TestoPrime vs Nugenix (Our Top Pick)

Looking to buy a testosterone booster you can trust? Nugenix and TestoPrime both promise to boost and support testosterone levels. So can either actually live up to that promise? Or do they both fall flat on their face? See In this Comparision of TestoPrime vs Nugenix:

We have done thorough research into both products, looking at real-life experiences and scientific research. All in order to determine if they live up to their claims and if so, which is better.

See our findings below…

Editor's Choice: Best Testosterone Booster

TestoPrime is currently our No.1 Ranked Testosterone Booster. It has the most effective ingredients formula on the market according to our research and testing.

What is TestoPrime?

TestoPrime is a supplement that helps to increase testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, fat loss and improved sexual performance. TestoPrime uses a blend of herbs and vitamins to naturally stimulate testosterone production. This can help men see results such as increased muscle mass, decreased body fat and improved sexual performance.

What is Nugenix?

Nugenix is another testosterone booster that claims to increase T levels.

Nugenix testosterone booster is claimed to help with muscle growth and recovery, as well as sexual health. The supplement is available without a prescription and can be bought online or in stores.

Nugenix is made with all-natural ingredients and does not contain any steroids or prohormones. The company claims that the supplement can help increase testosterone levels by up to 30%.

Ingredients Comparison    

When you are taking supplements, you need to know exactly what you are putting into your body. It is therefore important to be aware of the ingredients they contain. 

TestoPrime Ingredients  

TestoPrime vs Nugenix

Testoprime contains 2000MG of D-Aspartic acid. This is a natural amino acid, and studies have shown that it is able to promote the production of the Luteinizing Hormone by the brain.  

Luteinizing Hormone is able to increase testosterone to healthy levels, and in turn allows you to get firmed muscles, bigger gains from exercise, and helps in weight loss.  

8000MG of Panax Ginseng: This is a plant root that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It’s an antioxidant that supports the functions of testosterone through it’s ability to increase energy, improve sex drive, and battle fatigue. 

66 MG of KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract: This comes from the ashwagandha plant, and clinical studies have proven its ability to support testosterone. It is able to improve weight loss, cognitive ability, digestion, help grow muscle, and boost energy. 

Showing the amazing effects that ashwagandha can have, one study saw that testosterone increased by 14.7% in participants after intake of ashwagandha extract. 

800MG of fenugreek: This has been shown by studies to support and increase testosterone and increase libido, overall sexual function, stamina, and energy. It can also improve metabolism to make it easier to lose weight! 

TestoPrime also includes 8 other supporting ingredients.

Highlights include Vitamin D and Zinc which have both been proven in multiple scientific studies to boost testosterone production.

TestoPrime has an extremely comprehensive ingredients formula which is very well backed up by multiple scientific studies.

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Nugenix Ingredients 

One of the ingredients found in Nugenix is Tribulus Terrestris. This is used in many testosterone boosting supplements, and it has been believed to bring benefits such as increased libido.  

However, one review looked at a dozen studies on the plant, and found that it wasn’t able to increase testosterone levels. There have been studies that have found it to be effective at this in animals, but not in humans. 

Nugenix also contains vitamins B12 and B6. These are known to be very important for testosterone levels, as a lack of them can lead to major reductions in the sex hormone. 

Vitamin B12 has also been found to promote testicular health and improve sperm quality and count. 

Another ingredient that Nugenix is made of is L-Citrulline Malate. This has been found to help support the functions of testosterone by aiding in the growth and building of muscle, and promoting strength and endurance.  

There is one study which shows how L-Citrulline, when taken orally, is able to improve erectile function. However, this study was only done on animals and so it cannot be said for certain if the same results would be seen in humans. 

Like TestoPrime, Nugenix also contains fenugreek extract, the benefits of which were outlined above. 


TestoPrime is the winner when it comes to Ingredients.  

There is a general lack of scientific research into the ingredients of Nugenix and their effectiveness at supporting testosterone in humans. However, there is a lot more information and evidence for those in TestoPrime.  

Editor's Choice: Best Testosterone Booster

TestoPrime is currently our No.1 Ranked Testosterone Booster. It has the most effective ingredients formula on the market according to our research and testing.

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Safety and Potential Side Effects 

Before taking any supplement it is important to be aware of the potential risks they might have.  

No matter what, you should always check with your doctor before taking any type of dietary supplement. 

Testoprime Side Effects  

The manufacturers of TestPrime claim that there are no side effects of the product.  

However, everyone’s bodies are different, and there have been some reports of people experiencing allergic reactions. 

There is also a chance you might get some skin reactions and acne, and if you take the supplements straight after eating you might experience nausea.  

As with any supplement, you need to ensure you don’t exceed the recommended dose. 

Nugenix Side Effects 

There are no dangerous ingredients found in Nugenix, and so any side effects are mainly dependent on the individual taking the product and their health. 

Some potential side effects of Nugenix include increased heart rate, sleeping issues, swollen ankles, upset stomach, and enlarged prostate.  

There is also the risk that Nugenix could interact with other medications, especially blood thinning drugs. 


TestoPrime is the winner in this category.  

The side effects of TestoPrime are a lot less severe than those of Nugenix, and there appear to be fewer reports of people experiencing such side effects. 

Customer Results 

What evidence is there of these boosters working? Well, let’s look at some real-life experiences from customers who have used the product.  


From reading through customer reviews, it was clear that TestoPrime was great for helping people to have more energy.  

