Testogen Review – Does Testogen Work?

While our testosterone levels may seem like an endless supply, after the age of 30 the number of hormones within our system begins to deplete. To the tune of 1% less a year, smaller amounts of testosterone are produced as we reach maturity.

While many prescription medications help combat this loss, they come with a litany of side effects and may become habit-forming. Luckily, there are all-natural supplements on the market that address these issues without all the adverse effects. One of these supplements in TestoGen.


Who is Testogen For?

Testogen has certainly been targeted at the body building and muscle building market.  For those who want to work out, bulk up and make gains. The idea is that by increasing your testosterone levels you will achieve the following benefits:

  • You will achieve more muscle growth
  • You will get more energy to push yourself harder at the gym
  • You will increase recovery time between workouts
  • You will metabolize quicker and shred body fat.

All of these things are certainly side effects of higher testosterone levels. However, this begs the question. Can TestoGen actually increase your testosterone levels?

To answer this question we will get into the science below and find out if there is real evidence to back up all of these claims.

TestoGen Ingredients

What makes Testogen such a safe alternative to prescription medications is that all of the ingredients  are natural. Active ingredients in this testosterone supplement include:


One of the underlying issues in testosterone production is that fact that our body cannot access most of the testosterone in our system. When testosterone is released, 98% of it gets latched onto by a naturally occurring protein called sex-binding human globulin (SBHG).

SHBG renders the testosterone it comes into contact with useless. As a result, only 2% of the testosterone in our bodies is considered free testosterone. That means all the hair, muscle mass, and sex drive that men can muster is a result of that 2%. After the age of 40, that number becomes even smaller.

However, studies have shown that magnesium hurts SHBG. When this chemical comes into contact with SHBG, it strips the protein off of the testosterone that it is choking the life out of. In turn, that once useless testosterone becomes free testosterone, and our bodies can reap the benefits of the hormone.

Vitamin D

Males with a depleted level of Vitamin D are susceptible to the growth of estrogen, the hormone responsible for giving women feminine characteristics. As estrogen levels increase in men, the body stores fat differently, shifting all excess weight to the gut area to make room for an impending fetus. With total estrogen elevated, men are more prone to depression, heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, and ED.

What makes Vitamin D so critical to warding off estrogen is that the cells that lie inside testosterone’s synthesizing glands contain Vitamin D receptors. When the two work together, they kill an enzyme in the body called aromatase. This enzyme is the precursor to estrogen production.


While this might not be the most well-known nutrient, it is important in testosterone production. The reason being is that just 10 mg of boron may increase the output of free testosterone by 28%. Coinciding with these results, the studies further found that boron also helps lower the levels of estrogen within the body as well.

Vitamin K1

Working out and building muscle is a great way to increase testosterone. However, dead-lifting and squatting challenging weights can cause wear and tear on the joints, bones, and muscle. Vitamin K1 is essential in rejuvenating those strained ligaments.

Furthermore, Vitamin K1 compliments and strengthens Vitamin D when they interact with your system. Vitamin K1 speeds up bone metabolism, which is where growing bones shed off the debris of dead cells, and grow stronger bones in its place. This is especially important for those who have increased reps in the weight room following an increase of testosterone within their system.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Much like magnesium, the oils within the leaves, stems, and roots of this plant have a negative effect on SHBG. Much like SHBG binds onto testosterone, compounds within nettle leaf extract called isolectins bind onto SHBG. When this happens, SHBG is no longer free to latch itself onto freshly produced testosterone, rendering the hormone free.

10% of free testosterone is turned into a male hormone named dihydrotestosterone. While this hormone is good for the body, as more testosterone enters the system, more of it is converted into dihydrotestosterone. As they say, there can be too much of a good thing.

Too much dihydrotestosterone may result in less hair and the growth of tissue within the prostate. Studies have shown that nettle root extract is effective in prohibiting the growth of the enzyme, reductase, the precursor to dihydrotestosterone. Not only that, but the extract also reduced inflammations of prostate tissues as well. Therefore, nettle root extract is effective in ensuring that free testosterone doesn’t covert too much of its proteins into dihydrotestosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid

Fun fact, TestoGen has more D-Aspartic Acid per serving than any other supplement available on the market. D-Aspartic Acid regulates amino acids that are responsible for hormone production, naming luteinizing hormone (LH).

The hypothalamus produces luteinizing hormones in the brain. Once these hormones enter the system, they travel down into the testes. This is what facilitates sperm production.

