Testogen vs Nugenix (Which Test Booster is Best?)

TestoGen vs Nugenix – Wondering which testosterone booster is best for you?

Maybe you’re struggling with muscle building, focus, low libido, or even erectile dysfunction. These problems, for any man, range from nagging to plain embarrassing. 

Testogen and Nugenix are two of the most popular testosterone booster supplements on the market. I decided to investigate them both, and I’ve also gone ahead and compiled all you need to know to decide. Enjoy reading! 

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Whether you are looking for muscle gain, better workout performance or enhanced libido, Testogen is for you. It has the best ingredients formula to promote natural testosterone production. 

Nugenix vs TestoGen Formula Comparison


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When comparing TestoGen vs Nugenix side by side, its important to look at the ingredients formula to make sure it is both safe and effective. First let’s look at the standard ingredients that make up Testogen, so you can understand how everything comes together to complete the package. These ingredients are as follows:

  • Tribulus Terrestris: This herb, which originates from China, is used in improving sex drive and fertility. The two go hand in hand, so the relationship is almost self-explanatory. 

Thanks to the herb’s natural method of increasing testosterone production and, by extension, providing better muscular function, blood flow, and endurance, it also brings on a greater level of sexual performance. 

  • D-aspartic Acid: You can expect to see this essential amino acid in just about any testosterone boosting formula since its base function aligns with the boosting objective. 

Not only does it contribute to maintaining a healthy metabolic rate, but it is also superb at consistently stimulating your testosterone levels and increasing muscle mass.

  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek, with its medicinal and immunological benefits, can enhance the amount of testosterone flowing through the body. Additionally, its properties allow it to maintain the enhanced rate since the boost must be maintained.

The increased testosterone levels means more excellent performance in both the sexual and exercise-related areas of your life. It works as a tremendous supportive compound for D-aspartic acid.

  • Ginseng: The ginseng extract in the mix is intended to provide you with protection from dioxins. Left unchecked, these compounds can cause a developmental and reproductive nightmare in your body. 
  • Zinc: Zinc is arguably the most important mineral in modulating your testosterone level. Additionally, it’s quite beneficial for your immune system, and it even doubles as a superb aphrodisiac. 
  • Vitamin D: Ironically, the vitamin that bears the letter “D” is the one that can do some of the best work in helping you improve your libido. 

The vitamin has strong testosterone boosting capabilities, and it even helps prevent the conversion of the hormone to estrogen. This conversion can have dire consequences, such as man boobs or an inability to maintain an erection.

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Picture of Nugenix

With Testogen out of the way, it’s time for us to switch gears to Nugenix testosterone booster and its ingredients. I won’t necessarily give detailed explanations for those components that are common to both testosterone boosters since I spoke about them above:

  • Maca Root: The herbaceous maca root provides much of the sexual desire that Nugenix yields. It’s believed to have cognitive properties since the said libido increase was discovered to be independent of testosterone
  • D-aspartic acid: The same benefit above applies. It can increase testosterone levels.
  • Fenugreek: The same benefit above applies.

Both these products are marketed as testosterone boosters. The ingredients above make up the baselines for each formula, and it’s not hard to see where the two mixes have a slightly different focus.

I must give Testogen the win here as its formula seems centralized on boosting natural testosterone levels for various reasons. While Nugenix also achieves this, it appears that there is a greater focus on sexual desire and performance. 

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Potential Side Effects

Testogen gets another win in this area, as there have been no reported side effects from using this testosterone booster. I see where this is consistent with information from thousands of people who are using the product.

It’s not hard to imagine why this is since all the ingredients used in Testogen are natural. 

Nugenix doesn’t even have a lot of reported side effects. I firmly believe it would win this competition against another product, but it’s up against Testogen, which has a perfect score in this aspect. 

The reported side effects of Nugenix so far are an increased heart rate, a higher blood pressure, nausea, and unexplained paranoia. 

Customer Reviews

For the most part, it seems as if Testogen users are satisfied with their purchase. I would even go so far as to say some are over the moon!

There are reports of greater weightlifting capacity, more energy, firmer erections, etc. The information comes from a cross-section of persons that seem to fall under two distinct categories.

In the first category, I notice that people did not necessarily have a problem with low testosterone, but they wanted to improve their baseline levels. Reasons include sexual performance, bodily function, and enhancing exercise ability.

The second category consists of people who were struggling with a suboptimal level of testosterone. 

About four out of every five people seemed to think they made a good or satisfactory buy. With many saying they saw an increase in testosterone levels.

For the people who didn’t, it was mostly that they did not notice any substantial difference. I think a few of them are justified, but some were not taking the product long enough to cast a judgment.

In a very small number of cases of bad reviews, there was a phenomenon that I found to be a bit strange and worrying. A small number of the capsules in the bottle were empty. A couple of buyers affixed images to their reviews to corroborate their stories. 

Nugenix has a similar story, and I would say that the happiness rate also stands at four out of every five persons.

Customers who use Nugenix alluded to the difference it has made where sexual desire and performance are concerned. Some people mentioned other physical benefits, but they are few and far between. 

