TestoFuel vs Nugenix

Our TestoFuel vs Nugenix comparison has been compiled after countless hours of research and analysis by our team. We really dug into the ingredients formula of each supplement, including going deep on relevant scientific studies to see if they really are effective. We also looked at results from other users & the potential dangers of using both products.

Below you can find our full comparison of the two testosterone boosters —TestoFuel and Nugenix. Read on to learn more about our findings on each of them.

Our Pick

TestoFuel has the superior ingredients formula and a longer track record of success. It's our pick for those looking to build muscle, increase strength or boost energy levels. 

TestoFuel vs Nugenix – Full Comparison

TestoFuel vs. Nugenix – The Fundamentals


TestoFuel claims that its formula contains crucial amino acids, herbal extracts, and vitamins that can boost your testosterone levels. The maker of TestoFuel calls the supplement the missing piece in your drive to gain muscle mass. 

A daily intake of TestoFuel helps you:

● Raise your libido

● Develop strength

● Grow muscle mass 

● Cut body fat


Nugenix is an aggressively branded testosterone booster that claims to help you:

● Boost testosterone levels

● Improve your sexual performance 

● Regulate your androgenic activity

TestoFuel vs. Nugenix – The Ingredients

Knowing what goes into your supplements makes you an intelligent consumer and can also help you identify and eliminate t-boosters that might aggravate your unexplained symptoms. 

It’s always important to scrutinize the ingredients of the testosterone booster you wish to consume. Don’t rely on the branding alone because companies have engineered that to appeal to your emotions. 

TestoFuel contains nine ingredients, while Nugenix has eight. The critical difference lies in the clarity of their respective ingredients. TestoFuel, for example, includes a hefty dose of oyster extract, D-Aspartic acid, and magnesium to support your anabolic muscle growth, while Nugenix relies on a proprietary blend that contains an unknown quantity of tribulus, citrulline, and fenugreek. It doesn’t have any magnesium (unlike TestoFuel), a naturally potent ingredient to increase testosterone production.

Let’s examine the common ingredients of TestoFuel and Nugenix.

Common Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

D-Aspartic acid is an amino acid that helps your body raise its testosterone levels. Studies have revealed that moderate doses of DAA would have a lasting impact on your t-levels in the longer run, meaning that your sperm quality will increase (1)


Fenugreek carries furostanolic saponins—compounds that can enhance your testosterone production. Recent studies have revealed that consuming fenugreek regularly can substantially improve your hormone levels. (2)

TestoFuel’s Specific Ingredients


Magnesium is one of the most abundantly produced minerals in your body. However, when you work out regularly, your body needs more doses of magnesium in addition to what your body naturally has. TestoFuel carries a significant dosage of magnesium, which helps your body recover from intense workouts while increasing your t-levels and sleep quality. (3)

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 assists your body in creating hemoglobin—the substance in red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen around your body. You need vitamin B6 to stay healthy because it’s what keeps your skin, eyes, hair, and liver healthy. A body rich in B6 also allows testosterone to flourish by restricting its estrogen levels. (4)

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 boosts your testosterone levels by partnering with vitamin D3 to make your testes release more testosterone. (5) K2 also benefits your heart and adds life to your bones. 


Zinc is a dietary mineral essential for your body. Your immune system needs zinc to function properly. Research indicates a clear link between zinc and your testosterone levels. An extended zinc deficiency has the potential to reduce your testosterone levels. (6) 


Ginseng is a popular herb for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. (7)It carries anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to protect your immune system from bacteria.

Vitamin D

Your body produces vitamin D as a result of exposure to the Sun. Among other benefits, vitamin D improves male hormones. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, a vitamin D dosage of 4,000 IU would help you achieve muscle mass without any adverse effects. (8)

Oyster Extract

Oysters are one of the most popular aphrodisiac foods because it has vitamin D, iron, and zinc. Research reveals that oyster extract keeps your testosterone receptors operational, which allows your body to cut belly fat and repair your muscles. (9)

Other ingredients added:

● Iron oxide

● Gelatin

● Azorubine

● Titanium dioxide

Nugenix’s Specific Ingredients


BioPerine helps the other seven testosterone-boosting ingredients of Nugenix to function effectively. 

Specifically, it’s an antioxidant that can eliminate free radicals from your body besides mitigating the damage already caused by the free radicals (these are volatile atoms that can devastate cells to cause illness). (10) 


Born is helps your body produce more testosterone, build muscle mass and improve your mind-body coordination. (11)


Luteolin’s function is to block the production of estrogen in your body to allow testosterone levels to increase. 

