Skald vs PhenQ: Which is Better for Your Needs?

If you feel that you are struggling to lose weight or are generally unhappy with your current weight, then a supplement might be something that can help both your energy levels and the productivity of your weight loss. 

Both Skald and PhenQ are supplements used to target weight loss. 

PhenQ’s ingredients aim to target appetite suppression and boost metabolism, which are both factors that can contribute to weight loss. 

On the other hand, Skald is recognized more as a performance or energy booster, targeting your efficiency during exercise and allowing for a better workout. 

Both supplements have their benefits, and this blog will help you determine whether PhenQ or Skald are good options for your weight loss journey. We’ll provide:

  • An overview of each product
  • An analysis of the ingredients in Phenq and Skald
  • A price and value comparison of both
  • Potential side effects to watch out for
  • Final verdict.

Let’s get into it!

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula. 

Product Overview

To understand these supplements, we need to break down the products based on ingredients and positioning in the supplement market. Let’s start with Skald. 

Skald: The Fat Burning and Energy Enhancement Supplement


Skald is marketed as a fat-burning and energy-enhancing supplement courtesy of a variety of active ingredients such as Juniper berry extract, caffeine anhydrous, and catechins. 

It contains thermogenic properties which increase body heat during exercise and promote fat burn. The supplement also incorporates a variety of stimulants that boost energy for a better workout. 

Skald is manufactured by BELDT Labs, a company that specializes in energy-boosting supplements.

PhenQ: The Weight Loss Supplement 


PhenQ is marketed as a weight loss aid and energy booster. Similarly to Skald, PhenQ aims to boost energy throughout workouts while also using ingredients for appetite suppression and metabolism boosting. 

This synergy provides a multifaceted approach to a weight loss supplement, targeting multiple areas of concern all at once.

The supplement is manufactured by Wolfson Brands, a UK-owned and operated nutraceutical company specializing in supplements and wellness aids.

The Ingredients Analysis 

The ingredients and formulations of both supplements play a large part in how they perform. To further understand whether PhenQ and/or Skald is right for you, let’s further analyze the ingredients and their benefits:

Ingredients in Skald 

Skald is an energy booster and performance enhancer, meaning that its ingredients will lean towards improving energy levels. Some of their ingredients and functions include:

CaffeineCaffeine is an extremely common ingredient known for improving fatigue and mental stimulation, hence why people drink coffee. In this case, it helps boost energy for a more efficient workout. 
N-Acetyl-TyrosineN-Acetyl-Tyrosine, although a mouthful, is an amino acid derivative and a key ingredient in Skald that improves mental sharpness during intense physical exercise.
Green TeaGreen tea is an ingredient extremely popular in wellness supplements due to its large variety of benefits and antioxidants. In Skald, its primary target is to boost metabolism and target fat burning. Green tea also contains low levels of caffeine. 
SalicinSalicin is a natural ingredient similar to that of Aspirin. During physical exercise, it can promote fast pain relief and recovery so that you can keep exercising. 

Ingredients in Phenq

PhenQ is a weight loss aid that targets fat burning, appetite suppression, and boosting metabolism, meaning that its ingredients will lean towards these things. Some of their ingredients and functions include:

CaffeineSimilar to Skald, PhenQ also contains high levels of caffeine. Caffeine is an extremely common ingredient known for improving fatigue and mental stimulation, hence why people drink coffee. In this case, it helps boost energy for a more efficient workout. 
Chromium PicolinateChromium Picolinate aims to reduce blood sugar levels, simultaneously reducing cravings. It is used to support appetite regulation and stop the user from craving unhealthy foods or overeating. It also improves nutrient metabolism hence causing weight loss.
Capsimax PowderCapsimax incorporates ingredients such as piperine, caffeine, vitamin B3, and capsicum. This powder has thermogenic properties, which promote heat and fat burning in exercise. 
a-Lacys Reseta-Lacys Reset is a formulation of ingredients that enhance metabolism and thermogenesis (where thermogenics take place). It is thought to promote a leaner physique. 

Analysis Result for Effectiveness 

The effectiveness of weight loss aid and supplements is a long-debated subject. However, certain ingredients can help promote efficiency and aid in weight loss!

Let’s start with PhenQ. One of the key ingredients in PhenQ is a-Lacys reset, which has been researched and studied heavily. 

According to research conducted by Nazli Namazi, ALA did significantly help with weight loss during a clinical trial (but not with fat targeting, such as in the waistline). 

According to research conducted by James Rogers, capsaicinoids found in red and chili peppers (from which Capsimax is formulated) have been linked to weight loss in clinical studies compared with placebo subjects. However, further research should be conducted. 

For Skald, it can be thought of as a pre-workout – a supplement to promote energy levels and efficiency in exercise. 

For this reason, many of the ingredients cannot be directly linked to weight loss. 
However, research into the effectiveness of pre-workout supplements containing similar ingredients to Skald suggests that significant improvements in efficiency can be found.

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula. 

Price and Value Comparison

Price$49.99 per bottle$69.99 per bottle
Subscription OptionsYou can subscribe to the supplement, receive 10% off and get free shipping resulting in $44.99 per bottle.
Cost per DayEstimated cost per day based on two capsules per day would equate to $1.63 per day. Estimated cost per day based on two capsules per day would equate to $2.3 per day. 
Shipping CostsFree with subscription. Free shipping available periodically based on sales on Amazon.Free shipping 
Special Offers10% Off for First Time Order- FIRST10Buy two get one free totaling $139.99, and buy three get two free totaling $209.99.

Potential Side Effects and Safety Issues

Skald is a mainly natural supplement, so safety issues typically surround allergies. Some common side effects released by Skald are nausea, shaking, palpitation, insomnia, and stomach aches. 

Many of these side effects occur due to the caffeine dosage within the capsule. 

Caffeine is a stimulant that helps alertness and fatigue, so those with lower caffeine tolerance may not be able to sleep as well or may experience shakiness especially later in the day.

Additionally, people with cardiac problems should not take Skald because one of the ingredients, Juniperus Communis, is known to cause sudden cardiac death.

PhenQ also lists the same side effects as Skald, again in reference to the caffeine content. Caffeine is a powerful drug that is more effective in men than women, so it is important to be aware of this when taking these supplements. 

PhenQ vs. Skald: A Comparative Analysis

Features SkaldPhenq
Targeted AudienceThose struggling with weight loss and energy levelsThose struggling with weight loss and appetite issues
Key IngredientsCaffeine, Green Tea, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, SalicinCaffeine, Chromium Picolinate, Capsimax Powder, a-Lacys Reset.
ValueBetter value for money per day Better value for bulk purchasing
Side Effects and SafetyInsomnia, Nausea, Shaking, palpitation, stomach achesNausea, Difficulty sleeping, stomach aches. 
AvailabilityAvailable on Amazon and from beldt.comAvailable from Amazon and from
Cost per Day$1.63$2.3

Final Verdict – Which Is Better?

Both supplements have their pros and cons, and it is important to choose whichever one most aligns with your goals. 

While PhenQ may have slightly better pricing, is it what you’re looking for? 

Choosing which supplement is best for you depends on your goals and needs. 

PhenQ may be the better option for you if you have cardiac problems, while Skald may be superior if you want to regulate your appetite naturally. 

You may also want to lean toward Skald if you don’t trust some of the less-researched ingredients in PhenQ. 

Both are highly praised for increasing energy and fat burning, and most people experience great results no matter which one they choose. Good luck, and we hope that one of these supplements works for you!

Editor's Choice

PhenQ is our top fat-burning supplement on the market right now due to its superior ingredients and formula.