Unveiling Anna Wintour’s Diet Secrets

We are about to step into the world of Anna Wintour, Vogue’s iconic editor-in-chief and global fashion queen. If you are curious about the lifestyle and diet of the influential fashion maven, you are in the right place. 

We will cover Anna’s daily meals, food preferences, supplements, and secrets of her ageless health and wellness. Let’s see how Anna Wintour blends healthy meals into her busy schedules so we can get inspired, too, for timeless vitality.

Anna Wintour BIO

Anna Wintour BIO

  • Name: Dame Anna Wintour
  • Born: November 3, 1949, London
  • Age: 7
  • Professions
    • Editor-in-Chief of Vogue since 1988
    • Global Chief Content Officer for Condé Nast since 2020
    • Artistic Director of Condé Nast and Global Editorial Director of Vogue32sx

Anna Wintour, is a British and American media executive, and an influential character in the fashion industry. 

Her career began in London as UK Harper’s Bazaar’s editorial assistant, followed by roles in New York and House & Garden. She’s best known for revitalizing Vogue that she has been the chief editor for since 1988, changing and challenging the fashion scene. She has received many awards, including a DBE and CH, showcasing her lasting impact in the fashion industry.

Despite being praised for spotting trends, she’s often called “Nuclear Wintour” due to her demanding personality. She was featured in The September Issue documentary and portrayed by Meryl Streep in the film called The Devil Wears Prada

Actually this film showcases some of her favorite food, like steak. You probably remember the famous scene about the incorrectly prepared steak, too. If not, you must watch it again, it’s a masterpiece.

With that said, Anna Wintour is a health-conscious individual, who recognizes the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and a regular fitness routine. Anna particularly likes tennis, but also committed to weight training, stretching, and balance exercises that suit her age. 

I know, you are buzzing to hear about her diet now, so keep reading!

Anna Wintour’s Diet Routine

Anna Wintour

When it comes to nutrition, Anna Wintour prioritizes nutritious meals, with occasional treats, consumed in moderation. However, the fashion queen hates fast food and anything too greasy. We could see her eating a bite of bacon wrapped pizza with disgust in the Spill Your Guts w Fill Your Guts show with James Corden. All for a fun show!

The style queen stays away from regular alcoholic drinks but might raise her glass with a bit of white wine on special days or occasions! On the flip side, Anna wakes up around 4 to 5 AM daily, then kicks off her morning the right way with some tennis. Being a morning person and early sleeper, it’s no trouble for her. 

She then begins her working day and all the nutritious meals with no carbs and high-protein meals mainly. She then refuels herself with some carbs in the evening. But I’ll share the meals soon in detail.

Although she doesn’t cook, most of her meals are prepared by her private chef and elite restaurants. But don’t worry, you can easily recreate them at home, and they’ll be just as delicious. 

You will be impressed as her influence extends beyond the fashion world, inspiring individuals to embrace a lifestyle that nurtures both body and mind. 

Anna Wintour Meal Preferences

Breakfast Cafe latte, blueberry muffin, scrambled eggs with salmon
LunchSteak, caprese salad (no tomatoes), no-bun and no-sauce  burger, Salad bowl
DinnerGrilled meat or fish,pasta,  Spaghetti Carbonara, 
Snacksuper green powder, ice cream, iced coffee, lean meat or fish,

Pre-Breakfast Treats

Anna Wintour kicks off her day with an extra hot, grande size cappuccino at Starbucks with a blueberry muffin on the side. Well, you need to restore those glycogen stores (energy stored in muscles) after a tough tennis workout.


Ann is known to avoid carbs in the morning. Instead, she prefers a protein-rich breakfast like scrambled eggs with salmon. She then fuels up on carbs in the evening, when she feels so.

Actually, a study by HubermanLab stated that consuming carbs in the evening can improve recovery rates and aid in better sleep quality. Did she know it before?


For lunch, Anna’s go-to is a steak and a caprese salad without tomatoes from a restaurant close to the World Trade Center. You might ask, why doesn’t she eat the tomatoes? 

Actually, Anna doesn’t like vegetables much. Yet she ensures to get her daily greeny intake in other ways, like salads and supplements like green powder, along with other vitamins I cover later.

She might opt for a hamburger without the bun and sauces instead of her favorite daily steak. Well, makes sense, beef is rich in iron, while also being high in creatine and protein. Many women actually deal with iron deficiency, as study claims. Anna would say, have your steak! 

Although, to avoid missing out on the vitamins, a bowl of salad compliments her midday meal, providing fiber and essential micronutrients.


In the evening, Anna prefers grilled fish and pasta, particularly carbonara, showcasing a balance between the macros and taste. 


She doesn’t snack much, but we all get the occasional evening craving, don’t we?

A light, high-protein snack like lean beef or fish is her choice for curbing nighttime hunger without excess calories. While it is known for a strict diet, she occasionally indulges in an iced coffee or a small portion of ice cream, too. 

Well, guess what? Even the paparazzi couldn’t resist snapping shots of her enjoying some chocolate! But hey, with her resilience and portion control, who can blame her? It’s all in good fun!

So as you can see, her diet is simply healthy, representing moderation of treats, consistency and eating the things she loves, rather than following trend diets. All this is combined with plenty of exercise. It is the way to long-lasting wellness!

Anna Wintour Supplements

We all know that being a world-acknowledged fashion designer is a no-joke role with a hectic schedule. This is when supplements come into hand, along with a healthy diet. 

Anna recognizes these challenges of her busy schedule, too, and is taking proactive steps to supplement her diet with essential nutrients, preventing deficiency. This can happen a lot when we are busy and forget to eat. 

Anna Wintour takes vitamin D to strengthen the bones, muscles, and immunity. Actually, vitamin D can also reduce the growth of cancerous cells, reduce inflammation, and control infections. This is important for someone spending so much time indoors and not getting enough sun. 

As not much of a vegetable fan, the fashion star complements her lunch or dinner with super green powder loaded with leafy greens, seaweed, or algae. This not only supports her digestive health but also boosts her immunity and reduces the risk of deficiency. That’s because nowadays, many of these supplements include digestive enzymes and probiotics that actually aid in digestive health, backed by several studies. 

But unfortunately I didn’t find much information about the brand she uses. 

While fish is a regular feature in her meals, Anna opts for Omega-3 capsules to minimize inflammation, improve blood sugar levels, and regenerate cells. Science recommends consuming at least 250 milligrams of a mixture of EPA and DHA per day.

This well-rounded approach to nutrition, coupled with strategic supplement choices, adds to Anna Wintour’s overall health and enduring vitality.