Mucuna Pruriens Extract 

Mucuna pruriens is an African and Asian native tropical legume that is conventionally used as an aphrodisiac. The extract can help your brain produce more dopamine—which is the neurotransmitter necessary for your productivity. (13)

Nettle Root

Nettle Root slows down the production of estrogen, which helps your testosterone levels to pick up. 

Potential Side Effects


TestoFuel has all-natural ingredients without the addition of any artificial testosterone, meaning that you’re unlikely to experience side effects that can be common with steroid consumption. 

However, consuming more than the recommended dosage can cause the following: 

● Low blood pressure

● Stomach pain

● Nausea

● Headaches

● Insomnia

If you have a chronic health condition, it’s best to consult a doctor before using TestoFuel.


Nugenix contains a proprietary blend (testofen and fenuside), though the dosages are unclear. This means you may experience the following side effects if you’re already allergic to any of the ingredients: 

● Racing heart

● Insomnia

● Stomach ache

● Inflamed feet or ankles

● Blood clots in your legs

● Oversized prostate

Customer Reviews


Many celebrities have consumed TestoFuel for an extended period, many have reported positive results. However, there have been some complaints about the slow pace of improvement and stomach pain.


The majority of customers have rated Nugenix a five-star product on the manufacturer’s website. The primary benefits reaped from Nugenix are as follows:

● Enhanced levels of energy

● Improved testosterone levels

It’s worth noting that a not-so-insignificant number of people on Amazon have criticized the product for making their breath foul while increasing their blood pressure.

Manufacturing & Brand

TestoFuel is the creation of Roar Ambition—a specialist sports company based in Leeds, England. The company is renowned for its manufacturing of cutting-edge nutrition supplements. What distinguishes Roar Ambition from its competitors are its FDA and cGMP-approved facilities.

On the other hand, Nugenix is the invention of Adaptive Health LLC. The North Carolina-based company has many health care brands such as Lumiday, Instaflex, Sleep Answer, and OxyRub.

Price & Value for Money?


Ordering a single box of TestoFuel (120 capsules) can cost you up to $93 (if you opt for the quick DHL delivery). However, the same amount comes down to $65 on the UK and USA orders of two-month supply.


One box of Nugenix (90 capsules) will cost $74.98 ($69.99 + $4.99 shipping charges) from the official website. Also, buying in bulk will not give you free shipping or a price discount.

Stand-out features

● TestoFuel’s oyster extract

The presence of one of the most popular aphrodisiac ingredients in TestoFuel is the icing on its all-natural formula. It’s because regular consumption of these bivalve molluscs keeps your testosterone receptors functional while enhancing your reproductive function.

● TestoFuel’s magnesium, vitamin D, and B6

TestoFuel carries a powerful troika of magnesium, vitamin D, and B6 to add more solidity to your anabolic muscle building.

Pros and Cons

TestoFuel (Pros)

● The supplement allows you to reclaim your body and physical well-being.

● It is primarily aimed at the younger generations. 

● It assists in increasing your muscle mass.

● It is made with all-natural ingredients. 

● You can use TestoFuel with other supplements and protein shakes.

● It contains oyster extract, which is a potent libido enhancer.

● TestoFuel can be ordered in plain packaging to keep your improvement a secret.

● The manufacturer updates the product twice a year.

● TestoFuel is manufactured at a facility approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

TestoFuel (Cons)

● The supplement overdose can cause nausea.

● If you’re allergic to any ingredients, you may develop acne.

Nugenix (Pros)

● The product is popular for giving its users a higher libido.

● It enhances your free testosterone levels.

● It regulates your cortisol levels.

● It optimizes your blood flow.

● It helps you gain muscle mass.

Nugenix (Cons)

● The product is difficult to obtain outside of the United States.

● Missing vitamin D, zinc, and a few other core testosterone boosters.

● Individuals with chronic diseases may find that it doesn’t interact well with their medications.

TestoFuel vs. Nugenix: The Winner

Our Top Choice is TestoFuel testosterone booster.

TestoFuel Testosterone Booster

Both these testosterone boosters have their merits, yet our research shows TestoFuel as the winner.

That’s because, despite having some fantastic ingredients such as mucuna pruriens and boron, Nugenix lacks some essential ingredients such as magnesium and vitamin D.

On the other hand, TestoFuel is made with all-natural ingredients at an FDA-approved facility and they are completely transparent in the make up of their formula.

Who should buy TestoFuel?

● Millennials and younger generations

● People looking to bulk up their bodies 

● People-based in the United States

● Men looking to charge their testosterone levels

Who should buy Nugenix?     

● Older Men looking to Increase their libido