Weider Prime Review (User Results, Side Effects & More)

I’m always on the lookout for effective natural testosterone boosters and based on my personal experience and numerous hours of online research, I have developed a strong sense of what a good testosterone booster should look like.

In this Weider Prime testosterone booster review, I will be looking at this product that has been growing in popularity.


Here are the key points for those who don’t want to read the full review:


  • Solid ingredients formula – great to see magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D all included
  • Decent ratings and user results
  • Completely natural and safe


  • Does not contain d-aspartic acid which is disapointing
  • Some of the dosage levels are off

Verdict: Very decent testosterone booster however not the best on the market.

Recommendation:  I still recommend Prime Male – this is by far the best testosterone booster on the market right now. Click here to read my full review.

Keep reading for my full review of Weider Prime…

What is Weider Prime?

As a fairly new product on the market (released in 2013), Weider prime managed to earn its spot among other strong competitors (such as Prime Test, Nugenix and Mdrive) as an efficient natural testosterone booster and it’s been getting a lot of attention lately.

This supplement is made out of 100% natural ingredients that will promote a natural and healthy increase in your testosterone/energy levels, help you build and maintain lean muscle mass and also combat different the signs of aging.

Who is Weider Prime for?

Low Testosterone levels are impacting everyone’s lives… People with different backgrounds (athletes, aged men, men with poor sexual performance, etc.) are always striving for efficient ways to achieve their t-level goals without having to risk their health.

After taking a look at The Weider Prime’s formula (Which I will review in a bit), I believe that this T-booster will work best for you if you’re a man above 35 and trying to:

  • Improve your sex drive.
  • Increase your T-levels naturally (no side effects).
  • Improve and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Increase overall muscle strength.
  • Improve Physical and mental performance.
  • Boost your energy levels throughout your day.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Overcome aging effects (low libido, depression, sleep problems, stress, etc.)

How Does Weider Prime Work?

Just like any other T-booster, Weider Prime has its unique formula … the daily dosage is two capsules which must be taken with food at any time of the day.

The ingredients’ dosages included in this testosterone booster will fulfill your daily value of essential minerals, vitamins and different organic compounds that directly contribute in improving your system’s ability to absorb essential nutrients responsible for building lean muscle mass, reducing fatigue and maintaining high testosterone levels.

Weider Prime Ingredients

Vitamin D3: 10 mcg

Vitamin D3 is an essential fat-soluble micronutrient that is quite hard to find in our everyday food (mostly obtained from mushrooms and seafood) and is produced in our bodies when our skin is directly exposed to sun rays.  Hundreds of studies suggest that the D3 affects muscle recovery and our bodies’ composition, and a deficiency in this vitamin will lead to cardiovascular diseases, cancer and might even cause obesity.

I‘ve always thought that every testosterone booster should include this ingredient in its formula, as It is proven to be associated with our bodies’ capability to absorb beneficial minerals including Calcium and magnesium (crucial minerals when it comes to t-levels enhancement). I am very satisfied with the dosage used in the Weider Prime formula as it establishes the daily value of this micronutrient.

Vitamin B6: 10mg

The next ingredient is the Vitamin B6 AKA Pyridoxine, a micronutrient that can be found in fish, potatoes, liver, etc.  Pyridoxine is proven by many studies to impact our Testosterone levels in a direct and indirect way as it promotes the production of androgen which will increase Testosterone levels; it also stimulates sections of our brain responsible for regulating the creation of certain hormones associated with testosterone levels. On top of that, Supplementing with Vitamin B6 will maintain low Prolactin levels which are considered responsible for low testosterone levels.

The dosage used here covers 500% of our daily value of Vitamin B6 which I think is great and will support the Weider Prime’s efficiency. I should also mention that Vitamin B6 is a natural ingredient and taking it on a daily basis will not cause any side effects.

Vitamin B12: 120mcg

While conducting my online research, I noticed that the B12 is not getting as much attention as its peers B6 and D3, but many studies stated that maintaining sufficient values of this vitamin through the day is essential to keep multiple body functions in check. This ingredient is proven to increase sperm concentration and cell count, and it’s also attributed to many bodily functions such as fat/lipid metabolism, protein metabolism and even carbohydrates’ metabolism. This means that the vitamin B12 will support our bodies’ ability to put on lean muscle mass.

Additionally, this micronutrient has been used as an efficient way to fight anxiety, mood swings and depression which is crucial for users who are looking to focus and concentrate more on what they’re doing.

The dosage used in Weider Prime’s formula is quite high in my opinion (maybe too high) as it covers about 2000% of our daily value of this nutrient. Of course, it is a natural ingredient, taking it is completely risk-free and its contribution to this T-boosters purpose is unquestionable, but I personally think that this high dose is entirely unnecessary.

Calcium: 35mg

Calcium is a well-known mineral that can be easily found in our everyday food, it is very beneficial to our bones’ health, but that’s definitely not why it’s been used in the Weider Prime formula. This ingredient actually impacts muscle contraction, cellular functioning/signaling.

Based on multiple studies, this mineral definitely contributes to increasing T-levels, but the mechanism remains somewhat unknown. One study showed two groups of people who did resistance training for a dedicated period of time, both of these groups noticed an increase in free testosterone levels but the training group supplemented with Calcium noticed 18% higher levels of Testosterone than the other.

