Testro-X Review (Side Effects, Results and Ingredients)

Testro X is probably one of the better testosterone supplements out there right now.

It has a pretty complete formula that is scientifically proven. 

The founder, Chris Walker, seems to really care about the product and the success of his customers.

This supplement is more for guys with Low T, or who are older and want to boost energy and libido.

If you are younger or are looking to bulk up, this probably isn’t the product for you.

I’ll start by reviewing all the ingredients, talk about their dosages, and try to investigate their efficiency and potential to increase your testosterone levels.

Ingredients Analysis

Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate): 150mg

Magnesium is a natural ingredient that is proven to reduce sex-hormone binding globulin; this feature will help to enhance the effect of testosterone in the blood. Other studies showed that this ingredient can increase free and total testosterone levels in our systems, and by covering 38% of our daily value, this ingredient’s is not only effective, it is also safely dosed and completely safe for everyday use.

Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate): 15mg

Zinc is an ingredient that you’ll find in almost every testosterone booster if not all. It is a complete must to have enough Zinc in your system if you’re willing to eliminate any deficit while trying to boost up your T-levels. That being said, not fulfilling your daily needs of this ingredient will lead to lower testosterone levels but luckily, the Testro-X covers 100% of these needs, and I’m quite satisfied with that.

Organic Ashwagandha (root extract): 400mg

Used as an herbal treatment by Indian countries back in the day, the Organic Ashwagandha is considered as an adaptogen which means it can reduce stress, anxiety by balancing out the cortisol hormone levels. Other studies have proven this product’s efficiency in improving cardio vascularity, improve sleep quality, and many effects that scream “healthy testosterone production.” The dosage used is pretty moderate and will not cause any side effects if we stick to Testro-X’s recommended daily dosage.

Forskohlii Root extract: 250mg

I was not very familiar with this ingredient, but I was impressed with my research results, Forskohlii is a natural ingredient that was proven by many studies to increase testosterone levels and the overall body’s hormones effectively. Another study proved that this ingredient also works as a “testosterone utilizer’’ as it enhances our systems’ capabilities to utilize testosterone more effectively.

Inositol: 200mg

The Inositol ingredient has gathered a lot of conflict about its effect on our system and specifically our T-levels. According to scientists, supplementing with Inositol will help reduce different signs of stress and boost up our mood. I’ve seen many articles claiming that Inositol will decrease testosterone levels but they’re completely neglecting the fact that it would decrease estrogen levels, even more, giving us a very appealing Net result. That being said, I think the dosage is nothing too edgy and should not cause any unwanted side effects.

Glycine: 200mg

Glycine is a natural ingredient that is not directly associated with the production of testosterone in our bodies, but it definitely serves an equally important cause which is sleeping. Yes, people, Glycine is used to safely improve our overall sleep quality which will provide healthier conditions for the testosterone levels to go up.

L-theanine: 100mg

It seems like Testo-X is focusing on the conditioning in their formula, L-theanine is another complementary ingredient included to relieve stress, improve sleep quality and boost up energy levels which is crucial for my fitness activities. Also, the dosage is pretty safe and suitable for everyday intake.

Boron (as Boron Citrate): 10mg

Boron is a mineral that often gets neglected when it comes to natural t-levels improvement, but what I found during my research is quite impressive, studies proved that this rare mineral can boost free testosterone levels by 28% and decrease free estrogen levels by 39%. That’s some powerful stuff for such an underrated mineral.

Black pepper fruit extract (Bioperine): 10mg

The Bioperine is a neutral ingredient that has no specific association with T-levels or energy levels, but it has been used in many testosterone boosters.

I assume that this ingredient is nothing more than a component used to balance out the Testro-X formula. The dosage used is very low as well which is pretty safe to take on a daily basis.

Other Ingredients:

Testro-X’s formula has some other ingredients that have no effect on T-levels or whatsoever, but I’m going to mention them anyway: Gelatin (capsule), Rice flour, and L-leucine.

Ingredients Overview

I think that the Testro-X by Truth Nutra has a very solid formula, safely dosed, very well balanced and presents some promising potential. This formula build some lean muscle mass by boosting up T-levels, energy levels and helping sleep well which is crucial in any sports activity.

Dosage Levels

I think that the dosages used in this testosterone booster are nothing more than ordinary. Very safe to take once we stick to Testro X’s recommended daily dosage (3 capsules a day).

Testro-X Results from Users

After reading reviews from different users online, I’m already sold. People have been making some great results fast without going through any side effects. I did though come across some negative reviews claiming that this Testo-booster doesn’t work, but those are just a minority of people. You can read our Testrovax review to find out more

Testro-X Side Effects

No side effects have been reported by people who have tried this product properly (used the proper dosage).

Where to Buy Testro-X

You can find the best price for Testro-X at their official website.

Conclusion and Recommendations

I am quite satisfied generally with this product, the formula, the ingredients and user reviews all seem to support Testro X’s efficiency.