TestoFuel vs EVL Test (The Key Differences)

Are you interested in testosterone boosters but you’re not sure where to start?  

We’re here to help you make the right choice.  

TestoFuel and EVL Test are two of the biggest brands out there today. What’s the difference? Let’s find out their pros and cons.  

Our Pick

TestoFuel has the superior ingredients formula and a longer track record of success. It's our pick for those looking to build muscle, increase strength or boost energy levels. 

EVL Test vs TestoFuel – Key Differences

TestoFuel has a reputation for being one of the best testosterone boosters for muscle growth. Meanwhile, EVL Test is great for improving overall sleep quality and enhancing the quality of the consumer’s day.  

Ingredient Comparison

These testosterone boosters share several core ingredients. Let’s look at these now and see what they do.  

Common Ingredients 

Here are the ingredients that TestoFuel and EVL Test share.  

Vitamin D 

This nutrient is proven to increase testosterone levels. It works as a stimulator that naturally boosts the activation of the hormone.  

In an ideal world, we’d all receive enough Vitamin D from the sun. However, in the West, we often don’t receive enough sunlight so we supplement it.  

Vitamin D also reduces muscle soreness and endurance.  


A core ingredient in many testosterone boosters, zinc is a crucial mineral.  

If you have a zinc deficiency then a knock-on effect will be low testosterone levels. Therefore it is essential to maintain zinc in your body.  

Another advantage is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory and aids recovery after heavy workouts.  


Widely used for thousands of years in Asia and the Mediterranean, Fenugreek is a miracle herb.  

Containing minerals like zinc and magnesium, it’s a powerful aphrodisiac. In short, it slows down sex hormone inhibitors and reduces the inhibition of testosterone.  

As a result, testosterone can work its magic with fewer barriers.  

D-Aspartic Acid 

D-AA is an amino acid that affects testosterone synthesis. It influences the parts of the brain that regulate hormone release. In layman’s terms, it tells your brain to make more testosterone.  

A side effect of this is that the body will produce greater amounts of sperm and increase fertility.  

Distinct Ingredients  

EVL Test and TestoFuel both contain several ingredients that set them apart from each other. It should be noted that many of these have similar functions.  


Let’s start off with TestoFuel’s distinct ingredients.  

Oyster Extract 

Oysters are famous for their qualities as an aphrodisiac. This is because they contain incredible amounts of zinc.  

As a result, oysters can have a profound influence on testosterone production.  

Eating oysters can improve fertility and reduce estrogen production. This means that it’s easier to gain muscle and lose belly fat.  


Another aphrodisiac, Ginseng is a common Asian herb that is often consumed as a tea.  

One of its key benefits is that it increases the activation of key hormones that help to stimulate testosterone release.  

Meanwhile, it also spikes the levels of nitric acid in the blood helping you to gain lean muscle and lose unwanted fat.  

Black Pepper Extract/Bioperine 

Renowned as an anti-inflammatory, Bioperine also directly influences metabolism. It does this by boosting energy production in cells.  

This helps with weight loss and makes the testosterone booster more efficient.  

Vitamin K2 

An obscure but very useful vitamin, this is one of TestoFuel’s best signature ingredients.  

Vitamin K2 works as an anti-inflammatory and maintains testosterone production. 

If you suffer from a Vitamin K2 deficiency, testosterone levels will likely drop too.  

EVL Test 

Now let’s look at EVL Test’s exclusive ingredients.  


Whether you live an active or sedentary lifestyle, magnesium will have a positive effect on your testosterone levels.  

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 reactions inside the body and helps increase testosterone production.  

If you use it as an athletic supplement you’ll likely find increased levels of strength and overall performance.   


Tribulus doesn’t directly influence testosterone production. However, it does complement it efficiently by stimulating sexual function.  

As well as kickstarting the libido, it may reduce blood glucose.  


Diindolylmethane (DIM) supports the metabolization of estrogen.  

This essentially allows testosterone to take over as the dominant hormone. As well as helping people to replace fat with muscle, it can make the metabolism healthier.  

Ingredients Verdict

First of all, it has more active ingredients than the EVL Test. In particular, Vitamin K and Oyster Extract are ingredients with powerful and proven effects.  

This means that the user receives more nutrients and benefits from taking this testosterone booster. Meanwhile, the jury is out about the effectiveness of some of EVL Test’s ingredients such as Tribulus.  Read our full EVL Test Review here.