Scientists assumed that it can be due to the improved signaling between cells and hormones or maybe the fact that calcium controls neurotransmitter releases, but they still don’t know for sure how calcium affects T-levels.

That said, Weider Prime’s team used a pretty low calcium dosage that covers 4% of our daily value which I think is great as we can easily establish the daily value through proper nutrition

Zinc: 15mg

Zinc is one of my favorite ingredients to see in a testosterone booster. It’s an essential mineral and another natural ingredient in Weider Prime’s formula that’s been proven to be directly associated with testosterone levels, but just like the case with calcium, the mechanism is not entirely understood. One study showed that a group of men who were supplemented with Zinc noticed a significant increase in their Free T-levels.

I’ve seen this ingredient in almost every testosterone booster’s formula, and I read multiple studies that supported its efficiency. Zinc supports our immune system’s health, helps specific enzymes break down food/ nutrients.

Covering 100% of our daily needs, the dosage used here is perfect in my opinion. One study showed that supplementing with extra amounts of zinc will not raise T-levels if your daily value is already established.

Chromium: 200mcg

The third mineral in Weider Prime’s formula is the chromium; I am sure that many bodybuilders will be very happy to see this ingredient as it’s well known to control cortisol levels, encourage fat loss and stimulates muscles’ ability to extract nutrients from the blood.

Studies showed that insulin receptors in our muscles are affected by the amount of chromium in our bodies, higher chromium levels will help muscles benefit the most from crabs, Amino Acids and Creatine, and eventually promote more muscle growth.

By taking a Weider Prime serving you’re getting 67% more than your daily value which is great as you don’t have to worry about fulfilling that through your everyday food.

Diindolylmethane (DIM): 50mg

DIM is a herbal ingredient that can be found In different veggies such as broccoli, Kale, cauliflower, etc. This compound is associated with varying activities of hormones and can contribute to a better metabolism not to mention its ability to increase T-levels by releasing estrogen metabolites (the good ones) that prevent testosterone from binding with other molecules, which allows a minor increase in free testosterone in our bodies. Also, Diindolylmethane protects T-levels from dropping by suppressing certain enzymes responsible for that drop.

I think the dosage used in this formula could’ve been higher (it does not establish the recommended daily value of this nutrient) but that’s since the DIM can be obtained from everyday food.

Ashwagandha extract (root): 675mg

The second herbal ingredient in this formula is the Ashwagandha root extract; this plant-derived compound is capable of reducing stress/anxiety, improving sperm quality, controlling cortisol levels, strengthening our immune system and improving the quality of sleep which are all crucial when it comes to increasing T-levels.

Weider Prime uses the most beneficial and effective form of the Ashwagandha extract which is the KSM-66, and although the daily value is not established, the dosage used in this formula is similar to the one we see in other popular testosterone boosters.

Cordyceps extract: 390mg

AKA “the killer fungi”, is yet another natural/herbal ingredient in this formula; according to my research, there are no human studies that support this ingredient’s ability to increase testosterone levels or help build lean muscle mass. However, I did find studies showing its association with the immune system’s health and strength.

To be honest, I’m not very excited about this ingredient’s presence in Weider prime’s formula yet the dosage is not that high so I’m feeling pretty neutral about it.

Bioperine: 5mg

The last ingredient is a black pepper extract called Bioperine; I think that the function of this natural ingredient is pretty neutral. However, Bioperine is said to help speed up and enhance the absorption of certain ingredients. The dosage used here is pretty low and I doubt it’ll make much of a difference in Weider prime’s efficiency.

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Weider Prime Results

After I was done reviewing the formula, I thought I’d take a look at users’ feedback and comments, so I can get a clear idea on what people are experiencing after trying this T-booster.  The feedback was mostly positive, but I found some negative reviews as well.

Most users who tried the product for a while reported a noticeable increase in their energy levels and said that they were able to perform more activities throughout their day without feeling any fatigue. But that’s about it as I couldn’t find many users who reported an increase in their sexual drive or an increase in their T-levels (none took the effort to do the tests). As for the negative reviews, a handful of users who took Weider Prime for several weeks did not feel any noticeable change, so they stopped taking the product.


  • Affordable price.
  • All ingredients used are wisely chosen to support this test boosters purpose.
  • The serving can be taken any time during the day as long as you pair it with food.
  • A Lot of positive reviews available online from people who tried Weider Prime.
  • The T-booster is made out of 100% natural ingredients (No Wider Prime side effects).
  • Unlike other Testosterone boosters, Weider Prime is Available on Amazon.


  • D-Aspartic Acid is not included in this formula (A potent ingredient).
  • A couple of users online stated that they didn’t notice any effects after taking Weider Prime for a while.
  • When buying Weider Prime in bulk, it can get expensive compared to other T-boosters.
  • Because this T-booster is designed for men above 35, young men won’t feel the results.

Conclusion and Verdict

As I mentioned, this testosterone booster is aimed at men over 35, so if you’re younger than that, Weider prime is definitely not for you. As for its efficiency, the formula looks very promising, and I’ve read multiple unbiased reviews that reported excellent results from using this T-booster.

However, it does not contain D-aspartic acid, and although it is good, I do not believe it is the best on the market.

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