There were also multiple reports of the product helping people to gain strength, and achieve their fitness and weight loss goals faster. 

According to Men’s Journal, 98% of customers were very satisfied with TestoPrime, with only 2% seeing no changes from the product. How amazing is that?! 

The negative reviews that were found were less about the effectiveness of the product and more about the delivery times. 


There are a mixture of positive and negative reviews on Nugenix.  

Many customers reported experiencing a boost in energy, with some reporting on how it helped to improve their athletic performance.  

There were also many people commenting on how they saw great results in terms of sexual function, with increased libido and stamina reported. 

The reviews on Nugenix’s official website, trust pilot, and amazon were all fairly similar, which included numerous negative experiences with customers saying how they didn’t see any changes.  

Multiple people said how it took them a while to see results and needed to persevere with taking the supplement every single month. Therefore, part of the reason why some people didn’t see change could have been due to them not taking Nugenix for long enough. 


TestoPrime was the runaway winner in terms of customer results.  

There was an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from people who had tried the product, and there were hardly any negative reviews on it’s performance.  

Nugenix also had positive reviews, however the fact that lots of people didn’t see changes, or didn’t notice any difference until a long time after, puts some doubt into the effectiveness of the product. 

Manufacturing and Brand 

Let’s have a look at who is responsible for making the two supplements, and whether they are reliable or not. 


Testoprime is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited. This company is based in Cyprus and specialises in dietary products. 

Wolfson made Testoprime with ingredients that are backed by clinical trials and the formula was scientifically researched by the company.  

The product is made from ingredients that are approved by the FDA, and the facility in which it is made is GMP certified.  

You can therefore take TestoPrime feeling rest assured that it is completely safe, and made to the highest standards of manufacturing. 


Adaptive Health, LLC are the manufacturers of Nugenix, and they are based in Utah, USA.  

The company has manufactured numerous health brands, and are known for their science-based product development.  

All of the ingredients in Nugenix are naturally sourced, however the products are not FDA approved, and the official site even says how the statements they make have not been assessed by the FDA. 


TestoPrime takes the lead in terms of manufacturing.  

The ingredients within TestoPrime all have FDA approval, whereas the same can’t be said for Nugenix, which puts a lot more confidence in the safety and reliability of TestoPrime.  

Nugenix is still made by a well-known, leading manufacturer, however it’s facility doesn’t appear to be GMP-certified like TestoPrime’s.  

Price and Value for Money 

One of the main things you are probably wondering is exactly how much these supplements are going to set you back. 

 Let’s take a look and compare the prices of the two brands. 

TestoPrime Pricing

TestoPrime can be bought from the official brand’s website, or from Amazon.  

If you buy it from TestoPrime’s website, you also get a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee along with free shipping.  

There are a few different packages you can get. A one-month supply of TestoPrime is $59.99.  

For a three-month supply, you will get one bottle for free. So you only pay the cost of 2 bottles. It also comes with a free nutrition and workout plan. it will cost you $119.99.

The best value for money is the 3-month supply which includes an extra 3 months worth of TestoPrime for free. Meaning you get 6 months worth of product in total and only pay for three.

This is great because you will want to take the product for this long anyway to see the full impact. It also includes the free exercise and nutrition plan.


Nugenix can be purchased from it’s official site, Amazon, and The Vitamin Shoppe amongst others. 

There are a few different options of Nugenix products you can buy, all of which have a slightly different price. However, for one of their main testosterone boosting products it will cost you between $55 and $70 for a month’s supply.  

Nugenix has a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can get all your money back if you are unhappy with the product and return it within this time frame.  


It was a close call for this category, but TestoPrime took the lead.  

Majority of the main products on Nugenix are more expensive per month than TestoPrime.  

Furthermore, the deals that TestoPrime offer, alongside the feature of free ebooks and resources, make it stand out and be better value for money than Nugenix. 

Pros and Cons 



·      Very Positive Customer Reviews 

·      Lifetime Guarantee 

·      Made from FDA-approved ingredients 

·      GMP-certified manufacturing facility 

·      Burns body fat by up to 16% 

·      Increases muscle strength up to 138.7% 

·      Improves endurance by up to 92.2% 

·      Converts fat to energy by up to 12% 


·      Reports of poor shipping time 

·      Risk of some side effects 



·      Positive customer reviews and results 

·      Made by established manufacturer 

·      30-day return policy 


·      Can be expensive 

·      Ingredients and product are not FDA-approved 

·      Could interact with other medications 

·      Takes a while to see results, with some people not noticing any change 

TestoPrime vs Nugenix – Final Verdict 

TestoPrime is the runaway winner, beating Nugenix in every single category.  

The value for money you get with TestoPrime products with the addition of ebooks and fitness resources makes it worth every penny.  

Furthermore, you can have a lot more trust in the TestoPrime products due to their ingredients having FDA-approval. This is something that is so important when it comes to supplements. You want to know that the things you are putting into your body are safe, and you can be confident of this with TestoPrime. 

People have had such fantastic results with TestoPrime. It can boost your energy, help you achieve your fitness goals, and improve your sexual function.  

Whilst Nugenix still appears to do the job and work well, there is a lot less solid evidence supporting the effectiveness of it’s ingredients.  

Therefore, if you’re looking for a supplement that is safe, good value for money, and will boost and support your testosterone levels, TestoPrime is the one for you. 

Editor's Choice: Best Testosterone Booster

TestoPrime is currently our No.1 Ranked Testosterone Booster. It has the most effective ingredients formula on the market according to our research and testing.