Testo-Max Review (Side Effects, Results & My Verdict)

I’ve been working with testosterone boosters for a while now, I take one myself and have researched and tested many others. Some of the products I have researched have turned out to be scams while others have worked great. In this Testo-Max review, I will take you inside Testo Max test booster to find the truth of whether it works and if it’s safe.

At first look, Testo-Max by Crazy Bulk looks like a great testosterone booster. It has an all-natural ingredients formula in dosage levels which are completely safe. It also includes ingredients like d-aspartic acid, vitamin D, and zinc which have been proven to boost testosterone levels in multiple studies.

Overall, this looks like a great test booster to me. Read my in-depth review below to find out more about how it works, read testimonials from customers and get the science behind the ingredients.

Ingredients Analysis

Tribulus Terrestris: 225mg

Extracted from a fruit plant, this ingredient contains steroidal saponins which are an essential component that stimulates the cultivation of testosterone 100% naturally. Testomax has doubled the usual dosage of this component to boost the results even more. Tribulus is used in many Asian and eastern Indian countries as a sexual enhancement herbal medicament.

D Aspartic Acid: 1500mg

D-Aspartic Acid is hands down the most crucial ingredient here which was proven to safely increase testosterone levels for men in a short amount of time. DAA is naturally formed and produced in the human body. Thus I think it is smart from Crazy bulk’s team to choose a moderate dosage level for this component which will help to eliminate the risk of any side effects while still preserving the potentials of achieving exceptional results.

Fenugreek (seeds): 150mg

There has been quite a big debate around this herbal ingredient’s efficiency, and what I learned from researching online is that this natural ingredient won’t affect your testosterone levels but it would certainly improve your overall body’s composition (increase in muscle growth), and I wouldn’t mind that.

Panax Ginseng (root): 187.5mg

This is one of my favorite ingredients to see in a testosterone booster; it stimulates sexual functions, increases cell growth and boosts energy levels significantly by enhancing libido through stimulating the hypothalamus. I also think that its dosage is very safe and will have a solid impact on this supplement’s efficiency.

Zinc: 2400mg

Long story short, your body won’t generate testosterone without having enough zinc in your system. It also prevents sharp T dropdowns when performing intense workouts and keeps the Prolactin levels in check. I wouldn’t see myself buying any Testo-booster without having a decent dosage of zinc it. Also, the zinc is very safe, and the dosage level in this Testo booster covers 16% of our daily value which is quite high for such a small serving(one capsule).

Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6): 11.7mg

Another natural component that is known to improve the overall body’s health and it is present in many if not all Testo-boosters. However, due to the lack of scientific studies, this type of Vitamin was not proven to enhance T-levels, but it supports the process.

Riboflavin (B2): 5800mg

Just like another type of vitamin B, riboflavin or vitamin B2 is a component that cannot be produced in our bodies, meaning that our daily needs must be sufficed through our everyday food or by taking supplements. So regardless of the fact that the B2 vitamin is essential to improve T-levels, I am not too excited about it being in the max Testo booster as it is present in our everyday food already.

Calcium pantothenate: 3mg

Also known as Pantothenic Acid, this ingredient has not been proven to have a direct influence on testosterone levels. The dosage level is low and harmless, but it’s not exactly a must-have ingredient in a test booster.

Vitamin D3: 8.3mcg/332iu

Vitamin D is associated with more than 1,000 bodily functions that include growth hormones, sexual function, and fertility. I think it’s a good move from TestoMax to include Vitamin D3 in their formula.

Selenium: 20 mcg

Even though we need a tiny daily amount of this soil mineral (less than 400 mcg a day to be safe), this micronutrient is known to increase sperm count, prevent prostate cancer and lowers high blood pressure. This adds some balance to the Testo-Max testosterone booster’s formula.

Vitamin A: 0.15mcg/0.5iu

Covering less than 1% of our daily value, the Vitamin A is a neutral ingredient. However, a handful studies did prove a connection between vitamin A and androgen production.

Other Ingredients: <4.3g

There are other neutral ingredients such as carbs, Dietary fiber, Sodium, Protine, Calcium.  Each one of these ingredients only gives less than 1% of our daily need from that particular ingredient. Nothing we should worry about.

Testo-Max Ingredients

I am looking at a very good formula; all the essential ingredients are included and will help its consumers make some serious results. Even though I wish they’ve included Stinging Nettle Root to help maintain high testosterone levels once they go up, I think the Testo max booster’s formula is very well balanced.

Testo-Max Dosage levels

The dosage levels are very good; they’re not too extreme to cause any side effects yet are high enough to achieve significant results. And just like other test boosters, the recommended dose is three pills a day for 30 days.

Testo Max results from Users

Scrolling through many users’ reviews, I am impressed with the results people have been making while taking the Testo max testosterone booster. However, most of the reviews were from athletes looking to increase their muscle gains and cut down their fat percentages, and I rarely see people take this supplement without proper training and dieting.

Testo Max Side Effects

During my research, no side effects were mentioned from people who used this product although I came across some negative reviews on a fitness forum. However, most of them were due to mal-use or poor dieting and exercising plans.

Where to Buy Testo Max

You can find the best Testo max price at their official website. In fact it is the only place you will find Testo Max for sale.

Conclusion and Recommendations

I recommend buying Testo Max as it is super safe and the risk of having side effects is reduced to null once you stick to the recommended daily dosage. The results achievable with this supplement are incredible and are very well-worth the price.