Trimtone vs Leanbean (Our Favorite)

 Are you looking for a fat burner but you don’t know where to start?  

With so many supplements available, it can be difficult to know which one to buy. There are many products offering amazing ingredients and benefits. However, when you break them down, they don’t do anything useful.  

Let’s take a look at Trimtone and Leanbean, two popular brands available today.  

Our Pick

TrimTone is the most effective fat burner for women on the market right now in our opinion. 

Leanbean vs Trimtone – Comparison at a Glance

These two fat burners have similar selling points. 

Leanbean and Trimtone both aim to boost metabolisms, burn fat, and reduce hunger. They also pride themselves on their all-natural ingredients. However, the make-up of these two fat burners is very different.  

Trimtone is available through a variety of online retailers. In contrast, Leanbean can only be purchased on the brand’s website. However, both are available worldwide.  

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Trimtone and Leanbean boast about their all-natural ingredients but only the latter is vegan-friendly. That’s because Trimtone contains gelatin.  

Interestingly these fat boosters only share a single common ingredient.  

Let’s take a look at the components of these fat burners and what sets them apart.  

Common Ingredients


This dietary fiber is found in most fat boosters. 

It expands in the stomach and makes you feel more full quicker. This should lower the temptation to snack and overeat.  

These fat burners contain strikingly different amounts of glucomannan 

Unique Ingredients 

Trimtone and Lean Bean contain numerous strikingly different ingredients as they take a different approach to fat burning.  

Let’s break these down.  



Caffeine is most famous as a stimulant.  

This creates a state of enhanced alertness and energy. It’s useful to take before workouts and in the morning to start your day.  

Meanwhile, it can be effective as a fat burner. Caffeine increases calorie burning and breaks down fat. It can also suppress hunger.  

Green Coffee 

Also containing caffeine, green coffee provides some of the same benefits as above.  

The main reason why Trimtone includes it is that it contains chlorogenic acid. This helps your gut to avoid absorbing too much fat or glucose.  

Green coffee is also an effective thermogenic (calorie burner).  

Green Tea 

Another source of caffeine, green tea also works as a thermogenic. It contains less caffeine than coffee but is still a stimulant.  

As well as containing antioxidants, green tea helps to break down fat. It does this by inhibiting enzymes that prevent fat breakdown.  

Then the fat is released into the bloodstream and converted into energy.  

Grains of Paradise 

This herb directly activates brown adipose tissue (BAT) and ignites weight loss.  

BAT is one of two types of fat cells in the body. It burns calories to generate heat. This directly impacts thermogenesis.  

Meanwhile, BAT also affects glucose levels and reduces hunger pangs. This can lower food cravings throughout the day.  

Lean Bean 


Choline is a less common nutrient that can help rapidly reduce body mass without negative side effects.  

It plays a key role in preventing cholesterol build up inside the body. It also helps to control the amount of fat.  

Vitamin B6 

This vitamin has many positive benefits.  

It’s important for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, and protein while reducing the risk of anemia.  

Furthermore, it affects brain health and emotional issues while enhancing mood regulation. Vitamin B6 is used to treat premenstrual syndrome and PMS.  

Vitamin B12 

Another B vitamin, it helps to keep the body’s blood and nerve cells healthy. 

It also reduces the risk of anemia and helps to maintain the nervous system.  

Chromium Picolinate 

This trace mineral can help insulin to work effectively in the body. Insulin is a key molecule in helping to break down fat, protein, and carbohydrates.  

At the same time, Chromium Picolinate lowers blood sugar levels. This lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes.  


Turmeric contains curcumin, a natural chemical that provides many benefits.  

It’s renowned for its qualities as an antioxidant and as an anti-inflammatory while keeping your body in homeostasis.  

Garcinia Cambogia 

Also known as the Malabar tamarind, this fruit is popular for weight loss. It may block your body’s capacity to create fat as well as lowering hunger pangs by creating serotonin.  

Studies show that it may have a powerful effect.  

Acai Berry 

These nutrient-dense berries contain a lot of fiber and help to aid digestion.  

They’re also great for improving cholesterol levels and have a high number of antioxidants.  