However, EVL Test is vegan-friendly which may attract a lot of customers. The same can’t be said of TestoFuel because it contains shellfish.  

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Safety & Potential Side Effects 


TestoFuel is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities. This means that this product should be safe for general use.  

However, individual ingredients may cause side effects like nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea if you take more than the recommended dose.  

As TestoFuel contains oyster extract it is unsuitable if you’re allergic to shellfish.  

EVL Test  

EVL is neither FDA-approved as a product nor produced in FDA-approved facilities.  

Despite this, it contains natural ingredients and is manufactured to a high standard.  

Aside from common symptoms, one Amazon user also reported acne on his chest.  


TestoFuel narrowly wins this category because of the FDA-approved facilities.  

Having said that, neither product has reported significant side effects. As long as you follow the instructions and check the label, you should be fine.  

However, If you have a medical condition or take any medication make sure you consult a licensed professional before using a testosterone booster.   

It may also take time for the body to adapt after taking either of these products.  

Nausea and headaches are common short-term symptoms after taking any testosterone booster. But these should wear off relatively quickly.  

Customer Reviews 

There are mixed online reviews for both products. Let’s gain an insight into what consumers thought about these popular testosterone boosters.  


TestoFuel’s reviews on Amazon and other online stores are mixed. Some consumers swear by the product while others claim that it is a waste of money.  

Proponents of TestoFuel report almost immediate results. One Amazon user reported noticeable gains after finishing his first bottle. Another said that he used it for several years and that it worked well for him.  

However, there is no hiding the negative feedback.  

The side effects made the product unbearable for one buyer. Another called the pictures on TestoFuel’s website a ‘fabrication’ and advised potential buyers to save their money. 

EVL Test 

Similarly, EVL Test also endured mixed reviews on Amazon.  

Critics of this testosterone booster pointed to the negative side effects like headaches and sleeplessness. One 59-year-old user even claimed to have had a fever after using the product, although this can’t be proven.  

However, EVL Test had more consistent positive feedback than TestoFuel. Fans of this testosterone booster recommend it because it helps them to sleep and gives them more energy during the day.  

It’s worth remembering that TestoFuel is a more popular supplement than EVL Test. Furthermore, it has more positive reviews from online reviewers and is endorsed by elite bodybuilders like Robby Robinson.  

Manufacturing & Brand 

Roar Ambition LTD manufactures TestoFuel in the U.K. They follow CGMP (current good manufacturing practice). Meanwhile, they boast FDA-Approved facilities.  

Evolution Nutrition produces EVL Test. This U.S. company also follows GMP.  

TestoFuel is a clear winner in this category. As well as FDA-Approved facilities, they also make it clear where their products are produced. It’s very difficult to find out information about Evolution Nutrition’s factory. 

Price & Value For Money 

EVL Test costs about $35 depending on the provider. However, it’s not possible to find discounts based on bulk buying.  

On the other hand, Testofuel provides more options for buyers. While one month’s supply costs more on Amazon (about $65), it’s possible to make savings when you buy more.  

If you order three boxes of TestoFuel through the brand’s website, you’ll receive two for free with free worldwide delivery.  

TestoFuel vs EVL Test – Overall Opinion 

There are a lot of similarities between these two products. EVL Test holds up surprisingly well against Testofuel because the latter is one of the most highly-rated boosters on the market.  

However, Testofuel is still better as it has superior ingredients.  

Another reason is that Testofuel should be taken four times per day. Microdosing enables the user to receive the benefits of the product throughout their waking hours. It provides a more consistent effect than EVL Test’s dosage of one capsule per day.  

Testofuel holds the advantage when it comes to buying in bulk. It’s possible to make a bigger saving this way than with the EVL Test. If you’re a serious athlete then you’ll find this very attractive.  

EVL Test is still a decent product and the price point of a single box may be attractive for newcomers to the world of testosterone boosters. It’s all vegan-friendly which is a useful selling point.  

TestoFuel is the better overall testosterone booster. It’s more useful for younger athletes who may not make the same gains if they took the EVL Test. Meanwhile, it’s also helpful for older users who want to improve their standard of living.

Our Pick

TestoFuel has the superior ingredients formula and a longer track record of success. It's our pick for those looking to build muscle, increase strength or boost energy levels.