Seeing this trend didn’t surprise me, as the formula seems very suited to sexual purposes. 

The Nugenix naysayers were also very few, and their sentiments were along the lines of not noticing much of a difference in their prowess after using the product. 

Again, I would say a few of them are jumping the gun with the review, but others do not fall into that category. 

Manufacturing & Brands

Muscle Club Limited is the supplier and manufacturer of Testogen. The company, which is also the maker of BlackWolf pre-workout supplements, has been operating in the industry since 1999. This would imply a tremendous level of experience.

Additionally, I noticed that Muscle Club indicated that all its manufacturing takes place in The UK and the USA, which gives me confidence about the creative process and the industry standards used in producing the testosterone supplement. 

However, while all the ingredients are natural and side effects are limited, the FDA does not approve the statements about their benefits and what the pills can do for you. 

Nugenix comes from the outstanding Adaptive Health LLC, which has been nothing short of a health industry pioneer. 

There is an extensive record of the company’s innovative industry. It is famous for a wide array of products that span mood enhancement, sleep assistance, vitamins, heart health, blood sugar balance, probiotics, skincare, etc. 

It’s another US-based brand, which again gives it many confidence points in my book where the manufacturing process is concerned. 

The FDA approval story is like that of Testogen, as the body has approved none of the statements issued. 

I would say that both manufacturers give good reason to be trusted. However, Nugenix gets a distinctive win for being manufactured by Adaptive Health LLC.

Price & Value for Money

As always, the comparison begins with a look at Testogen. A bottle of Testogen capsules goes for $59.99. You get 120 capsules in that bottle. A quick look at the nutritional facts indicates that the serving size is four capsules.

Therefore, you get enough to last you for just about a month at that price. If you want to look at it another way, you are going to be spending about $60 a month for Testogen if you choose to use it as consistently as you should. 

Nugenix, on the other hand, goes for $69.99. A bottle of Nugenix contains 90 capsules. That would lead you to think that it has a consumption speed disadvantage compared to Testogen. 

However, the serving size for Nugenix is three capsules, which means there is still just enough for 30 days. 

The way I see it, Testogen testosterone booster wins this category by a very slim margin. Both products are beneficial, which speaks to the value they have. What would differentiate them would be the number of servings per bottle and the associated prices.

Both products ship with 30 days’ worth of capsules, but Testogen does it for $10 less. 

Stand Out Features

First, let’s look at the areas that Testogen stands out in:

  • No side effects: this is a big one, considering that you almost expect to deal with side effects when taking any pill or supplement. Seeing one with no side effects is a big deal, and it just means that there is less of a risk in using it.
  • All-natural ingredients: This is the basis of the previous point, and it’s why the supplement has such a transparent formula. All the elements used in it are natural, which means that you can take it with less worry. Plus these ingredients are proven to increase testosterone production and boost testosterone levels.
  • Increases Muscle Growth

Now, it’s time to switch gears to Nugenix:

  • Increases Sex Drive: This is directly related to the way that the Nugenix formula is designed. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that provides different functions, but the combination of ingredients leads to better sexual performance.

Nugenix vs Testogen – Pros & Cons

What advantages can you look forward to with Testogen in your corner? 

  • There is a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. 
  • The product provides a tremendous boost to your fertility, libido and sex drive.
  • Though the statements are not FDA approved, the ingredient choices offer a high trust factor.
  • Your fat burn abilities get a boost. 
  • If your erectile dysfunction comes from a lack of testosterone, this product can completely treat it. 
  • Your energy levels become much more remarkable. 
  • There are no side effects to worry about. 
  • Your results show up within a couple of weeks.

Are there any downsides to Testogen? 

  • Storefront availability is non-existent, and it all boils down to online options.
  • In rare cases, capsules may not all have their integrity preserved.

What ups are there for going the Nugenix route?

  • There’s a significant boost to your libido.
  • Your fertility potential becomes greater.
  • There is a money-back guarantee attached to your purchase if you’re not satisfied.
  • Availability is excellent, and it’s even found in a wealth of brick and mortar retail stores.

What disadvantages are there to Nugenix? 

  • It has a higher price tag. 
  • While it does one thing very well, others seem entirely ignored. 
  • The smell of the capsules is unpleasant. 
  • The effects take a longer time to emerge.

Testogen Vs Nugenix: The Winner

Let me say I think that both of these testosterone boosters are great. However, Testogen is a better value for money, it has a better set of ingredients, there are no side effects, you get faster results, and it has a longer list of advantages. It’s almost a no-brainer to give the win to Testogen.

Let me remind you though, that both products are intended for different audiences. here are the optimal use cases:

Use Testogen if:

  • Your goal revolves around better workout performance
  • You want to build more muscle mass
  • You are looking for faster results
  • You want to increase your testosterone levels

Use Nugenix if:

  • You are 50 years old or older
  • Your main concern is sexual performance
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Whether you are looking for muscle gain, better workout performance or enhanced libido, Testogen is for you. It has the best ingredients formula to promote natural testosterone production.