Ubervita UberTest Review (Does it Really Work)

t is a problem affecting millions of men the world over; low testosterone. And yet, even though it remains such a big issue, many men are none the wiser.

You may first notice your energy levels dropping, fatigue setting in early during the day, and the big one- a diminishing sex drive.

It naturally begs the question- what is going wrong?

Your next logical step is to look for a supplement that can help to improve your testosterone levels; preferably a natural one.

This is why I decided to put together this unbiased Ubertest review, to help you decide if it can successfully work for you.

Let’s dive in and see what Ubertest is all about.

What Exactly Is Ubertest?

Ubertest is an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement, produced by the company Ubervita and which claims to be suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience or goals. The manufacturer also claims to be one of the leading supplement companies, even though there is no real proof that this is the case.

Ubertest claims that it is all about “serious potency. Serious results”, which means that we need to take a serious look at its ingredient profile.

Among The Claimed Benefits Of The Supplement Are:

  • An increase in free testosterone levels, in as little as three days after your first dose.
  • Improvements to your mood, energy levels and overall male health
  • Assisting with the regulation of an optimal testosterone to cortisol ratio, which can be a factor contributing to the low testosterone levels.

Pros Of The Supplement

  • Formula is composed of all-natural ingredients, which are much safer than street made concoctions as the manufacturer likes to put it.
  • Made in a GMP certified factory in the United States.
  • Vegetarian approved; made of kosher ingredients
  • Manufacturer offers a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Very affordably priced


  • Contains stimulants such as caffeine, which can cause side effects for some people insensitive to their effects.
  • Very pill heavy; requires consumption of three capsules per day
  • Employs use of a proprietary blend approach.
  • From ingredient lists, seems unlikely to significantly boost testosterone levels.
  • Currently only available at the manufacturers website, which is a free hosted shopify website that does not give credibility to the brand.

Who Is Ubertest For?

The manufacturer of Ubertest claims that the product is suitable for men of all ages, regardless of their fitness goals or overall health. What this means to me is that the product is geared to anyone who thinks they have a problem, and is unlikely to solve anyone’s issue completely.

In reality, Ubertest is likely to be of greatest benefit to men who are actively trying to improve their libido. This means that men that are typically over the age of 35, or those with other pre-existing metabolic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

But just because a manufacturer claims that the product is for someone does it mean it is the truth. In fact, to come to such conclusions I first analyze the ingredient list to see if there is any scientific proof to warrant their inclusion in the formulation, as there are many ingredients not yet proven to have any benefits on improving male hormonal balance, but yet manufacturers flock to them, insisting that it is the biggest breakthrough since the advent of Creatine supplements in bodybuilding.

The second but equally important aspect that I consider is overall customer sentiment towards the product. If dozens of different people are claiming that something is good, and there are hardly negative testimonials, then you probably know that you have found a solid supplement.

On the other hand, if a supplement has received a poor response from multiple sources found on the Internet, it is a good bet that the product will not live up to the marketing hype.

With that in mind, it’s time we take a look at its official ingredient profile:

Ubertest Ingredients And Dosage

The first major red flag that stood out about Ubertest, is the fact that all ingredients are lumped together into a proprietary blend, leaving you in the dark about how much of each you are getting. Secondly, is the fact that the supplement label lists serving size as one capsule, when in reality no one is taking one capsule at a time. A better use of time would have been to just adjust the serving to represent the 3 pill serving size.

But that’s not where my doubts end, as next was the questionable dosage altogether. The label states take three capsules daily, but at the same time that you should not take more than six capsules in a 12 hour period of time. Why would they even indicate that dose of the 3 per day, when they go on to say that you should not take more than six every 12 hours? The logic here escapes me.

One final thing to keep in mind is the fact that a bottle of 60 capsules will not last for a month, as 3 per day translates to roughly 20 days duration.

On to the actual ingredients now.

Trillium Erectum

The name of this ingredient should say a lot about what it does for men. Though studies on Trillium Erectum are very sparse, one isolated study found that the family of plants contain small amounts of steroidal saponins, which may have some effect on sexual function [1]. However, it is not clear if it does this via a testosterone based mechanism or not, but until more studies are done to ascertain this, for the time being it is all speculation.

Potency Wood

Better known as Muira Puama to those avid researchers of male enhancement products, it does have historical use as an aphrodisiac, at least in the regions of Brazil where it grows natively.

Once again, it doesn’t appear to have much of an influence on increasing testosterone levels [2], but does show promise as natural therapy for erectile dysfunction. More so, it also shows potential as a cognitive enhancer, as this appears to be where most of the research is being conducted these days.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw palmetto extract is a supplement frequently used to treat symptoms of an enlarging prostate, frequently experienced in older men. Saw palmetto acts via inhibition of the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT [3], which is thought to be responsible for the negative effects on prostate health in men.