Releasing sperm helps to regulate the clockwork system that is our body. The more sperm you produce and release, the more testosterone the testes will release into the system.

Fenugreek Extract

Like many other ingredients in this supplement, fenugreek extract boosts libido and testosterone levels. However, what makes this extract so unique is the influence it has on insulin release.

Fenugreek Extract increases the release of insulin into the system, which is important for those who are looking to recover their muscles after strenuous exercise. The reason why it is so effective is that compounds within the herb bypass all body parts and are absorbed directly into the liver.

This allows for the system to regulate insulin release at a quicker pace, alleviating soreness and boosting recovery time.

Red Ginseng

This herb is extremely useful in battling ED. One of the leading causes of ED is due to hardened arteries. Choosing to eat food with artificial ingredients, preservatives, and other additives adds up over time. As our bodies become unable to break down these refined sugars and foreign substances, they clog up the arteries and with time, harden.

When this happens, blood is not free to flow throughout the system. That means that the pathways to the heart, brain, and testicles are all blocked. When this happens, bouts of ED begin and in time become chronic.

One of the strongest cleaning agents for the arteries is a gas called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for clearing the pathways in the arteries of buildup, debris, and dead cells. Studies have proven that red ginseng has a significant impact on increasing nitric oxide production.

Vitamin B6

There’s no doubt that we slow down as we get older. As oxygenated blood has trouble pumping throughout the body, lack of oxygen to the brain can have many adverse effects. These effects include lack of sleep, irritability, and depression.

When testosterone production is halted, other hormones take over. One of these is cortisol. Cortisol is our stress hormone. It’s the leading cause of many disorders, including ED.

As stress becomes chronic, heightened cortisol levels become commonplace. The only way to halt the production of this hormone is to create other hormones and neurotransmitters that fix the problems excess cortisol causes. Studies have shown that Vitamin B6 helps facilitate the production of serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that helps give the brain signals of happiness. Naturally, this causes cortisol levels to decline.


It’s undeniable that immune systems are easier to compromise when we age. That’s what zinc such a great supplement during the cold season. Not only does zinc have immune-boosting properties, but it can also bump up the T levels.

A study with athletes found that taking 3 mg of zinc each day for a month saw a significant increase in testosterone levels compared to those who received the placebo (study).


Much like Vitamin K1 and Vitamin D compliment one another, Bioperine compliments all the active ingredients in this supplement. Derived from black pepper, this chemical compound accelerates the bioavailability of many naturally occurring chemicals. That makes it easier for your body to absorb all the other nutrients.

TestoGen Side Effects

While the active ingredients in this supplement are naturally occurring, they are still comprised of chemicals. That is why if you take TestoGen along with other medications, there may be some adverse reactions.

In fact, some studies have found that TestoGen may reduce total sperm count. While other studies found that the supplement may enlarge the prostate gland in older male users. However, for the most part, this supplement is rendered safe for all men to take.

TestoGen Customer Reviews & Results

Before purchasing any supplement for the first time, it’s good to get a feel for how others that used the product found it. Suffice to say, using TestoGen seems to be a positive experience for anyone who has used the supplement.

One of the most resounding results for those who have used it is noticeably more muscle. This is true of this who were in good shape and for those who carried excess weight. Users noticed a huge improvement when it comes to energy levels in the weight room.

TestoGen seems to work across the board for those at any age. While it is most popular with people in the late 40’s to mid-50’s who use the supplement to improve their mood and libido, results have been recorded for younger people who have also noted a positive change in outlook on top of their increased muscle mass.


Pros and Cons


  • Increases Testosterone With the Use of Steroids
  • Does Not Produce Deadly Side Effects
  • Addresses Other Health Issues (Cardiovascular Disease, Low Blood Pressure)
  • Safer than Injections
  • Higher Levels of Confidence


  • Only Available Through Their Website
  • May Cause Acne
  • Increased Anger (As With Anything Introducing More Testosterone)
  • Recommended Dosage is 4 Pills a Day


While some potential side effects may be a cause for concern, TestoGen’s positives far outweigh their negatives. One of the most striking results from reviews is the amount of muscle mass those who use the supplement have put on.

TestoGen helps a man feel like a man again and does so without the use of man-made chemicals. These reasons alone are enough to get our endorsement for TestoGen as a reliable testosterone-boosting supplement.

Where to Buy Testogen

Where can I buy TestoGen?  You can only buy it from the official website. The Testogen price is fairly high but well worth it for the quality. Plus you can get discounts if you buy a pack of three or more.

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