TestoGen vs TestRX

Our team has been researching testosterone supplements long before they became a trend. In this review, we’re going to break down two supplements, Testogen, and Testrx, to see what they can do.

Comparison of TestoGen vs TestRX

Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results. 

Ingredients Comparison

One of the best ways to figure out if something works is to go through the ingredient list. Both of these supplements contain natural and FDA-approved ingredients (and don’t have steroids or anything else synthetic).


Testogen has several plant extracts—including Fenugreek and red ginseng—both of which have several health benefits.

It also has magnesium, which is the one substance that most of us are probably not getting enough off. Having more magnesium in our overall diets increases our nails, skin, hair, and can even ward off insomnia. In addition, it also makes our bodies produce more natural testosterone. 

Another ingredient is boron, which can stimulate the creation of testosterone and help improve our performance and our concentration. All of the 11 ingredients in TestoGen were specifically picked for their testosterone boosting capabilities, which improves your chances of getting massive results in a short amount of time.


Testrx also contains all natural ingredients—some of which overlap with its competitors, like magnesium and fenugreek. For example, it contains saponins. Saponins is a plant-based chemical that can provide you with several potential health benefits, like reducing the levels of cholesterol in your body. Testrx also has large amounts of Vitamin D3, which helps your body absorb both calcium and phosphorus to keep your bones strong and healthy. Testrx has a decent formula, although it is missing a few things.

Both of these testosterone supplements have superstar ingredient lists, but the winner has to go to TestoGen. While Testrx is packed with minerals and other items, TestoGen has a few more non-vitamin related benefits to its name. 

Potential Side Effects

Before we look at the side effects of using both of these supplements, let’s go over the side effects of having too much testosterone in your system. Testosterone is a good chemical that gives you drive, power, and the willpower to do hard things, but having too much of it can backfire on you. 

For starters, it can lead to a dangerous increase in muscle mass, acne and oily skin, bad sleep apnea, and irritable behavior for both men and women. People who take TestoGen might also experience the side effects of bloating, diarrhea, headaches, and cramps. It’s worth noting that the side effects are typically not as painful as side effects from synthetic-based products since the supplement is all natural. 

Testrx is designed to cause no irregular side effects to the human body, so you should only see the side effects that come with taking any testosterone supplement. Keep an eye on your health and only take the recommended dosage when it says you should take it. If you get these side effects, talk to your doctor.

Testrx is superior because it lists no additional side effects other than the common ones that come from taking testosterone. No matter which testosterone supplement you take, minor side effects are very common. If the side effects start to become severe, then it’s time to stop taking the supplement and see a doctor.

Customer Reviews

The reviews for TestoGen typically focus on the energy boost that resulted from taking the supplement. They could drastically burn fat and increase their lean muscle mass, even though they didn’t make too many changes to their diet and exercise routine. Some people even saw those improvements starting to trickle over into the rest of their lives as well.

The reviews for TestRx tend to focus a lot more on gym life, burning fat, and building muscle. People saw benefits from simply taking the supplement alone and making no other changes in their lives. Those that added the supplement to their daily diet and exercise routine saw their energy levels spike. 

The reviews for both products are about the same, and they speak to the power that both of these supplements have. .

Manufacturing and Brand

TestoGen is created by Muscle Club Limited, a company with a trustworthy reputation in the industry and uses FDA-approved facilities to develop its 100% organic supplement. The TestoGen team also works with health consultants and nutrition and fitness experts to make sure that the supplement is the best for you and your natural health. That’s what gives people the utmost trust in the brand.

TestRx is a safe supplement that is made from Leading Edge Health and is made in North America at a cGMP-approved facility. They work within the bounds of strict health and safety rules to create their supplement, and that’s all the information they gave us.

TestoGen is the winner here because they are a bit more specific about where they created the product. Still, both supplements have several tens of thousands of happy customers to their name, and it isn’t as much of a red flag to not know precisely where the supplement was made. Enough people have tried it and seen the results for you to trust in either supplement’s validity.

Price and Value For Money

TestRx comes with several purchasing options, but we recommend getting the one month supply if this is your first time taking a testosterone supplement. It comes out to $80 per month for the supply, and you also get a 67-day money back guarantee and a 100% seal of approval by the creators. Sadly, it doesn’t come with any bulk order discounts, although the company does often have sales to lower the price.

TestoGen’s one month supply goes for $70 a month for 120 capsules, and there is both a 100% money-back guarantee and savings for multi-buyers. The more you spend, the more money you end up saving. This makes it very easy to buy in bulk and stock up if you find that you like the supplement.

Both products are neck and neck, and the one-month supply only comes out to about $10. TestoGen only wins because it’s cheaper, and even then, only by the slimmest of margins. If you are a stickler for a budget, then this could be an issue. Otherwise, you can choose based on the various other factors that make these supplements different.

Pros and Cons List

TestoGen Pros:

  • 100% natural supplement
  • Backed by the FDA and clinical studies
  • Free shipping on orders of two items or more

TestoGen Cons:

  • They don’t accept Paypal/third party cards as payment
  • Need to take four capsules every morning
  • Can be expensive to buy in bulk

TestRx Pros

  • Builds muscle quickly
  • cGMP approved and made in North America
  • Formulated for the right dosage in every single pill

TestRx Cons

  • No Bulk order Discounts
  • Expensive to purchase
  • Takes about two weeks to start to feel results.

TestoGen vs TestRx: The Winner

We have to say that TestoGen is the best here.  Not only are they transparent about their ingredients and where they made them, but it comes with the triple punch of magnesium, fenugreek, and red ginseng—all ingredients that boost energy and your natural looks. They also make no secret about being FDA approved, and they are a bit cheaper compared to the price of their TestRx counterpart. It’s a good all-around supplement, and you can see results very fast.

You should use TestoGen if:

  • If you want every piece of information about your supplement and the ingredients that make it up.
  • You’re okay with taking four capsules per day
  • You want to see and feel fast results

You should take TestRx if you:

  • Are okay with waiting a week for your results
  • Want to take a good testosterone supplement without obsessing over detail
  • Want a supplement that focuses more on vitamins rather than specific ingredients. 
Our Pick

TestoGen is the clear winner due to its superior ingredients formula & established track record of results. 

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