Eyes-On Glasses

Evena offers a cutting-edge, sleek set of products including the all-new Eyes-On Glass System. This state of the art system offers top of the line imaging technology benefits essential for consistent performance. The brand continues to up its engineering with this wearable, cost-efficient solution. The Evena Eyes-On Glasses are unique, battery-powered, and portable for those who want something ideal for their medical needs. Whether it’s in a hospital, clinic, or physician’s office, this is the perfect fit for crystal clear results.

Key features include:

Multi-Spectral Imaging – A state-of-the-art technology developed in-house by Evena to offer industry-leading penetration, detailing, and sharp results perfect for regular use.

Real-Time Images – This system ensures everything is picture-perfect with clear images.

EMR/PACS Interface – Complete automation through improved detailing and precision.

This hands-free, wearable technology offers medical professionals the opportunity to maintain complete flexibility without compromising on the imaging.

This Eyes-On technology is ideal for those wanting to maintain comprehensive awareness while being able to converse with a patient and make quick decisions. Finding the vein will become a breeze with this pinpoint accurate system ensuring visual limitations are never a concern again.

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