TestroVax Review (Safety, Results & More)

Verdict: Not Recommended

Reason: Lack of transparency over exact dosage of ingredients (this can be dangerous). Plus does not contain Magnesium or Zinc which my research showed are essential.

If you are interested in the kind of benefits TestroVax is supposed to provide, then you are probably going to get better results from another product.

For my full TestroVax review, keep reading.

Ingredients List

This ingredients formula is incomplete, it does not contain Magnesium or Zinc which my research suggests are must-haves (research).

Frankly it seems like they are trying to hide something by not disclosing the dosages of all the ingredients.

What’s more, their official website does not have any information on what the ingredients formula actually contains.

I pulled the screenshot below from GNC which stocks TestroVax, and is the only really information I could find on the ingredients formula.

As you can see, they have a propriety blend that they call Testrothione. They do disclose what’s in it, however they don’t disclose how much of each ingredient is in it. Dosage levels are important in evaluating how well a product will work so it’s really hard to say with this little information.

The two ingredients in Testrothione that actually have any scientific proof behind them D-aspartic acid and Fenugreek.

D-aspartic acid is definitely the most important of those two ingredients and my research indicates that you really needed dosages of over about 1600mg for it to have a significant impact on testosterone levels. 

I wonder how much d-aspartic acid TestroVax has….

Vitamin B6 – Research indicates that Vitamin B6 does have an impact on testosterone levels. It’s not one of my must-have ingredients because the proof is not as conclusive as Magnesium, Vitamin D, Zinc or D-aspartic acid. However, deficiencies in B vitamins have been proven to correlate with lower testosterone levels so it certainly is a good ingredient to have in the mix (finally a positive mark for Testrovax).

Vitamin B12 – Same story as Vitamin B6. Good to have in there and making sure you do not have a deficiency in this micro-nutrient is important.

Folic Acid – This is actually just another type of vitamin B. There is evidence to suggest that a deficiency in folic acid can lead to lower testosterone levels. Again, making sure you do not have a deficiency in folic acid will help keep testosterone levels healthy.

Ingredients Verdict

Honestly, this is basically a glorified Vitamin B complex. You can buy those for about $20 on Amazon, this costs $69….

As far as I can tell the Testrothione complex is basically snake oil. It’s main redeeming feature is the inclusion of d-aspartic acid. However, without knowing the dosage level I can’t say if this will do anything for you.

TestroVax User Results

Despite not having my favored ingredients based on my research, I decided to look further into Novex TestroVax and see if people were actually getting any results with it.

Overall, like usual, there is really mixed results. After seeing some pretty hyped up and over-the-top looking reviews (you know the type I mean) I suddenly found myself wondering if some of the reviews were real. But to be fair, I can’t say for sure that they are not.

The product got an average rating of 7/10 on bodybuilding.com from users which is pretty good. On GNC, the product got 4.5/5 stars which is really good and on Vitamin Shoppe it got 3/5 but that was only from one shopper.

The good reviews are confusing to me, maybe they do have solid amounts of d-aspartic acid in the formula or maybe the reviews are just fake; I don’t know. I do know there are other products which have just as good reviews and much more transparent and complete ingredients formulas on the market. So personally, I’m probably going to stick with Prime Male. You can read our Testro X review to find out more

Side Effects

I couldn’t actually find too many reports of TestroVax side effects among different supplement reviews, so it may be safe. However, if it does boost testosterone levels then you may see increased acne and get mild headaches which can be side effects of raising testosterone levels. You should definitely always consult your doctor before using this product.

Where to Buy Testrovax?

If you insist on buying this product, although I really don’t recommend it, there is Testrovax for sale at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. However, for the best price I would recommend this listing on Amazon.


Overall I cannot recommend using a TestroVax stack due to a highly ineffective ingredients formula. My conclusions are based on all of the extensive research I have done into ingredients, including analyzing a lot of scientific studies to see what works and what doesn’t.