The inclusion of saw palmetto extract in the supplement will only make it appear as if testosterone levels are increasing, when in reality it is likely because less of it is being converted into the androgenic metabolite DHT.

Inhibition of DHT coincides with diminished sex drive, so this may not be the best ingredient to include in the formulation.

Mexican Wild Yam

Mexican wild yam is another ingredient that can be considered hit and miss, since in theory, it has the potential to increase testosterone levels, but in reality it often won’t do so. Wild yam contains the compound diosgenin, which can convert into estrogen or DHEA. DHEA, can in turn be converted into a testosterone precursor, or into estrogen once again.

The conversion of DHEA into testosterone is minimal to begin with, which means that you are unlikely to notice any elevation from consumption of a wild yam supplements. It is much more suitable as a natural form of hormone replacement therapy for women [4].

Mexican Sarsaparilla

Mexican sarsaparilla has been marketed as naturally containing anabolic steroids, when in fact this is a fake marketing ploy. Indeed, sarsaparilla has steroidal saponins which can be converted into certain anabolic steroids in the lab, but when consumed by the body, this conversion does not occur.

Thus, the inclusion of this ingredient in the formulation serves no real purpose.

Tribulus Terrestris

What more can be said about this supplement that has not already been said? While held in high regard for many years, today it is a well-known fact that Tribulus terrestris will not [5] increase your testosterone levels, and is a waste of time if included in formulations.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is an ingredient that has to date been found to have mixed results, with a few studies indicating that it holds great promise, while other ones have found it to do absolutely nothing.

It appears to work best in older men, as well as those actively trying to improve the parameters of their semen and sexual health [6]. When used by young men, Tongkat Ali is unlikely to cause any noticeable increases in testosterone values.


DHEA is a natural steroidal hormone produced by the human body, which can be converted into either estrogen or testosterone based on the action of enzymes in the conversion process. While supplementation with DHEA is generally well accepted by older men, in the young man, there is no benefit likely to be gained from supplementation.

In addition to this, its conversion into testosterone is unpredictable at best [7], as there appears to be no real way to dictate which end hormone it is going to produce.


BCAA’S are amino acids that have been shown to promote muscle protein synthesis, and slow down the rate of muscle breakdown. While this is great, it serves no purpose in increasing testosterone levels. Added to the fact that the amount of BCAA contained in the supplement is ridiculously low, this is another example of an ingredient which should not have been included.

Caffeine And Guarana

Both of these ingredients are used for this stimulatory effect on the body and mind, helping to increase alertness and temporarily boost energy levels. Guarana has caffeine in it, in addition to several other methyl xanthines, all of which have a stimulatory effect and can increase cognitive function over time.

Still, this will not fix your low energy levels as a result of testosterone, but rather just a Band-Aid to cover up the immediate symptoms


Better known as an adaptogen [8], this herb will not directly increase testosterone, but rather buffer the effects of oxidative damage on the testes, which would normally impair testosterone synthesis.

This can be considered a protective mechanism in helping to suppress the rate of testosterone decline, but it will not act as a testosterone booster.

Results From Users

Overall, customer feedback regarding the use of Ubertest is hard to come by, since it cannot be purchased from anywhere except the manufacturers website. It appeared to have had a presence on big websites such as Amazon.com in the past, but today it no longer exists.

However, after a little digging I was able to uncover a few previous Amazon reviews from customers. Take a look and come to your own conclusions.

This reviewer reiterates exactly what I mentioned previously; which is the fact that the dosage instructions on the bottle are not straightforward enough, but rather a confusing jumble of words.

This reviewer is asking for proof of the claims made by the manufacturer, which is the best way to go every time. However, it appears to be too late for the manufacturers of Ubertest at this time.

Interestingly, I was not able to find any customer transformations, or before and after testimonials, leading me to believe that maybe there weren’t any to report!

Ubertest Side Effects

Owing to the fact that it is an all-natural supplement, side effects should be rare from consumption of it.

However, keep in mind that it contains stimulants in the form of caffeine and the guarana bean extract, which could cause insomnia and palpitations in predisposed individuals. Use carefully if you are stimulant insensitive.

Summary – Does Ubertest Really Work?

It is my absolute recommendation that you not consume this product. There is little in it that convinces me that it would do anything for you, unless you are in extremely poor health, but in which case you should be reliant on supplements either.

The manufacturer now has a cheap unprofessional looking domain name, which is different from the one indicated on the supplement label. It is my belief that this change coupled with its removal from sale on Amazon.com is in some way related, possibly due to complaints being lodged against the brand.

However, it has its cheap price going on for it. If you don’t mind tossing $20 out of the window to test it and see for yourself, feel free to give it a shot. Just don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work.

Where To Buy Ubertest?

There is evidence that in the past you could purchase it from big websites such as Amazon or eBay, but it appears that today only place we get it from is their “official” website. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, so be sure to investigate that in the event that you do decide to give it a try.