T-Hero vs TestoGen (Our In-depth Comparison)

This article focuses on T-Hero vs Testogen. It compares the ingredients, explains each one, and includes safety information. You also learn what customers have to say and many other things. Let’s get started!

The Quick Version of T-Hero vs TestoGen :

Testogen is clearly the winner over T-Hero because it has superior ingredients. Its formula has been proven to boost testosterone in multiple studies.

Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results. 

What Is T-Hero?

T-Hero is a supplement with testosterone-boosting properties. The mixture of natural ingredients helps you improve your libido and raise energy levels.

Its primary function is to regulate testosterone levels. This increases muscle gains when exercising and improves blood flow to the penis, leading to better sexual function.

What Is Testogen?

T-Hero vs TestoGen

Testogen is another testosterone-boosting supplement for men, and it features 11 natural ingredients. It focuses on increasing testosterone in your blood and helps your body produce more of it. Plus, it delays the conversion from testosterone to estrogen.

You can find capsules or booster drops, and the company claims it’s best to use both products interchangeably.

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Ingredients Comparison

T-Hero Ingredients

T-Hero includes these active ingredients:

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha Extract is found in parts of Africa and India and is a medicinal herb. It’s used in the supplement because it contains mood-boosting properties. They help relieve stress that could cause lower testosterone levels. One study shows that it does this effectively.

Shilajit (Fulvic Acid)

Shilajit is a mineral full of fulvic acid and is found in the Himalayas and other mountain ranges.

It’s a great testosterone booster and is unique to T-Hero.

One study gave half of the volunteers a placebo, and the other half received 250mg of purified shilajit two times per day. Those who got the ingredient had higher testosterone levels after three months.


DIM is found in the body and helps you digest vegetables like kale, spinach, and broccoli. Its main function is blocking the enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen.

However, one study showed that it lowers sperm quality, affects testosterone negatively, and leads to apoptosis. While programmed cell death is necessary, it should happen at the body’s will and not because of a supplement.


Boron is found in various mineral deposits throughout the world. It balances estrogen and testosterone production. All men require some estrogen.

However, Boron increases metabolism in the body, turning testosterone into free testosterone, which is what your body needs the most.

One study done in 2015 showed that taking 6mg of Boron for a week can:

  • Free the testosterone bond with blood proteins
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce estradiol
  • Increase free testosterone by up to 25 percent

Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbine HLC is made using African evergreen tree bark. Though it doesn’t promote higher testosterone levels, it’s still connected to a man’s sexual performance.

West African medicine has used it for many decades because it raises nitric oxide levels. Some even believe it reverses erectile dysfunction.

One study of 82 impotent men showed that, after a month of treatment, 14 percent of the people restored sustained and full erections.


BioPerine is a black pepper extract. It doesn’t directly boost your testosterone levels, but it raises the effectiveness of the other ingredients. Plus, it has its own health benefits, such as:

  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Boosts brain function
  • Increases nutrient absorption

There have been many scientific studies done on BioPerine and its benefits.

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Testogen Ingredients

Now that you know what ingredients are found in T-Hero, let’s check out Testogen. They include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid – The amino acid boosts LH levels and stimulates Leydig cells within the testes to produce more testosterone, according to an older animal and human study.
  • Magnesium – One study from 2011 shows that more magnesium in the diet increased total and free testosterone levels within male athletes.
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract – This herbal extract could increase sexual performance, testosterone levels, and libido. One eight-week study showed that men with ED had improved libidos by up to 30 percent. Another clinical trial showed that it increased total and free testosterone.
  • Vitamin D3 – One 2020 study showed that Vitamin D could increase testosterone if men have a deficiency.
  • Zinc – This essential mineral could boost testosterone. One study showed that men with a low zinc diet might have plummeting testosterone levels after 20 weeks, but high-zinc diets could boost testosterone levels by up to 50 percent.
  • Fenugreek Extract – Fenugreek plants are native to North Africa and India and contain higher levels of furostanolic saponins. One eight-week study concluded that the extract increases strength and testosterone levels. Another 12-week study showed it increased testosterone in about 90 percent of the patients.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract – Nettle leaves contain lignans, which prevent SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) from binding to the testosterone. One study showed that it reduces SHBG binding by around 67 percent. Another research paper indicated that it prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen.

