not purchased via the official sales channel, so why risk it?