Essentially black pepper, piperine works effectively with turmeric to ensure that the latter’s effects reach their full capacity.  

Piperine makes it easier for curcumin to pass through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream. This has a profound effect on the activity of the digestive enzymes.  

Meanwhile, it also reduces insulin resistance, making it useful for fat loss.  

Ingredients Verdict

Each dose of Leanbean contains three times the amount of glucomannan than Trimtone. However, Trimtone argues that its dosage is still effective without causing bloating and nausea.  

On the other hand, Leanbean claims to use a ‘clinically effective dose that helps to suppress appetites. 

Trimtone makes up for its lower rate of glucomannan by overlying on stimulants. The inclusion of green tea, green coffee, and caffeine is overkill.  

The inclusion of B vitamins is a positive for Leanbean because they help to maintain a healthy appetite and good digestion.  

Meanwhile, they provide a whole host of natural plant-based ingredients that provide supporting benefits.  

That’s why we rate Leanbean’s ingredient list above Trimtone’s.  

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Safety & Potential Side Effects 

There are no reported side effects of Leanbean but it is possible that the high content of glucomannan may cause bloating for some women.  

However, the number of stimulants in Trimtone is concerning.  

Common side effects include jitters, insomnia, dizziness, and anxiety. There’s also the risk of developing a caffeine dependency.  

Both products meet GMP-manufacturing criteria and claim to be made by FDA-approved manufacturers. Neither product is recommended if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.  

Clearly, Leanbean is less likely to produce side effects than Trimtone and wins this category.   

Customer Reviews 

It’s very tricky to compare these two fat boosters based on customer reviews for a couple of reasons.  

Firstly, Leanbean is only available for purchase through its own website. They do provide customer testimonials but naturally, they’re not going to advertise their product with anything negative.  

This means it’s difficult to trust their reviews.  

One customer claimed to have noticed a difference after 10 days. She said that she had taken other fat burners but didn’t like their side effects. The buyer claimed that she never felt any shakes and her heart didn’t race as it did after consuming other fat burners.  

Another fan said that Leanbean made her sweat more when exercising. She said she appreciated it because it helped to burn fat in a more natural manner.  

Unfortunately, Trimtone has a lot of negative reviews on Amazon.  

Customers claimed that they felt jittery after taking the product. Another said that she actually felt hungrier after using it. 

Bizarrely, even their website lacks a testimonials section. 

That’s why we’re giving Leanbean the seal of approval because at least it has some positive feedback.  

Manufacturing & Brand 

Both of these products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in FDA-approved facilities.  

Trimtone is widely available through a number of online retailers like Amazon as well as its own website.  

Leanbean prescribes a dosage of three capsules per day. In contrast, you only need to take Trimtone once per day.  

However, you can only buy Leanbean directly from their own site.  

Price & Value For Money 

Trimtone offers more options for purchase than Leanbean because you can buy it from online retailers like Amazon.  

One month’s supply on Amazon will set you back about $70. However, you could. make savings if you buy it directly from their website. One tub costs less than $50 excluding shipping.  

A single month’s supply of Leanbean costs $60, with free shipping in the U.S. and the U.K.  

Both fat burners provide multiple options on their websites if you want to buy in bulk.  

Trimtone clearly makes their products cheaper. You can buy three cartons for $150 and they’ll throw in an extra two for free.  

Meanwhile, Leanbean offers a four-month supply for 190 dollars.  

Trimtone is definitely more affordable than Leanbean but has lower quality ingredients. This means that Leanbean may be a better value for money.   

Trimtone vs Leanbean – Final Verdict 

These fat boosters have clearly identifiable selling points and benefits.  

Trimtone is cheaper than Leanbean, especially if you buy in bulk. If you want to save money then this may be the option for you. It’s also less of a commitment because you only need to take a single capsule every morning.  

However, based on reviews and analysis of their ingredients, Trimtone is the better overall product.  

It contains fewer stimulants which may make it easier to consume Trimtone. Meanwhile, the number of plant extracts provides this fat booster additional benefits.  

Our Pick

TrimTone is the most effective fat burner for women on the market right now in our opinion.