Testogen also contains Boron and BioPerine, which we talked about earlier.

Ingredients Verdict

As you can see, Testogen has more active ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone or otherwise help with production.

Since they all work together, you get the benefits of each one to become a powerhouse of testosterone production.

While T-Hero shows promise, it contains certain ingredients that appear to lower its ability to work effectively. DIM could be damaging to the body and might undo the work of the other ingredients.

Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results. 

Safety and Potential Side Effects

T-Hero Side Effects

T-Hero has a few potential side effects, including:

  • Increased anger – Producing too much testosterone could induce temper problems. Therefore, you may not want to take it if you’re already short-tempered or aggressive.
  • Digestive problems – If you take too much T-Hero, you could have digestive problems because of the Yohimbine and Shilajit. Manufacturers recommend that you only take two tablets each day. Some people experienced heart palpitations and heartburn.

Overall, T-Hero isn’t ideal for those with chronic health problems. If you have diabetes, a heart condition, or liver/kidney disorders, it’s best not to take the T-Hero supplement.

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Testogen Side Effects

Testogen currently has no reported adverse effects associated with it. However, the FDA claims that people shouldn’t use testosterone supplements for age-related low levels. Manufacturers must inform buyers of the potential risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Though there are no side effects reported by MuscleClub, no studies show the long-term effects of using the supplement.

Customer Results

T-Hero Results

Most people who took T-Hero had generally negative things to say. Some claimed to suffer from headaches each day while using the supplement. Others had bad allergic reactions, such as itchy skin and splotches all over the body.

Those who had positive reviews most often referred to feeling more energetic. They didn’t say whether they had more testosterone or a higher libido, so the results are inconclusive.

Testogen Results

The Testogen website shows many anecdotal reports with before/after results. However, we went to other sites to determine what regular people say.

Amazon shows a rating for Testogen of 3.9 out of 5 stars, and more than 1,500 customers have reviewed it. Over half of them offered the 5-star rating.

Most of the positive reviews indicate that you have to wait a while before you see the effects. Some claim to see noticeable but subtle changes early on.

However, the majority of reviewers reported a boost in libido, energy, stamina, muscle mass, and weight loss.

Manufacturing & Brand


T-Hero is manufactured by a California-based company called Essential Elements. It offers various dietary and wellness supplements, and T-Hero is one of the most popular.

The products are NSF (National Science Foundation) certified and FDA compliant. Plus, it lists all necessary information about the products on its website.


Testogen is manufactured by a UK-based company called MuscleClub. However, it sources its products from US-based manufacturers with a CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) from the FDA.

The website discloses each ingredient and lists the exact dosage within the capsules.

Price & Value for Money

T-Hero Pricing

T-Hero is more affordable than other supplements on the market. One bottle costs $39.99, and you only require one pill each day. Therefore, a bottle lasts longer.

The manufacturer offers a discount when you buy in bulk. That means you pay $29.99 for six bottles and $34.99 for three bottles. We recommend getting one bottle initially to test it out. If you like the results, purchase multiple containers at once.

Testogen Pricing

You can get a one-month supply of Testogen for $59.99, which contains 120 capsules. However, the company website offers bulk discounts. If you purchase a three-month supply, you get two months free for $179.99.

Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results. 

Pros and Cons

T-Hero Pros

  • Promotes mental well-being
  • Easily available with no prescription necessary
  • Helps with muscle gain and muscle building
  • Might increase libido

T-Hero Cons

  • Could cause allergic reactions
  • Some ingredients don’t directly affect your testosterone levels

Testogen Pros

  • All-natural formula
  • Transparent dosage requirements
  • Made in an FDA-approved facility
  • Money-back guarantee available

Testogen Cons

  • No actual testosterone
  • No supplement facts label
  • Limited availability
  • Higher cost

Final Thoughts

T-Hero is primarily a mood-boosting supplement. While that can raise testosterone levels, it’s not specifically designed for that. However, the company claims that’s what it does. A few active ingredients in T-Hero could lower T-levels, so keep that in mind.

Overall, Testogen is the best supplement because it contains multiple ingredients that do what they promise. Several studies show that it works, and it has fewer side effects.

Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results.